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Those of you who are getting here from our old place: Good to see and have you here. Those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time: Welcome and hope to have you here regularly. And those of you who somehow stumbled upon this site because of a typo or a confused link: This may just be the site you’ve been looking for, or not; take your time and check out a few old posts and comments, and you may decide to become one of our regulars, or not;-)

First, before I go any further, I want to thank Scott with Twerp Laboratories for my beautifully designed and executed new home, and for working with me so hard, patiently and diligently. 

Next, I want you to meet our current team members here. In the next few days we’ll introduce you to several additional members.

For the last few months I have been either in meetings or on the phone with many veteran investigative journalists and producers. We’ve been talking about the current sorry state of our media. We’ve been discussing the lack of bold and independent investigative reports and exposés. We’ve been sharing our views on ways to do something about it. We’ve been talking business: How can we collaborate and form a venue where we can present some of the significant stories, cases, news, and editorials that have been covered up, blacked out, or simply designated as radioactive topics too hot to touch?

Many seasoned and well-respected journalists have found themselves in this place where they are utterly disgusted with the mainstream venues. At the same time many feel discouraged and put off by the utterly partisan, uninformed, and frankly unprofessional wanna-be journalist alternative sites, many of which end up recycling mainstream news, albeit with different headlines and added partisan angles. After all, what’s the point of assuming the ‘alternative’ title when all you do is recycle YouTube videos of Olbermann, Maddow, or Fox pundits? Why waste millions of pages on the net to discuss, tear apart, and by doing so bolster the Coulters or Malkins of the pundit world? Why spend a gazillion hours on Karl Rove’s unpunished evil deeds which will never be punished, and totally ignore, or even justify and apologize for the current highly questionable deeds of the new administration? No wonder why we have been stuck in this vicious cycle! No wonder why we’ve been running from one scandal to another, from one symptom to the next, chasing our own tails and yet getting nowhere!

Okay, back to starting this site and project. After months of these discussions I decided to stop the ‘talk & complain’ cycle, and come up with an idea, a tangible objective, and a goal to follow and move (hopefully forward!) towards; to actually do something about it. At least try to do something about it. And with this came the decision to get this website designed and made functional, have some of these well-respected journalists and others come on board in support of this project, make arrangements to offer my Podcast Interview Series more frequently, and work on other ingredients - which you will hear more about once we are up and operational.

In each step of this work and planning I’ve been told ‘Impossible,’ or, ‘almost impossible’ to the feasibility of accomplishing this without strings, without baggage, and without  those little compromises here and there adding up to ‘selling your soul.’ Although discouraging, especially when it comes from my seasoned DC friends, I’ve been working to make this a reality, and I remain positive and hopeful. Why?

Because I know I am not alone. I’ve gotten to know others, both in person and through my old blog site, who share the same disillusionment with the current two-sides-of-the-same-coin political party system, the same disgust with a fluff oriented and establishment-driven media, propaganda and agenda-spreading partisan pseudo sites, and the same state of alarm with our nation’s continuous speedy descent towards a police state. This is why I chose the quote from Sam Adams for this website:

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.”

We are what Sam Adams referred to as ‘the irate minority.’ And I have established this site to invite all of you to join me, where we, the irate minority, are the majority - in hopes of increasing our numbers enough to enable us to bring about real changes - not those crafted and marketed by our lobby-serving politicians and their tentacles within the media.

This project, these objectives, can only be accomplished with your support. Your voices, your ideas, and your suggestions in the comment section are all needed in order to make this site truly rich, informative, and effective; so please go ahead and register, and become a member of our ‘irate minority club.’ Your active participation in getting our information and messages out, and in bringing others here in search of a home for the irate minority, is the only way to build up our numbers, thus make our collective voices audible. And only through you contributions can I:

    Purchase and publish investigative news stories and exposés
    Bring to you in-depth commercial free Podcast interviews
    Present independent editorials and analyses
    Showcase original editorial cartoons
    Facilitate lively discussions
    Maintain and Manage this Website

 I cannot do this without you. Going with foundational and organizational funding always comes with many strings attached. And that would defeat our purpose here. Reaching out to large corporations comes with its own baggage, and that too would defeat my purpose. That leaves me and you.

Please join me here at ‘Boiling Frogs Post,’ home of the irate minority, and please contribute what you can in order to make these goals a reality. Many thanks for all you do.

Sibel Edmonds

Founder & Publisher- Boiling Frogs Post

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  1. Sibel,

    Thank you. Good luck too.

  2. JamesLaffrey says:

    A couple of months ago, I found you through a link posted by a commenter on HuffPost. I’m happy to see your progress. I share your complaints and desires — as far as I know of them.

    I’m certainly part of the irate minority, but certainly not “tireless.” Sometimes, I get tired and downhearted. But your efforts, for one, inspire me to spring back to action. As a group, then, we can be “tireless,” affording members to nap now and then. 😛

    I’d like to add a note about the massive and deep ignorance in the USA:

    Bill Maher said it’s a “stupid country,” and he’s right, of course. (Yes, “stupid” and “ignorant” are different.) He got up to speed on health insurance reform, but he has yet to show any deep understanding of the financial crisis, which is where the real truth lurks about our political-economic system. I recently passed 50 years of age. Not until this year did I finally emerge from relative ignorance and reach a level of understanding that allows me to answer my frequent questions of “why!?” For example, why Obama does what he does, so contrary to what he’d led us to believe he’d do. Early this year, it all became clear to me.

    SINCE it took me this long to figure it out, most people are never going to figure it out. (They have their reasons: too busy, or unable, or unwilling.) So, I agree that only a learned, fairminded, and compassionate “minority” can light those “brush fires” and eventually bring about the change we really need. Let’s hope we succeed within our lifetimes!

    Yours is a great effort. I hope my modest efforts will be of some help.

  3. @ James Laffrey: Good to have you with us. Many thanks, and hope to have you & your comments here regularly.

  4. I am a lifelong Democrat, and I strongly supported Barack Obama for president. I still do support him AGAINST the national security state.
    It is a big mistake to equate the Obama administration with the Bush administration.

    After 9-11 I supported the Bush administration’s original invasion of Afghanistan for a few months. By spring of 2002, however, the Bush administration began beating the drums for war in Iraq. It was very obvious that the WMD charge was phony and the evidence fabricated. But it did not occur to me until I saw a lecture by physicist Stephen Jones in 2006 where he demonstrated that the government explanation given by NIST account of the destruction of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7 is physically impossible. These were all steel frame buildings, and the only way they could have collapsed at near free-fall speed as they did was for all the steel columns holding up the buildings to be simultaneously blown out with high explosives. In May of this year, Jones and Niels Harrit of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen demonstrated the ubiquitous presence in the dust of the WTC of such a high explosive, nanothermite. After reading it I became a supporting member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Please check us out at ae911truth.org.

    Everything we as architects, engineers, physicists and chemists understand about the destruction World Trade Center fits in perfectly with all that you have been saying here about the corruption within our intelligence services. As I see it, the people who engineered 9-11 are still at large while our army is running around Afghanistan chasing ghosts. They can strike again whenever it suits them and our country is completely defenseless. I believe bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Yet the NSA has been regularly “authenticating” bin Laden recordings right up to last month. Who is putting out these recordings and who is “authenticating” them?

    The 9-11 truth movement is very broad and there is much wild and unsubstantiated speculation within it. But Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is the hard scientific core of the movement. Without our hard scientific evidence, the movement could be written off as “conspiracy theory”. But we do have hard evidence. We know this must be the case. We avoid speculation about the perpetrators and their motives. This will be determined by the open, public investigation for which we are calling.

    Everybody in AE admires your work and we would love to join forces with you in pressing for a full investigation of Bush administration crimes, starting with the events of 9-11 itself.

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