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Boiling Frogs Post: Filling the gaps in in-depth coverage

JoeLauriaEndorsementThe crisis in journalism was brought on mostly by industry consolidation and by media owners in denial about wasting billions on consultants, who recommended firing reporters and displacing serious news with puzzles and celebrity-worship, even of business and political leaders. The public must depend on the press for protection against abuses of power by those leaders, not to be distracted from them.

Beneath news of political campaigns, bills in Congress and the latest wars is a deep politics that is going largely uncovered: first, because its participants try to keep it secret and second, because Resources for in-depth reporting have been sharply cut back.    

Amateurish blogs, though raising issues the established media doesn’t, can’t be a substitute for serious journalism. This site is an attempt to fill the gaps in in-depth coverage. I appeal to readers to generously support it.

Joe Lauria


Joe Lauria is an author, foreign affairs correspondent and investigative reporter. He has covered the United Nations for 19 years for numerous newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, the London Daily Telegraph, the Montreal Gazette and the Johannesburg Star. Joe is a member of the Sunday Times of London's investigative unit. He is co-author of A Political Odyssey, a look at America’s defense industry and the false threats it thrives on.

This project is solely dependent on your donations. Your contributions will allow us to:

  • Purchase and publish investigative news stories and exposés
  • Bring to you in-depth commercial free Podcast interviews
  • Present independent editorials and analyses
  • Showcase original editorial cartoons
  • Facilitate lively discussions
  • Maintain & Manage this Website

We need your support to make this project a reality. Please contribute what you can, and many thanks for all you do.


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  1. The caring and sharing hyper-local perspective defines ALL forms of broadcast media as being sensationalist propaganda?

  2. I do agree with that sentiment. I’m not a journalist. Over the years, I have gathered enough information to be considered EXTREMELY dangerous to the powers that be. They don’t want NONE of this… 🙂 However, I’m not a journalist. I have done some “footwork” over the years. Calling certain people… reaching out to whistleblowers… wink wink… emailing certain people… but I don’t have the resources to do what a real journalist does.

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