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First, I want to welcome you. By ‘you’ I mean everyone: friends, supporters, wanderers, and those of you who may be visiting to express opposing point of views; everyone!

Next, let me briefly tell you why I am starting ‘a blog’ after 8 years of resisting even the idea of it. After my latest editorial piece, as with my previous pieces, I received hundreds of e-mails: some to kindly express appreciation, some to present constructive criticism, some to offer well thought-out insights, and some to simply bash me. I’ve been bad, I mean really bad, in providing timely acknowledgement and or responses to these comments. I think those who take the time to comment do deserve a response, more than the automated canned response provided to them from my websites. So, yes I’ve been guilty. This site will provide a forum for those of you who want to know you’ve been heard, will let you share your thoughts, and hopefully, will provide a healthy forum for all of us to connect. I certainly hope so, but time will tell.

Many of you, like me, may visit and shy away from expressing your views. I strongly encourage you to overcome that, and let your voice be heard. Please don’t worry about how what you say may be construed, or, that what you believe may be ridiculed, or …anything. I have tried very hard to write, speak, and carry out my past activism without any labels. To date no one, literally no one, has been able to attach any party affiliation, religion, or any other categorizing stamp to me or where I stand. This is my forum and all differing opinions and political affiliations are welcome. That being said, I want to ask you to observe a few guidelines:

1. Please be civil.

2. Refrain from posting (or copy-pasting) article contents. Kindly provide us with a few short excerpts or bullet points, and a link to the source.

3. Please don’t use this forum to promote products, persons, or propaganda (no pamphlets, no advertisements).

I will regularly monitor and remove responses/comments that violate the above guidelines.

And finally, this is my first attempt at direct ‘blogging.’ I am not technologically, or blog-wise, savvy; far from it, so hopefully I will learn and improve as we go. I will try to post as regularly as I can, as time permits. So please be patient with me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you changed your mind – I am looking forward to your posts – I expect them to be as thought provoking as your OpEds


  2. Anonymous says:

    Am adding this to my favorites – Your OpEd was a killer piece, and I can’t wait for your posts to start.


  3. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Jeff- I will be quoting your work in upcoming pieces.
    As for your expectation: Pressure!!

    Markum: Thank you. Hope to see you here frequently.

  4. Bill Bergman says:

    Hi Sibel — looking forward to following this site.

    fyi the text size showed up pretty small, initially, a tough thing for those of us with aging eyesite.


  5. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Welcome Bill!

    You are absolutely right. I changed the latest post, and will change the first two posts in the next few minutes.

    Hope we’ll get your comments over here: your profession, as a whistleblower, and as our NSWBC member!

  6. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Okay, DONE. Reads better now, yes?

  7. Go Sibel. You have not been forgotten. As we observe certain shifts in America’s desire for real change, your issues and insights become all the more pertinent. I’ve got you bookmarked and I look forward to some thought-provoking exchanges between you and your readers. Thank you for your courage and your tenacity!

  8. Welcome back to the internet. Concerned Foreign Service Officers have been wondering where you were!

  9. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Steve, Welcome!Great to have my ‘team members’ over here;-) I will send all of you an e-mail re: next ‘blog plan’ to turn the table on the MSM. You’ll love it.

  10. eric zaetsch says:

    Have you translated anything interesting lately?

  11. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Eric: Welcome. Is this one of those ‘loaded’ questions?

    My short tenure with the Bureau was my only job as a professional translator. If you check out my bio you’ll get a good idea on my work/educ. background.

    On the other hand, speaking several other languages provides me with a great opportunity: Almost daily, I read several newspapers in ‘original’ languages. It is so amazing to see the difference-how the same piece of information is reported, interpreted…

    Another interesting experience: somehow, automatically, as I read these pieces I simultaneously translate them into English in my head!!! Seriously. Now, does this count based on your question? If it does, then yes; I’ve been translating a lot:-)

  12. politicstahl says:


    You are correct when you say we have all the nice laws and regulations we need. What we also have are a nearly unanimous group of people so corrupt they will never do anything to one of their own. What WE need is to make everyone outside that elite aware of this situation. We need to, as political ,scientists say, “delegitimate” this government. One way to start this process is to keep an online record of every unconstitutional refusal to perform official duties, such as hear petitions, and the many egregious actions taken in your case. Compile them in one location. Have a separate compilation of conspicuous media failures, perhaps, adding to existing media watchdog sites. But the idea that the media have some public responsibility, although they like to broadcast it, is false. As Milton Friedman would tell you, their only obligation is to make money.

    Perhaps the fastest way to delegitimize the government is to publicize the fact that the official account of 9/11 implies that objects fall up.

  13. Kahuku girl says:

    I have just finished reading your interview with Rob Krall and am eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s bombshell. The whole country is trying to wake up it seems, and hopefully you can help that process. I’ve always limited my own exposure to the MSM by not watching it on TV, but that’s where most people get their news, now dominated by the Fox news/Cnn
    crowd. It is disgusting how easily led the populace is, and I agree that most people don’t really want any hard news, just infotainment.

  14. Sibel,
    The one guy that I thought would publicly step up to the plate in your defense is Keith Olbermann, I have emailed him many times to no avail. Do you have any insight as to his lack of concern in the issues you bring up?

  15. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Joe: I’ve been asked this same questions many times, and have seen them posed in the blogosphere by many. Think of it this way: Who Olberman works for? How is he given the opportunity to do what he’s been doing? After all, it’s the same network that’s been rightfully criticized by many of us. Do you know how many journalists/reporters/producers are booted for even attempting to do what we want? Check out Kristina Borjesson when you get a chance; she is a good example.

    Now, ‘somehow,’ Olberman is given the ‘prime’ time and ‘freedom’ to perform like ‘Patrick Henry.’ Tackling (to a degree) some ‘hot’ topics in the political activists community and do so very theatrically, like a revolutionary man.

    Does this mean the network has been rehabilitated? Have they seen the light? Have they changed ‘loyalty’?

    No. This is how it works: NBC bosses and management get together and decide that: There is a fairly large market of audience out there that can be tabbed/latched on. After all, adding to their ‘viewers’ number is the ‘ultimate’ goal (for the corporate ownership, advertisers, …). So welcome Olberman. He creates a fairly good illusion, the goal of getting that market segment is achieved, and many people (the activists) feel some sort of an excitement and in a way a relief to watch the performance…

    That’s where I stand on this. I think he is a great performer…that’s about it.

    Kahuku: Welcome. It will be posted/announced in a few days, but not tomorrow. I hope it won’t be a disappointment, since I can tell you are excited about it. At the same time, your excitement is contagious-I am going to work on it faster:-)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Top Ten Signs The Government Is Spying On You

    10. Your kitty has a satellite dish on his head

    9. At restaurant waiter urges, “Speak directly into the
    dinner rolls”

    8. Your car’s GPS unit has an awful lot of questions

    7. “Girl Scout” delivering your thin mints is 6’4″,
    270 pounds

    6.. Keep finding underpants labeled “Agent Morales”

    5. Mailman warns you, “This conversation may be recorded
    for quality control purposes”

    4. NSA sends over sexy lingerie they’d like your wife to

    3. You sing in the shower, a mysterious voice responds,
    “A little pitchy”

    2. There’s a Navy Seal hiding in your fish tank

    1. Several times a week, you get chloroformed, stuffed
    in a trunk and dumped in Mexico

  17. Anonymous says:

    The above list needs an attribution to the David Letterman Show. April 16, 2009

    Top Ten List Continues with this from BestandWorst.com


    Post office wall has several photos of you sleeping.

    Your houseplant occasionally sneezes.

    Domino’s keeps delivering to unmarked van parked across the street.

    Birthday card from your mom has several words blacked out.

    You get nominated for “Outstanding Lead Performance in an NSA Surveillance Video.

    Your dishwasher functions are “Wash,” “Rinse” and “Record”.

    Local news only reporting things that happen in your living room.

    Every time you say goodbye on the phone, you hear a strange voice say, “Roger that, Chico”.

    You googled a recipe for humus and the FBI raided your house.

    You suddenly discover there’s an antenna bolted to your ass.

    Your potted plant has crepe soled shoes.

    A white moving van is parked outside your house with a Rabbi in the driver’s seat.

    Sometimes, your favorite TV show watches you back.

    Random household objects seem to reposition themselves to face you.

    The dog suddenly starts behaving and barking in morse code.

  18. Pika-Steph says:

    This is great. You definitely need an RSS feed though.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Your situation is definitely my favorite gag story to follow… and so your blog now goes to the top of my favorites!

    I’ve been waiting for the London Times to continue their expose from last year…. and had thought you might have been disappeared until your great Op Ed piece was published.
    I glad to see you continue to be a voice for a working 4th estate.

    Perhaps you might want to do another Op Ed on how to survive under our corporatist totalitarian utopia?

  20. Sibel,
    Thanks for enlightening me about MSNBC.
    You are A Great American!

    Joe G
    Peoria, Az

  21. Thank you, Ms. Edmonds! I am one of many who appreciate what you and the other whistleblowers are doing.

    And I agree with your take on Olberman and the illusion he creates for market share.

    I’d like to support you in any way that I can. Do you still have a legal defense fund?

  22. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Joe: …and thank you for all your support.

    Zica: I wish more people could see through these smoke and mirrors.

    You are so very kind. All my court cases: over with. We went all the way up the Supreme Court and the 'secrecy & gag' won. Sad. As you may already know we also suspended all congressional activities: just take a look at who these people are and what they've been doing; without real journalism it's futile to persue them.

    This is one of the reasons for starting the blog: Now it will not be interpreted as 'self promotion' or 'case promotion,' or…It's basically me, my experiences, my words, my views, shared with the public directly.

  23. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Pika Steph: I am listening. I have already gone on the record with ‘I am technologically challenged.’ Seriously, I’m really bad when it comes to the net/blog. First, I have to find out what RSS stands for (yah, that bad!), next, go figure out how it’s done, and finally, do it. Please don’t laugh, it’s a miserable position to be in;-)

    I am counting on all of you to help me in this area, and make my blog kind of your blog when it comes to ‘promotion’ and such. Thank you.

  24. seedyrum says:

    I am with you Sibel> Melanie Sloan is on Q&A on CSPAN talking about the corrupt legislators> lets clean up Dodge City>

  25. seedyrum says:

    try to get an interview on WASHINGTON JOURNAL>

  26. newswithviews says:

    Sibel, Thank you for speaking out.
    And for the blog site. I intend to tell others of it.

  27. Sibel, welcome to the world of blogging! I just want to say thanks for standing for Truth, with a capital T — not for political truth, or media truth, etc.. but for real, hard-core, absolute Truth. Too many Americans are caving these days to either false “patriotism” or partisanship or just plain laziness. Thanks for being a great example of true patriotism and justice. (Even though you’re just a citizen 😉
    Looking forward to your future blog posts! You’ll get the hang of it quickly.

  28. Walking Turtle says:

    Ms. Edmonds:

    THANK YOU for taking up to blog! Your maltreatment at the hands of the US Fascist Establishment of Criminal Elite and the hollowed-out “Institutions” that it now controls (which back in MY day, WE were told were OUR institutions operated for OUR benefit) broke quite a few of my hope-driven and honest friends’ hearts. The news of your re-emergence into the light of day will surely prove the delight of an easy half-a-dozen Normal People in my own general vicinity.

    Voices carry; word spreads.

    It’s been a long slog, eh? Culture War is routinely and clandestinely waged on many fronts in this world, to be sure. As a congenital Old Hand at such things now, fifty-odd years into it, I find it best to keep referring folks whom I learn are being impacted by our criminally egregious state of affairs in our NeoModern Federalized Kleptocracy and its too-obviously criminal “Privatized” spinoff rackets to the insightful works of one Theodore Seuss Geisel, aka “Doctor Seuss”, when commenting on such infandous situations as that into which America (and seven-eighths of the Rest of the World besides) has now been thrust by these our Criminal Overlords. Kindly allow Yours Truly i’ th’ Funny Hat to once again point the ol’ Bony Finger toward ‘Yertle the Turtle’ (that Marvellous He) with a touch of hope from the Natural World of Natural Law.

    Fact: The Apex of the US NWO Pyramid, like ol’ Yertle, is not, as daily represented, set in mid-air and “levitating”. In reality that fine capstone rests squarely on the backs of All the Rest of the World – yourself, myself, and every Gentle Reader the world around. We who are Kept Invisible and denied our rightful voice while being used as Somebody Else’s building materials, though, still are quite human and just as likely to “sneeze”, come one fine day, as poor little ol’ Turtle Mack surely was (and indeed did so do!) in the beloved tho’ apparently going-obscure childrens’ classic.

    Frankly, what with folks’ sneezing response being such a normal and natural thing as it is when the air goes thick, it seems hard to NOT notice how the Patriot Act and related post-Ninesey-‘Levvensey terrorwar gag-um-out legislations come off more than just slightly overshadowed by the Declaration of Independence’s directly pointed language of “Change y’Best Believe In”, now do they not?

    Which is only one more reason for us ALL to…

    Increase the Peace.
    Reverse the Curse.
    Reject ALL Terror.
    (You KNOW you WANT to.))
    “John 8:32 is Just All Right by ME!”

    Heaven’s protection and defenses walk with you all your days, Ma’am! Keep it on and do not stop. Back-channel reportage from the likes of Christopher Story FRSA (http://www.edwardharle.com/news) and others indicate that the World Court, several European Courts (notably the Spanish) and several US Grand Juries (secret ones, so ev’vyone jus’ shusshhh now) are now proactively taking-up the Rule of Law (at LAST!) as well they should; indeed, it is reported that the Bush Family’s International Immunities, for one item, are now per order of the World Court *rescinded*. This Lawful action surely leaves the road open for a full evidence-based investigation, indictment, trial and (one prays) convictions of all parties on all counts with appropriate prison time to follow if not indeed outright hanging for the crimes of treason and against all humanity that have been committed (in our own name yet, of all things!) against us ALL.

    Sure would have liked *all* that Justice-seeking action to have originated from the Moral Leader of the Free World instead of from European judicial bodies and the World Court – but it seems that OUR Well of Justice pump no longer works so very effectively at all these days. I went looking long ago, actually, only to find that the carpetbaggin’ vandals of this world had up and stolen nigh onto every bit of material from which to fashion a new handle – we got these blogs, though, which is sort of nice.

    Keep on and please stay safe. I think the ones against whom we blog and comment have murdered millions of innocent human folk, stealing quadrillions in the process of “Defining World Reality”.

    High time they were resoundingly *corrected* in their Imperial mal-parsings imvho. There is *nothing* wrong with our honest ways and mentality. This is a “Hearts and Minds” matter that simply will NOT “Just Go Away”.

  29. Joe G, Peoria, AZ says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I’m not quite sure how far or how much weight the “gag” order carries.
    Is you’re lack of freedom to disclose the facts restricted to U.S. soil only or are you restricted world wide?
    If you did do a full disclosure, are you convinced that the current administration would enforce the order by placing you on trial?

  30. truthseeker says:


    I am delighted that you have chosen to add your *considerable* voice to the blogosphere. Fearless, full-throated voices from those to whom truth and integrity mean more than “security” and “personal gain” are what is needed.

    I will participate in every way I can.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It is good to have you back in the fight. The truth will out with your and other’s help.
    Roger Scramjet

  32. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Roger: Thank you & welcome.

    Joe G: There is no difference between the current administration and the previous one in the area of Abuse of Secrecy, State Secrets Privilege. Also, please take a look at the stories/cases that have come out already: torture, NSA…what's being done about those? Now that we know the truth on these stories what are wedoing/what will we do? As for the government (Congress, the new administration), they've already made it clear: nothing will be done; end of the story. Finally, your question is valid; many people have been asking me the same question since the administration change; so no, you are not ignorant. Welcome to 123 Real Change.

    Steve: Thank you for your kind words and support. Together we must turn all these discussions into actions.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sibel, thanks for all you have done. I no longer believe that
    we are not a nation of laws that are
    enforced but a nation of corporations and their propoganda machines. We the people have to demand peacefully the truth.
    We are Roman Empire bound. We must
    make people of power accountable.
    My husband suffers daily from his Vietnam experience and if he fought
    for nothing else, he thought it was
    for the Constituion.
    Now he has no clue why he was there. As he has said, He promised, to uphold the constitution against all enemies,
    foreign and domestic. The emphasis now being on domestic.
    I believe, we the people are not powerless, just the majority are overwhelmed and basically spineless.
    It takes courage to know the truth,
    to make truth mean something in the way of accountability and
    to demand truth.
    America needs to grow up and people need to demand consequences regarding their leaders. The itching ear hears what it wants.
    except truth and then they choose the lie.

    God Bless


  34. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Edmonds:

    Just found this site.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about these issues “straight from the horse’s mouth”, unfiltered by those who may have other agendas.

    A request/suggestion: can you provide, somewhere on this site, links to your OpEds (or the OpEds themselves) that have been previously published in various publications? Sifting through the Google hits of your name gets tedious very quickly.

    Best wishes,


  35. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Peter: That’s a great suggestion. I will post the list soon. Thank you!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I hope you all fully understand just what a TRUE heroine this woman is, my god we need more people like Sibel. I hope this is the beginning of something really big. I can’t thank you enough ma’am, you are great American.

  37. I call the *2-party system* our *one bi-polar war party.*

    I’d like us to figure out a way to organize all the disgruntled voters (and parties) and have them choose a candidate, who wants to be chosen, and then take IA in the first primary

    Can this be done? We’d need a huge net populist push and a peace candidate.

    Sibel, I’s so happy you’re here. Thank you.

  38. oops, I don’t see a way to edit and I really meant I’m so happy….

  39. I would like to change my identity. I went to google but it didn’t change. Any help would be appreciated.

  40. madranger says:

    Sibel, I presume that government cover-up and its contempt of truth,aided by the MNM, is what inspired you to create this sight.
    It should be revered by all people of integrity.

    For the citizenry to not be informed of TRUTH, the idea of Democracy is folly.

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