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Sibel EdmondsIn October 2009 I launched Boiling Frogs Post  with one purpose in mind: To establish a venue for investigative articles, editorials, analyses, discussions, and interviews on issues largely censored and blacked out by the media. After four months of a successful trial phase this venue is now ready to enter its next stage, and for that it needs your support.

Boiling Frogs Post is solely dependent on its readers, and has no ties to any institution, foundation, organization or corporation. This is the only model I see fit to be called an independent news and views venue, untainted by external pressures, special interests or partisan flavoring.

Our authors and analysts present their work, not agenda scripts or special recipes handed to them for creation of a particular propaganda to serve a particular interest. And, our weekly commercial-free Podcast Show hosts the voices of noteworthy guests on topics long-muffled and quashed by the mainstream media and their minions on lower levels posing as alternatives.

I’m happy to report that in the four months since the launching of Boiling Frogs Post we have accomplished and delivered every single objective set prior to the launching this site. I am proud to have established a distinguished team of journalists, analysts, authors, and an editorial cartoonist whose work is based on truth and real issues.

Whether it is going after hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy practices, the ever revolving doors of foreign lobbies, or our stomped upon and continuously assaulted civil liberties, our  work transcends the webs put in place by partisanship and special interests and agendas. Here are a few examples of our work:

In this short time span the Boiling Frogs Show has been able to present you with over 20 distinguished experts and whistleblowers from the fields of journalism, intelligence, grassroots activism, academia, and foreign policy. Here is a list of select interviews:

I believe during this four-month trial phase Boiling Frogs Post has established a solid track record with what it has accomplished, and a view of what it can accomplish given your support and backing. We are now ready to begin our next phase, during which we will continue to provide what you have seen, read, and listened to thus far, and additionally, will present exclusive video clips and investigative stories.

This site will continue and expand only with your direct support. I am asking every one of you to consider yourself as the one who can make this possible, that without your active support this real alternative site will not continue or exist, and that without your help those who consider truly independent channels like this ‘impossible to survive and flourish’ will be proven right, and with that we will all lose. So please do your share, and contribute whatever you can now.

Our countdown to receive your support and donations begins today. No donation is either too small or too large. Please donate what you can to keep this home of the irate minority alive, and thank you for all you do.

Sibel Edmonds

Founder & Publisher, Boiling Frogs Post

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. Here’s a break from all the doom and gloom for a second.

    Remember Pat Paulsen, who ran for President back in the ’60s (and got over 100,000 votes)? Guess who’s this close to running in 2012? One of his sons is going to declare soon. And, it looks like he’ll get backing from the Smothers Brothers.

    More as it happens.

  2. thymesup says:

    i have to agree this is the best website i visit and my expectations are being fulfilled. usually rational, high level, polite (except oft’times by kingfisher) discourse and very interesting guests. i look forward to many more.

    i’ve sent another modest contribution but don’t EXPECT recompense via particular program fulfillment. However, Sibel; would it be possible for you to do followup/comment on ’04 911 citizen commission hearings where indira singh (after gladly and obligingly reading your important letter to chairman kean!) testified re PTECH and how there was already in ’04 sufficient info/evidence to prosecute those responsible for 911, but that it just didn’t seem to be happening. do you know of her whereabouts and if she is safe? you probably know that the radio show producer/confidante of ms. singh suffered an untimely death. reminds one of gary webb’s death and how many others? yes, intimidation and worse seems to be real, especially for those of growing public influence and “sensitive story” investigations. 911 is considered by many to be THE mother issue, ie, solve IT and simultaneously many other problems as well.

    i think the whole system is bought and/or scared stiff to confront real perpetrators re drugs, guns and murder, (as in 911) as peter dale scott said, he thinks obama is probably afraid of the cia. look into air force col., cia-pentagon laison officer j fletcher prouty’s allegations re kennedy assassination, viet nam war, u-2 incident (shot down on eve of, and in prouty’s view precisely in order to sabotage , very hopeful peace negotiations between amicable eisenhauer and kruschev.) viet nam began as a cia covert operation til the military was called in, something kennedy was on record as wanting to end by ’65.

    his ’73 book “the secret team” was completely “disappeared” from libraries and bookstores, prouty’s thought being the cia did NOT want this book’s info re modus operandi of the cia and its “secret team” exposed. i must say that much in this book about viet nam (and kennedy assassination in later book jfk) rings a bell re 911. perpetual war and profits for the mic. prouty spends a good deal of time explaining how the cia has warped and grown it’s original mission beyond all recognition. the legendary octopus.

  3. One of the troubling aspects to drilling down into world changing events is that on the face it appears impossible that a single person or a small group of persons have so much leverage to change events.

    If you consider how a false flag operation is staged, and the CIA is master at this sort of illusion, then you can begin to see how world changing events can be staged.

    To accomplish this several components must be attended to. There is always a “patsy” or person, or group, or nation who the act can be pinned on which APPEARS to make sense. This provides cover for the perpetrators. This is exactly what criminals do when they plan a crime. They leaves clues pointing to another suspect whose alibi is not credible.

    The act will inspire the existing government and media to have a knee jerk reaction and respond as intended. In the case of the Gulf of Tonkin, the congress authorized the entry of the US into the Vietnam war with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

    9/11 likewise was pinned on Al Qaeda who was described as hating our values, our democracy and were religious suicide killer/terrorists. The US rolled out the AMUF and off we went to two wars in the ME and out popped the USA PATRIOT act which has been in the oven for some time.

    Everyone rallied around the flag, patriotism blinded all and fear was the free ticket to spend our money and spill our blood and let them take away our rights bit by bit. They being the government who claimed and thought they were protecting us from the terrible enemy. Our attacks only gave birth to more anti US sentiments in the ME who saw our occupation and attacks as ruthless and unwarranted. And we tortured them with impunity with the excuse that we were looking for intel. If we didn’t really have a problem before went into the ME, we created one for generations to come – hence we needed the military posture the claimed we needed. How clever.

    The investigation of this treason is what needs to be done. Cui bono? Who had the means, motive and the opportunity? Does military intel ring a bell?

  4. Kingfisher says:

    “If you consider how a false flag operation is staged, and the CIA is master at this sort of illusion, then you can begin to see how world changing events can be staged.”

    Again, you have ventured into the realm of matters to which you have no understanding. You are prattling again.

  5. cinderman says:

    Kingfisher… your are nothing but a troll… aka otherwise known as a bridge fixture. Don’t you have better things to do? Or don’t you have to make a living like the rest of us? Go back to your swampy mirth and hang out there, you’ll make yourself and the rest of world a better place! Obviously someone pays you to write such nonsense. I suggest you study some history, and get up to date with your illiteracy. You are a bore at best, and at least a bottom feeder that suckles on the whims of tidal flows.

  6. SanderO says:

    I think Ms Edmonds among several others have shown convincing evidence that policy initiatives which are undertaken by extra government groups even when they are within the government – they act independently without oversight and with an agenda which is not part of official domocratic or even bureaucratic processes.

    This can be as simple as some group bribing an official who then steers a policy, or as complex as a group who uses the apparatus of government for political objectives and personal gain. Lobbying groups such as AIPAC exert enormous influence on policy government and clearly have an agenda which is not that of the USA.

    And then there is the revolving door which transports people within high government policy making and influencing positions including the military and the intel community to the corporate world whose agenda is profit. It may appear that Northrop Grumman, for example, is just doing what is in the best interest of the USA.

    “…Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is an American aerospace and defense technology company formed by the 1994 purchase of Grumman by Northrop. The company was the fourth largest defense contractor in the world in 2008, and the largest builder of naval vessels. Northrop Grumman employs over 122,000 people worldwide.[5] Its 2007 annual revenue is reported at US$32 billion. Northrop Grumman ranks #76 on the 2008 Fortune 500 list of U.S. industrial companies….”

    The purpose of this company is to make money and its products are weapons systems and their customers are the US government and any other they can market their weapons systems too. War is good for business for companies like Northrop Grumman, having a large military to police the world, to supply systems to even both sides in conflicts which they take no side on – their allegiance is to the profits of their shareholders.

    This is perfectly normal, acceptable and completely legal under US law. So who are upper level management at these defense contractors? They are retired US top military brass.

    Who benefits from war and militarism? The military and the defense contractors and of course the workers who are employed and exploited for profit.

  7. theepitbull says:


    Girl this might help:


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