Announcing Sibel Edmonds Podcast Show with Co-Host Peter B. Collins


I am pleased to announce the launch of my Podcast show, ‘The Boiling Frogs.’
site will present two in-depth interviews per month, one-hour each, with well-respected and controversial guests. My guest list will include:

  • Investigative reporters
  • Authors with controversial and bold track records
  • Courageous and legitimate whistleblowers
  • Well-respected academic and legal experts on our relevant issues

...and maybe even a few guests from the other side whom we have bashed. You can listen to the show on this site and discuss your take and views in the comments section.

I am thrilled to have Peter B. Collins as my co-host for this project. Knowing that I have been giving interviews, not the other way around, I needed a partner to collaborate with; someone who is a solid and experienced radio host, who is very good at interviewing, who is very knowledgeable, and who I respect and trust. Lucky me, I found one, and he has accepted this partnership. I am honored to have Peter as my co-host and partner. Peter’s show was one of the first radio interviews I gave years ago, and over the years he had me back many times. He has always ranked at the very top of my radio show list. If you are not familiar with Peter, check out his site and listen to his interviews at . When you do that you’ll understand why I’m so pleased to co-host this show with him.

For those of you who know me I don’t have to tell you what to expect. As for those of you who don’t, well, let me put it this way - don’t expect a canned, yawn-inspiringly cautious, or partisan show; we have way too many of those already! I am not known to be diplomatic and I am not about to change!

The program is now ready to go!

    Next week I will present my first guest, James Bamford, an investigative reporter who has been covering the National Security Agency for the last three decades. His latest book, The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America, is the third in his trilogy on the NSA, and he coproduced NOVA's "The Spy Factory", which was based on this book. His 2005 Rolling Stone article “The Man Who Sold the War” won a National Magazine Award for reporting.

I am looking forward to reading your comments in response to this project.

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  1. Wow Sibel!! This is exciting news! I will look forward to your first program. Thanks for doing this!


  2. Kingfisher says:

    Congrats Sibel!
    I have some suggested guests for you:

    Gretchen Peters – Author of Seeds of Terror: How Heroin Is Bankrolling the Taliban and al Qaeda

    Robert Baer – Former CIA officer and author of multiple bestselling books; Baer is remarkably forthcoming can shares a lot of great stuff, witness this extraordinary impromptu interview.

    John R. Schindler – Former NSA hand and author of Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa'ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad

    Frank Bovenkerk and Dr Yucel Yesilgoz: authors of The Turkish Mafia

    Dr Philip Robins – St Antony's College, Oxford, 'Turkey: Illegal Drugs, Public Policy-Making and Foreign Relations'

    Dr. Michael M. Gunter – Susurluk: The connection between turkey's intelligence community and organized crime

    Tamara Makarenko – Terrorism, Organized Crime, and Central Asia expert
    Misha Glenny – Author McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld
    Dr. Francesco Strazzari – University of Amsterdam

    Paul B. Henze
    Graham E. Fuller

  3. Coleen Rowley says:

    This is GREAT news! You will not believe what same wavelength we are on as I just posted on Facebook the LATIMES op-ed about the NSA's new "Einstein 3" domestic spying program and I used the exact same terminology about how we are all poor boiled frogs who can no longer jump out! That's when someone told me that it was the name of your new show!

    I think the format of your podcast is great too. Quality over quantity and James Bamford certainly fits that mode! You'll have to ask him what he thinks of the NSA's new super cyber-spying program that Obama is launching:

  4. hatchcar says:

    Congrad Mrs. Edmonds. It will be a treat to hear you ask the questions, instead of the other way around.
    Way to go!!

  5. Metemneurosis says:

    Wonderful news Sibel! I feel like you've probably already done the interview. But if you hadn't I would have suggested you ask Mr. Bamford his opinion of the, in my opinion ridiculous, story the NSA gave in the NOVA show about all their computers crashing days after the two hijackers they were tracking entered the US causing them to lose track of them. No explanation was offered just 'Oops everything shut down. Guess we'll have to reset it'. Convenient.

  6. Edit_Mommies says:

    My FB quote, "It's like watching woodland creatures destroy us."

  7. Edit_Mommies says:

    Also if I may add another "matter" of fact being the CIA's involvement in the Audubon Societies wildlife classification and guidebooks for North American birds the further liberty of American citizens that certain groups of birds can now be named "Woodland Elves" or "Mountain Dwarves" without any further consideration for specific coloring or behavior.

  8. Neat. You must be channeling Krugman today, or vice versa.

  9. Congrats' all!

  10. You and Bamford. Excellent start 🙂

  11. Dan Hanley says:

    Congratulations Sibel and best of luck to you!

    "I don't give 'em hell…I only tell the truth and they think it's hell."

    ~ Harry S. Truman ~

    Tell the truth AND give 'em hell!

  12. Anonymous says:

    for your record. nsa chief alexander in wellington NZ this past weekend.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Should we all focus on Seymor Hirsh's story on Cheney's death squads & never notifying Congress. If real, this should put him away.

  14. Deep Politics Forum says:

    Congratulations! And what a good choice to open with. He is da man! Loved his books and the film 'The Spy Factory'
    A few people who need help in getting their stories more public exposure
    Patrick Byrne. He has a web site called Deep Capture He has the goods on many of the money manipulations via short selling and the hedge funds and media involvement. Maddoff is real small time compared to these guys. His story is on the web site and there has been lots more added since that happened. Not getting the MSM attention because they are involved.

    Another good interview would be with Diana Washington Valdez who has covered the femicides and drug cartel operations occurring in the killing fields in Northern Mexico.

    Also Peter Dale Scott and his investigations into Far West LLC A very interesting company which I am sure you have come across in your travels. If you don't already have a contact for him some one I know does.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anon the Neocon-

    1) Back to the question of Iran. I think this is the closest to an objective evaluation we will find:

    You will see, that you're fears were misplaced, and this was a moment when genuine public interest had room.

    2) I appreciated your NATO-drug ring expose. I would add a few spots of interest – Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Goa. All currently blooming as international crime centers. Bulgaria has its own mafia, but Montenegro is a meeting point of Western-Eastern gangs, while Goa is Eurasian territory (with Central Asian/Russian/Israeli/Indian nexus).

    3) I still maintain that your views are naive, and out of step with reality. This may have to do more with your knowledge, than any possible ignorance (since the readers here, and Mrs. Edmonds, are by all means ahead of the curve in terms of information).

    The CIA itself, is clueless about the nature of its operating environment. It's agents are not intellectual know-it-alls, but bureaucrats operating within their mandate.

    International crime, knows no borders, and is spontaneous and self-organized. Certainly it may comprise a part of foreign policy apparatus in every country of the world – but it is in no way responsive or tamed by the FP establishment.

    Believe me, once you get high – you see the sheer chaos, and irrationality of life. No one out there has any serious input into these processes. Not the president, the CIA, the drug-traders themselves, of the little users/losers.

    The CIA can impress you with assassination squads, but so can a multi-billionaire who finances a Honduran president, or a Hearst, who buys half of MesoAmerica. La Familia in Mexico, doesn't need any help from the CIA or the School of the America's to dominate the field.

    Which brings me to the best description of the Edmonds-Blum-Parenti circuit – the Obsesses over CIA club. Or O2C2 gang.

    The O2C2 focus is misguided , because it seeks to place the blame for criminality within a rational structure, in which obviously the most suspect agencies are those of states (i..e most transparent, hence most rational actors).

    The reality that La Familia is responsible for drugs in American Ghettos to the tenth power, compared to whatever CIA assets are responsible for, somehow goes unnoticed by O2C2 adherents.

    A lot of government is captive. If you can accept for one second, that government is no where near as powerful as you think, then the corollary is that it is extremely vulnerable to infiltration from non-governmental networks. It is a pretty piece of furniture, full of termites. The best symbol of which is J.E. Hoover. The man cleaned out the trash from the agency, threw out the mob, but he was himself beholden to the Supermob.

    Consider this a trade off. Because the other extreme is Japan/USSR. We could obviously debate their merits.

  16. Matthew Tripp says:

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  17. John Francis Lee says:

    Pipeline deal is sweet music for Iran

    Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar was a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service. His assignments included the Soviet Union, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and Turkey.

    It's about pipelines and Russia and the US and the EU and Turkey.

    Who is this guy? He's been writing at atol for a while now, always with a point of view, often supportive of the US position by default after running down the weak points of others.

    According to him the EU are never going to let Turkey in, but need gas and are terrified of becoming completely dependent of Russia, so agreed to Turkey's position in the middle of the present bastard Nabucco scheme claimed by the US.

    Reading your articles I shudder to think what's going on behind the schemes, I mean scenes, between the US/Turkish/Israeli axis. Iran is a big player in any gas scheme in Central Asia… so what can the US/Israel be thinking?

    Check out Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar and the US/Turkey pipeline scheme.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I find Anon- the Neocon strangely reasonable, although personally we would disagree in a face to face meeting. His reference to bureaucrats is very real. They seldom face the life and death challenges that hone one's wits to razor sharp edge. A good factual base, an ethnic childhood provide important grounds for a contribution to social order. However, intolerance for truth that disagrees with one leads to bias. Peter B. Collins is an admirable person who I listened to regularly on the West Coast. Whether he reaches those needing to be persuaded is another matter. I encourage Ms. Edmonds to consider that she is the gem, and should use her talents wisely, until her full potential is realized.
    Put in another context, many liberals benefit from the sacrifice of soldiers for our country, but are unwilling to put their own life on the line in defense of their beliefs. Ms. Edmonds takes a great risk with her precious child who is more than life to her. This demonstrates to me her willingness to help bring social order.
    The test for her will be to accept those whose knowledge is outside her own abilities. I do not see an in depth knowledge of science among this group of contributors to the blog. Geopolitics without a grasp of the rate of technological advance will fail the same way that Economic Hitmen fail in their efforts to reduce global population numbers.


  19. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Thank you for all your encouragement and comments! I am away in the mountains for a short break. My daughter will be 1 year old this Saturday and I decided to celebrate it for the entire week!

    Tomorrow I'll post a piece by Mizgin, and I'll be back with more this Sunday.

    Here are a few quick responses to some of your comments:

    Dennis: Thank You.

    KingFisher: Awesome suggestions; greatly appreciated. I am going to save them and tackle them one-by-one. As for 'Graham Fuller': I'd like to bash that man; in fact, looking forward to it. I am starting with offering 2 interviews per month. Next week I'll post Bamford, and two weeks later another relevant interview with Russ Tice which I just wrapped up. I'm in the process of conducting two more interviews on some very interesting areas! Stay Tuned. If successful, I'll find a way to offer these interviews weekly…we'll see.

    gopol: I think Krugman must have good friends at NSA!!! I've had this name for over two weeks, with logo designer and my co-host in the loop to vouch for it;-)

    Coleen: Good to have your voice here; welcome! You and I are on the same wavelength on many issues; this one included. I am going to read your piece, and will post more comment on that. Also, you'll certainly be one of our guests for the BOILING FROGS- hope you'll accept.

    More responses to follow in next comment post…

  20. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Anon the Neocon: "Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Goa…" Thank you. Good suggestion. I don't know much about Goa and I'll do some research on that. As for Bulgaria: You bet. Also some valid comments on the 'bureaucracy angle; true to a great extent. No argument from me on that! As for CIA: do they bungle a lot-surely. Do they cause great deal of harm, not only abroad, but also here as aftereffect, yes. Let's agree to disagree.

    John Francis Lee:Welcome. Thank you so much for bringing this to my and others' attention. Extremely important, and one of those angles never touched or mentioned despite the imp.

    Last Anon: Thank you for your comments and kind words. As for your characterization of my expertise or lack of: I have never pretended or claimed to be an 'Expert.' In fact, I never will. If you are looking for 'one of those' there are hundreds of dime-a-dozen think tanks with tons of 'flavored' material; go there, and get your share. Or, visit the academia with thousands of technical paper & reports filled with the mambo jumbo lingo…my personal website is named 'just a citizen,' because that's who I am and proud to be.This site is where I discuss ideas and exchange information. Anyone who is looking for 'that kinda' info: wrong site; ta ta. Anyone who has a better idea/answer: please go do your research, publish, and provide us with a link so that we can come and visit and learn. Otherwise, if 'those' anyones are among those who 'don't have the time' with work, family, American Idol, and BBQ: unless you can do better, unless you are willing to take actions, and do something no matter how little, save us the cheap talk and cheaper criticism. Despite full-time motherhood, part-time job, and actually a pretty hectic life, I am trying to juggle and do something, within my limits; I have '0' tolerance for those who don't but are quick to offer baseless and worthless criticism.

  21. Edit_Mommies says:

    Their are always some remnants of a high horse.

  22. Knowledge was referred to as a detriment to functionality earlier in this thread.

    That this viewpoint holds an undoubtedly majority sway in the US and most likely everywhere is frightening.


    Economic Hitmen are there to make people money. Period.

    Depopulation schemes are merely a side interest, and it is scaled.

    You have to let them have -something-, or they can't make you any money.

    Dead people tend not to pay up.

    Most 'experts' are those who know someone who knows someone in the media and/or have honed their ego to a masterful self-projection of feigned superiority.

    Veiled threats don't fly.

  23. Edit_Mommies says:

    They knocked down the bridge on my road. It is much quieter. I wonder if anything on the other side of the bridge will turn up missing? Spatially the "missing" information will generate, proliferate and coordinate responsibly. If they tell me they have knocked down the neighboring town I will ask about the people. If they would like me to responsibly attack my parents they would respond "We killed all the people in the neighboring town." I would remind my Father. Then I would remind my Mother. I would prevent the pair's retarded emotions. I know they forget in order to fulfill their own approval rating. I would remind them that they practice injury like wild dogs. Now our entire town is handicapped and most of the grossly over fulfilled denial ridden antagonists will never have the opportunity to grow. I would remind them that there was never a contest that they choose an evil, emotionally downcast form of life. I would remind them that communication is a responsibly and leverage that desires painful effects on the population isn't worth a single fucking goddamn. Without that town now we can't understand. I'm not bad or sad for some reason. Whatever was "missing" is magically not there. The only reason I don't see the manipulation is the tedious insult granted through my own approval rating. The End

  24. I am so looking forward to your podcasts. They will add a wonderful new dimension to your already popular website.

    I have been wondering what James Bamford is thinking about intelligence revelations that made the news this past week. So, I was thrilled to learn that he will be your first guest!

  25. Deep Politics Forum says:

    Anon the Neocon: "Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Goa…" Thank you. Good suggestion. I don't know much about Goa and I'll do some research on that. As for Bulgaria: You bet.

    After Agim Ceku was arrested in Colombia (and released after heavy pressure from you know who) he was next arrested in Bulgaria. He was there attending a conference at The Atlantic Club a NATO front.

  26. Anonymous says:

    You might be interested in hosting sometime Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows to talk about Venus Project. It is an (r)evolutionary idea about our world, to change -hopefully- to better.

    Hope all the best for your shows and your blogs.!

  27. Kingfisher says:

    "You might be interested in hosting sometime Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows to talk about Venus Project. It is an (r)evolutionary idea about our world, to change -hopefully- to better."

    Do they know anything about; Eurasian politics, the heroin trade, public corruption, nuclear proliferation, counter-guerrilla warfare, or national security law?

  28. Hello Sibel,

    I'm embarassed to say I only just learned of you and your "case" this day. I guess I don't get out much (my head being buried in technology or lost in the clouds flying a glider lately).

    Thank you, sincerely, for your integrity and tireless efforts in the name and service of an all too often somnambulant citzenry. You are a genuine inspiration (to me).

    And… for what it is worth, I really enjoy listening to you speak. I've been through every video I could find tonight. Maybe it's too personal to say, but, your beautiful personality and spirit really come through and… I'm sorry, but… I find it most intoxicating. Charisma doesn't quite say it. I believe all of that will come through on the radio as well and that it will serve you and your mission well. Better than (just) the blog anyway.

    Someone said you are the gem… I couldn't agree more. Keep polishing those facets. I have a feeling you are just beginning to shine. Don't ever stop.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the little one.


  29. PS ~ I agree with the Kingfisher.

    Bob Baer would be an excellent guest. If by chance you aren't familiar, he also wrote a couple of really good books. "See No Evil" and "Sleeping With the Devil" which was the basis for the 2005 Warner Bros. film Syriana (w/ George Clooney, Matt Damon, et al.)

  30. Sibel Edmonds says:

    …and I am back. Tonight is my girl's official birthday; July 18, 7:05 p.m. US EST.

    I'll have my Part 1 post on 'The Makings of a Police State' tomorrow morning. It is partly dedicated to my daughter on her birthday, and when you see the topic and content you'll know why.

    bh: Welcome and thank you for your sincere and kind words. Hope to have you here regularly. Hope to be able to increase these interviews to weekly, rather than 2 per month. I am working on that, and with your help we may get there. As I've said I am not experienced with interviewing (don't have the radio voice nor the polished style), BUT, I promise I'll get better as we move forward, and hope you'll forgive the rough edges:-) Peter is great, as he's always been; it's been a great partnership so far. We wrapped up our second relevant interview with Russ Tice. That one will be posted first week in August. We are scheduled to have two very special guests this week; I'll announce that soon.

  31. Anonymous says:


    By Andrew Burt
    Posted April 20, 2009
    stories and topics that are lighting up the Internet:

    HEADLINE: Obama, Chávez, Jane Harman, and the Spy Scandal to End All Spy Scandals

    Source: US News & World Report

    The Next Spy Scandal? Jane Harman update:

    An interesting story from Jeff Stein in Congressional Quarterly published yesterday has ignited speculation from all corners of the blogosphere today. If the story is true, as conservative Michelle Malkin puts it, "this is a blockbuster scandal of historic proportions." Joshua Keating explains the accusations:

    "California Representative Jane Harman was recorded on an NSA wiretap telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would intervene on behalf of American Israeli Public Affairs Committee officials, who were being charged with espionage." Liberal Marc Ambinder speculates on the motivations behind "the person or persons who provided Stein with the information."

    Andrew Sullivan wonders: "Is it more of a scandal that the Bushies were wire-tapping Harman and then were in a position to blackmail her if she didn't provide public support for … their warrantless wire-tapping? Or is it just another day at the office for AIPAC."

    Liberal Josh Marshall examines the possibility that Haim Saban might be the Israeli agent here and here. And Jeffery Goldberg thinks the whole thing smells funny. Expect many, many more bloggers to weigh in before this story is through.

    And ONE Comment:
    HEADLINE Jane Harman, a police provocateur’s dream?

    Who were the people behind Jane Harman introducing "The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act?" This bill HR 1955 (in last congress, 110th Congress) might again be introduced.

    The Act" while not written exactly like the Nazi 1933 Discriminatory Decrees that suspended the Reich Constitution, had the potential of bringing America to the same place trashing America’s civil liberties.

    Harman’s bill would have driven lawful political activists underground, perhaps creating the domestic terrorists Bush said we needed to be protected from.

    Under Harman’s bill HR 1955, Americans could be alleged without evidence by government to support domestic terrorism based on their speech, writings and association. Similarly on February 28, 1933 Hitler signed the Discriminatory Decrees banning free speech and association that “might cause” public disturbance or adversely affect the peace and security of the German State—according to police.

    Harman's "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" when closely examined, defined "homegrown terrorism" as "any planned act" that might use force to coerce the U.S. Government or its people to promote or accomplish a "political or social objective." No force had to occur. Government would only have to allege an individual or group thought about using force.

    Had Jane Harman’s bill passed in its present form, police provocateurs could easily have destroyed lawful anti-war groups, persons and organizations by simply misdirecting a few members to commit crimes so government could allege an entire organization supported homegrown terrorism.

  32. Anonymous says:

    OMG, Sibel, James Bamford's Book "the Shadow Factory" and his TV documentary "the Spy Factory" Fingers EX NSA/CIA Mikie Hay. as the one man who let 9-11 happen. Mikie knew that two of UBL's men were in the USA pre 9-11 and communicating with the Yemen AQ HQ and he did not lift a finger to stop them, he could have phoned the Feds and 9-11 would not have happened. RSVP me, please. God bless you. Sincerely,

  33. Anonymous says: Check it out, Brad's Blog.on you and today's testimony. Good luck and God bless you! PS How did the Bamford thing go?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Since the Feds are outsourcing here is a psychological profile of them, that I found on the net with credits at the bottom. Check it out, it is important because they try to get into our heads (Free Americans) and we can get in their heads, real easy! The Feds failed America on 9-11 and now every American is responsible for his or her own Safety and Security just like in the good old days of the Vigilantes

    Typical Fed Psych Profile:

    1 Very suspicious and distrustful of anyone not of their own culture.
    2 Too self-assured and self confident, to need, or ask for help is perceived as a sign of weakness, value self-reliance seeking help for any issue.
    3 May possess above-average intelligence.
    4 Perfectionist; overly judgmental of self &others, takes great pride in profession not wanting to bring any shame on it or themselves
    5 Over identify with job resulting in isolating with others in culture which leads to alienation; great deal of personal identify tied up in professional identity; it's much more that just a job, it's a way of life.
    6 Crisis oriented; seek & thrive on excitement & stress; always want to be "in the thick of things"
    7 Defensive & trend to overreact when challenged; take charge personality
    8 Difficulty dealing with feelings valuing cognitive abilities; repression of feelings is a self-protecting mechanism; projection & rationalization used to cope with distress which tends to encourages maladaptive behaviors often resulting in maladies such as depression, despair, loneliness, & cynicism.
    9 Resistant to surrendering self-control; "powerlessness" is considered a sign of weakness
    10 Tendency to equate physical health with mental health; physical and mental illness are perceived, sometimes rightly so, as career damaging or ending; treatment for any affliction, especially perceived "mental illnesses" is viewed unsafe and career damaging; very stigma oriented.
    11 Being deceptive and manipulative is a valuable trait; Feds are trained in techniques of dealing with deceptive persons and in interviewing skills
    12 Resistant to change; tend to view things in black or white, right or wrong.

    Information taken from articles by
    Travis K. Sorrows and J. Edgar Hoover,cops
    I see Feds as lonely, sneaky, lying, college boy and girl scout, robots with drinking, drug and social problems who wannabe be like Eliot Ness or Inspector Erskin from the TV show but can't cope with the Political power and pressure that is put on them! Peace. Sincerely,

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