Newsbud Exclusive- NATO-CIA-Pentagon: Junction of the Real Druglords & Warlords_

The Casualties of CIA-NATO Afghan Operations Include Heroin-Related Deaths Are you aware of the heroin epidemic that has been on fire all across America- since 2001? Thanks to the government-corporate ...
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Newsbud Exclusive- Distracted by Charlottesville as America is Destroyed by an Economic Takedown_

Once again, the establishment media has taken us down a diversionary path. The tragedy of Charlottesville, where two factions of the political spectrum clashed with deadly consequence, has dominated the ...
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Chaos in Charlottesville: No One Gave Peace a Chance, Including the Police

“What has violence ever accomplished? What has it ever created? …No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders ... an uncontrolled or uncontrollable mob is only the voice ...
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Newsbud Exclusive- “Neocons & Democrats Reunite as War on Russia Intensifies!”_

Perturbed by the outlier Donald Trump, Democrats have circled the wagons and reunited with Bush era neocons under the banner of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), a project sponsored ...
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Newsbud Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Spending Spree for July 2017

DOD Spent $20,411,123,000+ on 242 Individual Contracts in July 2017 The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire ...
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Newsbud Exclusive- Israel’s Mossad Replaces CIA as Handler of Libyan Strongman Khalifa Haftar

A recent revelation, albeit quietly by choice, has been trickling under the popular western-dominated news radar. This under-reported, to the point of outright censored, exposé, has to do with Israel ...
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First Annual 9/11 Activist Summit “Titans of Truth”
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