Turkish Farmers Stand Tall & Proud in GMO-Free Seed Movement!

A fiery snapshot from my coming video series- Bridge the Gap with Sibel Edmonds, Season One: Strong and determined Farmers in Turkey don’t give a hoot about the Laws created by the Money-Lobby. For Independent-Minded Turkish farmers Seed Independence and purity comes first. Seed Exchange and GMO-Free Seed Movement is Huge in Turkey, and I am proud to be a part of it! My coming series encompasses not only politics and philosophy, but also history, culture, dance, food, travel, music and much more. I’ll be sharing with you all things that connect and bind us to each other- no matter what the race, religion, nationality or gender. Join me in exploring all things that bridge the illusionary gaps & divides, and bring us together for a better world and Peace.Subscribe to Newsbud YouTube channel,follow our updates via Twitter, and stay tuned for my coming updates and announcements on this exciting one-of-a-kind show!


Khashoggi PsyOp Series- Introduction: Who, What, How & Why

Whether in the Khashoggi case or any other case, the four main components of real investigative journalism consist of fact-finding and analyses of who, what, how and why. After spending ...
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Breaking News- Khashoggi Case: A Massive PsyOp Concocted by CIA-MI6-Mossad

*This is an Urgent Summary Report on the Khashoggi Case. I will be following this up with a detailed article series and video reports at Newsbud. Also, at the bottom ...
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Newsbud Exclusive- “Home of the Free Thanks to the Brave”.

Few symbols evoke such a strong emotional response for military veterans as does the American flag. It typically arouses patriotic feelings in these men and women because of their belief ...
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