Tidbits Round Up-July 27

Russ Tice Interview, The True Face of Facebook?, Outlaw Rabbis Busted & More

This Thursday I’ll post our second ‘Boiling Frogs’ Podcast interview, with Russ Tice, Former NSA Intelligence Analyst & Capabilities Operations Officer Specializing in Offensive Information Warfare (O-IW). You may want to check out the post I had on Tice last month. It’s a full hour show with Tice unplugged on the latest NSA related developments, US Congress, his Kafkaesque journey as a whistleblower, and more.

Our list of upcoming Boiling Frogs guests includes Peter Lance, Phil Giraldi, Sandalio Gonzalez, and Stephen Kohn. Stay Tuned!

Here are a few interesting stories from last week:

Here is a very interesting developing story about a gang of rabbis arrested in New Jersey:

    “Several rabbis were arrested as part of a public corruption and international money-laundering investigation in New Jersey. According to reports, among the 44 people arrested Thursday morning by the FBI along with the rabbis were the mayors of three New Jersey towns, a deputy mayor and a state assemblyman. They were to appear in federal court in Newark later in the day. The money-laundering suspects were accused of moving “at least tens of millions of dollars through charitable, nonprofit entities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey,” according to a release by acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra.”

The story goes beyond money laundering and reaches the shadowy world of illicit organ trade:

    “Even by New Jersey standards, Thursday’s roundup of three mayors, five rabbis and 36 others on charges of money laundering and public corruption was big. But what put this FBI dragnet head and shoulders above the rest are the charges of trafficking in human body parts.

    According to a federal criminal complaint filed in district court in New Jersey, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn conspired to broker the sale of a human kidney for a transplant. The cost was $160,000 to the recipient of the transplant, of which the donor got $10,000. According to the complaint, Mr. Rosenbaum said he had brokered such sales many times over the past 10 years.”

Here is the Youtube Clip:

As you can see these rabbis were not dealing in peanuts. Their money-laundering deals involved moving “at least tens of millions of dollars through charitable, nonprofit entities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey.” I recommend that you put this story on your radar, since the case may end up mysteriously dropped once AIPAC and JINSA make their congressional rounds and poke their men inside various executive branch agencies. Remember the Franklin, AIPAC, and Asher Karni cases? Okay, so that you know what I’m talking about here is a sample of what will be coming and will be done so very typically shrewdly and effectively:

    “Anti-Semitism was behind the highly publicized arrests last week of rabbis, including three from the Aleppo-Syrian Jewish community in New York and New Jersey, according to Yitzhak Kakun, editor-in-chief of the Shas weekly Yom Le’Yom.
    “There is a feeling here that the FBI purposely attempted to arrest as many rabbis as possible at once in an attempt to humiliate them,” Kakun said in a telephone interview Sunday.

    “Regardless of the details of the case – I am not familiar with the precise charges and the evidence – you would never see the FBI and police behaving that way with Muslim sheikhs or Christian priests. It is so obvious that the whole thing is motivated by anti-Semitism,” he said. Kakun added that he planned on devoting the editorial of his paper to an attack on the Obama administration for attempting to whip up anti-Semitic feelings against the Orthodox Jewish community in the US.”

What has this guy been smoking?! “…you would never see the FBI and police behaving that way with Muslim sheikhs...”! Can someone send him the known list of Guantanamo inmates held there for eight years with no charges? Or maybe the secret list of those kidnapped and tortured around the world by our government? Did the Brooklyn mobs ever use this line; you know, the fact that the FBI was targeting devote churchgoing Catholics?! Okay I’ll leave it here because I am sick of this tactic, used over and over in cases ranging from espionage to plain ole criminal!

Is Facebook joining AT&T, Verizon and others who are willing to act as the extension of US Government policing practices? It may be. Check out this recent article, and let me know what you think:

    “The operators of the internet site Facebook have recently removed a webpage dedicated to fans of Hamas' prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, the London-based Al-Hayat reported Sunday. The webpage, called 'Commander Ismail Haniyeh', had attracted more than 10,000 Facebook users by the time it was removed from the internet.

    One such user told the Arab daily that the site's operators had not provided an explanation for their action. He warned that similar action may be taken against other Hamas-affiliated Facebook webpages, including that of Hamas' politburo chief, Khaled Mashaal, which has already accumulated 17,000 'friends'.”

This story is worth putting on our radar…Is this the true face of Facebook? Where is the outrage? Where are the riots?!

Bill Conroy of NarcoNews reports on how former a DEA agent’s lawsuit exposes CIA fraud, and on the litigation’s claim that the spook agency engages in wholesale spying on other federal agencies:

    “The secretive government agency is now coping with the embarrassing exposure of its deceit in a lawsuit filed by Horn, who previously served as the DEA’s country attaché in Burma (now officially known as the Union of Myanmar) from June 1992 to September 1993. In addition, the events that prompted the CIA’s lie appear to point to serious dysfunction within the agency that potentially poses a threat to the very U.S. national security it is charged with protecting.”

    “After Tenant filed his declaration with the court invoking state secrets privilege, Judge Lamberth discovered that several CIA attorneys were likely aware as early as 2002 that Brown was no longer officially deemed to be undercover, yet those attorneys and Brown failed to inform the court. That deception resulted in a ruling by Lamberth, and subsequently a U.S. Appeals Court, that hamstrung Horn’s case under national security restrictions and led to Brown being dismissed as a defendant in the case.”

    “Narco News has previously reported at length on the Horn case in a 2004 story that was based on leaked court pleadings. That story can be found at this link.
    Horn’s lawsuit was filed in 1994 against Brown and State Department Chief of Mission in Burma Franklin Huddle Jr., who also was stationed in Burma at the same time Horn served as DEA’s country attaché. In the litigation, both Brown and Huddle are accused of violating Horn’s constitutional rights by conspiring to plant an eavesdropping bug in his government-leased quarters in Burma. Horn also alleges in the lawsuit that the eavesdropping was part of a larger effort by Brown and Horn to undermine DEA’s anti-narcotics mission in Burma.”


I strongly encourage you to read the entire piece, including the link provided by Conroy to Horn’s original leaked story. We have covered the CIA-Narc ties and history, and of course the MSM chronic agenda-driven blackout of similar cases.

Here is the latest by Jeremy Scahill published in Nation on Blackwater, now ‘Xe,’ titled ‘Blackwater Seeks to Gag Iraqi Victims & Their Lawyers’:

    “Now, Blackwater (which recently renamed itself "Xe") is attempting to use other means to silence its victims. On July 20, the company's high-powered lawyers from Mayer Brown, which boasts that it represents eighty-nine of the Fortune 100 companies and thirty-five of the fifty largest US banks, filed a motion in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to impose a gag order on Iraqi civilians suing the company. The motion also seeks to silence the lawyers representing the families of Iraqis allegedly killed or injured by Blackwater in a series of violent incidents spanning several years. Four cases in the Washington, DC, area were recently consolidated before Judge T.S. Ellis III of the Eastern District of Virginia for pretrial motions.”

    “At the same time, according to a court filing, Blackwater is also asking Judge Ellis to seal evidence that Blackwater claims is confidential or could impact national security. The company argues that if its contracts with the State Department and its "Tactical Standard Operating Procedure" guide are publicly revealed, it "could give valuable information to those who wish to plan more effective attacks against diplomatic personnel stationed in Iraq." Susan Burke, the lead attorney on the civil lawsuits against Blackwater, is not contesting Blackwater's request to seal these specific documents--primarily because they will still remain evidence. But, it does mean that the public will not be able to view them. "Blackwater is basically trying to keep from public view all of the evidence that shows their criminality," says Burke. "They are trying to ensure that we cannot apprise the public of the progress of the lawsuit."”

I wonder how long before intelligence related firms and mercenary government contractors will feel bold enough to invoke their own ‘State Secrets Privilege’ or other classification and gag orders. It may seem farfetched, but so many other cases we’ve been witness to in the past eight years or so…

And finally,

The Center for Public Integrity ran an interesting story about how the US government retroactively classifies information when they get stuck and engage in CYA. This is especially prevalent when they deal with whistleblowers. One of the stories is about Robert MacLean, US Air Marshal, who is also a member of my organization:

    “The elements are all there for another thrilling episode of the TV program “24.” The backdrop: A U.S. agency of armed government agents who fly anonymously as passengers on airlines to stop terrorist hijackings. In the summer of 2006, British authorities subvert a plot to blow up transatlantic flights to the U.S. and Canada. But then, eight days later, sensitive information about a cutback on agent deployments on flights over the United Kingdom spills onto the public pages of an online forum. The U.S. agency, while monitoring websites where its employees post, rapidly mounts an inquiry into who posted the information.”

    “In 2003, federal air marshal Robert MacLean blew the whistle to the press about an attempt by his agency to cut air marshal coverage of flights during a period of heightened threat warnings. His disclosure led to a congressional outcry that the Federal Air Marshal Service was putting security at risk, leading the decision to be reversed. Though the information was not marked “sensitive security information” when MacLean received it, it was retroactively determined to be sensitive after he was fired on the basis of disclosing SSI.”

    “MacLean’s case illustrates the complex dynamic between secrecy and security. TSA argues that his disclosures weakened security, were in violation of agency regulations, and that MacLean should have known the information was SSI whether it was marked or not. MacLean, several members of Congress, and others say he prevented a policy that would have left airlines more vulnerable to attacks, improving security. And the way the TSA utilized the “sensitive security information” label retroactively to fire him could create a chilling effect, preventing future potential whistleblowers…”

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  1. Edit_Mommies says:

    The Police treat them like a sugar fix.

  2. Metemneurosis says:

    Very interesting Sibel. I had read a story a while back that was of questionable origin that claimed that because the gold market in New York is concentrated in a fairly small goegraphical area, requires the exchange of huge sums of money, involves deals that are often made in person with minimal paperwork in backrooms, and involves an understandable tendency toward secrecy it's the perfect place to launder money. It went on to say that because of long standing traditional Jewsish involvement in the gold market several rings involving money laundering had grown up in Jewish circles including several rabbis and charities. I never had the time to try and confirm a lot of the details of the story but it sounded plausible. Your first story looks similar. As for facebook this is a very interesting video.

    Can't wait for the other interviews

  3. Anonymous says:

    The black market for human organs is sickening.As I speak, the "congregation" is being instructed to remain silent http://jewishbreakingnews.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/rabbi-israel-dwek-denounces-his-son-shlomo-accused-of-being-fed-informant-will-sit-shiva/

  4. Edit_Mommies says:

    How would they arrest these men? These powerful men coerced and perverted, leaving numerous people no chance at opposing routine perversion and insanity. I can't even decide which kidnappers are the kidnappers? Powerful aesthetic trademarking degrees of resilience, the center piece of any sack of unsuspecting children. Exhausted intelligence demonstrates emotions no thicker then blood. What they have is one more sack of performance for the children of Marlon Brando's Orange orchard.


  5. Ishmael says:

    OOHH! An intelligence analyst's dream line-up of guests. I can't wait. Too bad you don't take phone calls.

    When I read of the big NJ bust and connections to organ trafficking, I was reminded of Larry Niven's work:


    And the Jewish response, cry "Anti-Semitism!" and enforce Omerta. Sicilians got nothing on these guys. Kind of makes me wonder if the RICO statute could be used against a religious sect.

    Also, metem, add the Diamond Trade to that as well. Of course, MY name for diamonds is "Worthless Rocks". Gee all that and Bob Maclean gets canned by violating an ex-post facto regulation instituted after he made the revelation.

    As for Blackwater/Xe, they are merely the largest example of the Corporated Mercenary Condotierri that will supplant national armies in the future and ensure corporate transcendance of all government.


    On another unrelated track, I've been trying to wrap my head around Edit_Mommies' contribution. Then I was listening to an audio recording of "Ulysses" and it hit me. She's James Joyce from Mars…on Acid…And I mean that as a compliment.

  6. Edit_Mommies says:


    That's not a compliment. Swapping Rabbi's and City Officials for new clean Rabbi's and City Officials isn't a healthy practice. Since you are imagining I am a defenseless girl maybe I need to stare at more bright lights for the sake of my own masculinity. What does acid look like in a mirror?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The New Jersey raid should turn out to be the biggest scandal yet. Knowing greedy people with the following disease (Ziomemetic Psychosis), how would one resist "just one kidney at $160,000? why not both kidneys, a heart, liver lungs and corneas too. Imagine the profits. Wayne Madsen had an article about the disappearing homeless so I am inclined to believe that many surgeons, hospitals and funeral homes may be involved too. What about all those kids pictures on milk cartons? This sounds like a real holocaust(TM) to me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Makes me wonder about General Electrics push for electronic medical records. Remember that GE owns NBC. Keep a close eye on healthcare reform efforts. I have heard that prison inmates are offered reduced sentences for organ donation in the event of their "unfortunate" demise. Makes one think about those held elsewhere who are Muslim and do not drink alcohol. Bet they have good hearts and livers too. FYI, Jews in Iran are exempt from the prohibition of alcohol, as they were here during our (us)prohibition. So, Bernie Madoff will probably have a drink to that in Bnai Butner… So long as he keeps quiet.

  9. Edit_Mommies says:

    there fellow compatriots .

    How would they arrest these men? These powerful men coerced and perverted so close to their core values. The predatory domino effect possibly leaving numerous people no chance at opposing routine perversion and insanity. I can't even decide which kidnappers are the kidnappers? An over view of a powerful aesthetic. Business may survive trademarking degrees of resilience. The center piece of any sack of unsuspecting children. Exhausted intelligence demonstrates emotions no thicker then blood. What they have is one more sack of performance for the children of Marlon Brando's Orange orchard.


    July 27, 2009 10:27 PM

  10. Anonymous says:

    The story about the rabbis and organ transplants is mind-boggling. I hope some good journalist follows through with this story. Charging anti-semitism as a motivation for the arrest of these money launderers is laughable. If this kind of thing happens in this country, it's difficult to imagine what is happening in other parts of the world. A couple of years ago, I watched a Brazilian film in which a young orphan boy barely escaped having his organs and his life exchanged for a new TV set for his aunt. Not the make-believe sort of film Hollywood would produce, but a memorable and disturbing film…except for the title, which I don't remember.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sibel. I wonder about those that are accused by being "suicide" bombers, especially the women. Not bieng a psychologist or expert, I would wonder what a "raped" woman would do if (organs/eggs) were removed from them involuntarily. Same goes for others who fear being kidnapped and killed for such harvesting. IMHO, this story is bigger than huge. "The chosen" not only own the oil, the land, but your organs too because "god gave it to them" . Please correct me if I am wrong.

  12. Metemneurosis says:

    Just found a rather muted but obviously defensive article responding to James Bamford's implication's of possible eavesdropping by Israeli intelligence through Narus and Verint at the Forward: "Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey . . . in an otherwise favorable review" wrote, " 'The author’s apparent negativity toward Israel is a significant distraction from the content of his book,' . . . Kerry . . . who was a member of the independent 9/11 commission." continued, “And though I believe there has been too great a tendency to demonize the 9/11 terrorists by calling them cowards and worse, Bamford is entirely too sympathetic to them for my taste.' "

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sibel, good choice of important tidbits. Thank You!

  14. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Ishmael:"She's James Joyce from Mars…on Acid…And I mean that as a compliment."Nicely witty:-)

    Metemneurosis: What's the date on the comment by Kerry?

  15. Edit_Mommies says:

    Don't get offended Sibel.

  16. Metemneurosis says:

    Sorry Sibel I meant to put the links in my original comment but it slipped my mind. I was quoting from the Forward which was itself quoting from Kerrey's review of Shadow Factory for the Washington Post.

    Here's the Forward's:


    Here's the Washington Post review:


  17. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Metemneurosis: Many thanks. I am sure Bamford is aware of it. I'll ask if he's provided counter arg…

  18. Kingfisher says:

    I remember the “anti-Israel” from Bob Kerrey’s review of Bamford’s Shadow Factory. I was angered by it. Frankly, it is a criticism I am not unfamiliar with.

    Any counterterrorism analyst will tell you that bin Laden has a number of grievances with the United States; one of which is our unconditional support for Israel. UBL clearly articulates his grievances and why he does what he does. Mohammed Atta vowed to become a shahid after Israel’s Operation Grapes of Wrath; this stuff is all fact.

    But is amazing when you tell this to people, and explain the alleged grievances UBL has with America. They just do not want to hear it. Whether one considers all of UBL’s grievances legitimate or not is irrelevant, it is what it. But this can bring absolute hysterics, it is incredible, they call sympathetic to the terrorists. I’ve almost got into a fistfight over this; usually people will get it after I remind them of Sun Tzu’s maxim to Know Thy Enemy, but some people are just helpless.

    Related reading:
    Knowing the Enemy: Can social scientists redefine the “war on terror”? , by George Packer. The New Yorker, December 16, 2006.

  19. Kingfisher says:

    Precious metals and gems are especially conductive to money laundering around the world. Your source is correct in that the diamond district is ripe money laundering, you can see reports or arrests every couple of months in varying case size; members of the ultra-orthodox community are frequently involved.

    Israel has a big organ shortage because it has a very low organ donation rate, due to a perceived religious objection to posthumous organ donation. This shortage, combined with Israel’s wealth, first world medical facilities, and international diaspora have fueled a rise in the international organ black market in the past 15 years. It’s a dirty little secret (actually it’s just not written about much), nor are Jews and Israel the only participants in this market. Those looking for a black market kidney should try India, Brazil or South Africa.

  20. Metemneurosis says:


    Kerrey's comments made me angry too, not least because his reasoning was ridiculous. He chastises Bamford for implying that one grievance the hijackers may have had was our support of Israel but his stated reason for disagreeing with this is that there's too much evidence that they really were motivated by "radical Islamic fervor", as if these were in any way mutually exclusive.

    I was gonna say, "and this guys a senator?" but of course that's what politicians do – spin. I just don't think he's doing a good job of that. There's nothing more insulting that being expected to believe misinformation the quality of which indicates the messenger thinks your an idiot.

    One of my favorite quotes is from William F. Buckley (though I'm not a fan of his)

    "To take you seriously would be an affront to your intelligence"

    So I guess I can still say "and this guys a senator?"

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Federal Reserve completely controls the Untied States through its media, so in all probability, this was the tip of the iceberg…..


    I am sure there are many countless operations just as ugly as this new jersey operation…..involving these crooks tied to the Federal Reserve..

    In fact I've heard the Federal Reserve is the biggest ponzi scheme of all, in modern times.

    While there's certainly a high number of Zionists involved in this crime network, a huge number of these Zionist Jews use their Zionist Gentile partners to corroborate the story, bury the evidence, destroy anything of any semblance against…..Israel.

    When you start putting the pieces of the scam together, it begins to be very clear we're going to have to root out the central bank once & for all…

    Or we will never have a free press again. Anywhere.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sibel, I found this radio interview regarding Nancy Scheper-Hughes who reported the organ ring to your former employer. http://www.wnyc.org/shows/bl/episodes/2009/07/24/segments/137306 Also of interest one of parties involved was found deceased http://www.ksl.com/?nid=157&sid=7329458 Both can also be found on the front page of Whatreallyhappened.com

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