September 11th Family Members & Advocates Endorse Boiling Frogs Post

‘A Place Where investigating & understanding the truth is the only thing that matters’


Americans and citizens from all over the world are slowly awakening to find that things just might not be as they seem.

Sibel Edmonds has launched BOILING FROGS POST, a website that allows you to explore what you won't get from the mainstream media. It is a place where investigating and understanding the truth is the only thing that matters; not the political consequences or how daunting the challenges may be to make things right again.

After 9/11 Sibel began working for the FBI as a translator. When she saw the crimes and incompetency at The Bureau, she became a Whistleblower, risking her career, as she attempted to reveal the disturbing things she found there. Thus, we are certain that you can count on Sibel to select investigative material based on truth, as well as that which will keep you best informed.

We hope that you will join us in putting BOILING FROGS POST at the top of your daily must reads for news and insight. Let's rally reader and financial support for Sibel's efforts to educate all of us, as to when, how and why bad things happen at the crossroads of U.S. government and foreign policy.

After all, it is only as informed citizenry that we can, as we have in the past, properly mobilize our efforts and focus our energies, in order to make things right again, for humanity's sake.

Mindy Kleinberg, Lorie Van Auken,
Patty Casazza & Monica Gabrielle


This project is solely dependent on your donations. Your contributions will allow us to:

  • Purchase and publish investigative news stories and exposés
  • Bring to you in-depth commercial free Podcast interviews
  • Present independent editorials and analyses
  • Showcase original editorial cartoons
  • Facilitate lively discussions
  • Maintain & Manage this Website

We need your support to make this project a reality. Please contribute what you can, and many thanks for all you do.


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  1. Great to see that people are starting to give you credit for this site.

  2. These women should be viewed as National Treasures. If you haven’t seen them, which I both recommend and suggest you do, please watch two movies that are available online, “9/11: Press For Truth,” and “In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories Of The 9/11 Families.” Also available is Lorie Van Auken and Mindy Kleinberg’s “report card” on the 9/11 Commission as far as answering the families’ questions. You can see the “report card” at Thank you Sibel for your dedication to doing what is right.

  3. Bill Bergman says:

    Watching 9/11: Press for Truth and/or In Their Own Words, and reading some of the things these ladies have written in the past, well, these are people worthy of a lot of respect. Sibel’s Boiling Frogs Post is a great, timely contribution to our media.

  4. “It is a place where investigating and understanding the truth is the only thing that matters; not the political consequences or how daunting the challenges may be to make things right again.”

    To the bitter end.

  5. @T: And the rest of our team. We’ll make it happen; together.

    @JonGold: They certainly are. They worked so relentlessly, so very hard, and all that during the period of so much grief/sadness…

    @BillBergman: Agreed, and many thanks. Also, let us know when you have any interviews/articles out on your topic, Bill.

    @Zaknick: ‘To the Bitter End’: Right on! It almost felt like that this morning. After a few nasty e-mails on 9/11 family members, the site was attacked by 100s of spam mails…This is why we took out the ‘contact us’ option at the top (temporarily; until we find a way to block them). Also, Zaknick, many thanks for your direct support.

  6. This is the link to the latest written by the Sep.11th Advocates on 9/11 Trial:

  7. Sibels post:
    After a few nasty e-mails ON 9/11 family members.


  8. This is why we took out the ‘contact us’ option at the top (temporarily; until we find a way to block them.

    Wow Sibel that was quick, my page has the ‘contact us’ now, a few minutes ago it didn’t.

    btw, Congratulations on the 9/11 Family Members and Advocates support.
    I donated to NYCCAN and will support the cause of that group and the families of 9/11, until the questions are answered.

  9. We speak the Truth here, and it IS self-evident. This harassment is just that, a minor irritant. This site is the clear, coherent, honest reaction to the culture of Lies and Illusions spun by the Predator society. They must try to instill fear because their lives are filled with it. Because we speak Truth, we have no need of Fear or Illusion. We are the avatars of the Mahakala, the Destroyers of Illusion. Our increasing popularity is testimony to the hunger for Truth among the people and the fact that we are providing it. Sunshine IS the best disinfectant, especially with no ozone in the atmosphere.

    Bruce Cockburn, Maybe The Poet

    “Put him up against the wall,
    Shoot him up with pentathol.
    Shoot him up with lead,
    He won’t call back what’s been said.
    You can put him in the ground,
    Then one day you’ll look around.
    There’ll be a face you don’t know,
    Voicing thoughts you’ve heard before”

  10. I find it odd that after covering things like the CIA’s and the Military’s involvement in drug trafficking you get the most hate mail over having an endorsement from 9/11 family members. Anyhow I just thought I’d write and offer my moral support. I’m sure you know you have it but it doesn’t hurt to remind.

  11. This is also odd. NYC won’t allow a referendum to re-open the 9/11 investigation. but they WILL allow Bloomberg to run for a third term?

  12. @Metem: Many thanks; don’t stop sending me your moral support. I need tons, and yours goes a long way.

    @Ishmael: Good one! Wait until I post this little coverage I found on ‘Israel’ and their lobbyist-influence peddling friends here. They may decide to come & nuke me!:-)

    Basically we reported all the IP addresses sending 1000s of spam via ‘contact’ e-mail/form. They/he/she used 10s of different IP addresses + put an extra layer of protection while took out the ‘contact Us’ function… and so far so good. My webmaster guru will check it out tomorrow.

  13. Sibel, I am with you.

    None of these facts that have appeared at 123REALCHANGE in these past months will surprise anyone, who reads your blog, even irregularly as I do. The reality of ENDGAME is upon us.

    I believe the trigger will be the economy, perhaps, the US dollar losing its reserve currency status worldwide. We-Americans have crossed the Rubicon long ago.

    Many of Sibel’s readers, I suppose, will also be interested in this American University website link: (in D.C.)

    The Washington College of Law has a program called law and government a “collaboration on government secrecy”, including a “useful links” list on similar subjects that also appears there. All, who visit these sites will enjoy.

    I am a FOURTH amendment fan, OBVIOUS concerns about BIG BROTHER that we all share. Enjoyed Arianna Huffington’s,year 2000 published book: “How to Overthrow the Government” just recently. Also, Shubert v. Obama, the wire tapping case AND Jewel v. NSA , the AT&T case, cases that are before our judicial system interest me. Both cases provide a glimmer of hope.

  14. Wonderful! Congrats Sibel & associates.
    Rats jump ship when under the spotlight..let’s all shine some light.
    Thats all that’s required.
    We can do this. It’s never too late.
    (Plze visit Soap Box on Facebook, we all must do what we can)

  15. Three Cheers for Sibel and Mark Felt, deep throat, who guarded American’s Constitutional Freedoms when the chips were down.

    The Congress would do better with representatives, who actually take their Oath of Office seriously.

  16. I will be waiting to see the details of the planning that KSM supposedly did for 9/11. My understanding of AQ is that they are pissed off at the treatment of Palistinians by Israel and the failure of the US to be even handed in that “conflict” always coming down on the side of the Israelis as they move towards crushing the Palestinian dream of a home of their own.

    9/11 was quite complex and I seriously doubt that KSM had the resources to plan that – to dream about it, sure, to boast about it – sure. To take credit for something he liked but didn’t do… why not? Didn’t we see this in the past when many “terrorists” would claim responsibility for the same act?

    I will be waiting to see all the details of the plot… I’d like to know how they pulled it off. But I suspect they’ll all be “state secrets” classified and so we don’t get to see it – Trust Us they’ll declare.

    We still haven’t been told the truth by the government about the fact that the 3 towers did not collapse but were exploded. That evidence is available to anyone who analyzes the publicly available video footage. When you time the “collapse” they are faster than a progressive collapse could possibly be so they indicate some explosives were involved.

    Let’s find out.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  17. for your information Sibel,
    Richard Gage of the architects and engineers for 911 truth spoke to 650 people at Te Papa., Museum of New Zealand, Wellington this past saturday,[over 100 people were turned away.] presenting his evidence of ignited and unignited nanothermitic materials in the dust of 9/11.
    The discussion centered upon the scientific impossibility of free-fall sequential collapse and was very well received.
    Local news paper coverage[Capital times] did a remarkable preview of the presentation, and National Radio interview was a classic HIT piece of refusal to allow intellectual discussion.

  18. ReverseEngineer says:

    Sibel (and everyone),
    Momentum is steadily building towards our goals, keep up all the great work! And most of all, don’t stop believing in the power of love, and that with perseverence, the truth will prevail. Hold that in your heart, and it will come true.

  19. “We still haven’t been told the truth by the government about the fact that the 3 towers did not collapse but were exploded.”

    I agree, Sander.

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