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Sibel EdmondsIn October 2009 I launched Boiling Frogs Post with one purpose in mind: To establish a venue for investigative articles, editorials, analyses, discussions, and interviews on issues largely censored and blacked out by the media. After four months of a successful trial phase this venue is now ready to enter its next stage, and for that it needs your support.

Boiling Frogs Post is solely dependent on its readers, and has no ties to any institution, foundation, organization or corporation. This is the only model I see fit to be called an independent news and views venue, untainted by external pressures, special interests or partisan flavoring.

Sibel Lighthouse Our authors and analysts present their work, not agenda scripts or special recipes handed to them for creation of a particular propaganda to serve a particular interest. And, our weekly commercial-free Podcast Show hosts the voices of noteworthy guests on topics long-muffled and quashed by the mainstream media and their minions on lower levels posing as alternatives.

I’m happy to report that in the four months since the launching of Boiling Frogs Post we have accomplished and delivered every single objective set prior to the launching this site. I am proud to have established a distinguished team of journalists, analysts, authors, and an editorial cartoonist whose work is based on truth and real issues.

Whether it is going after hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy practices, the ever revolving doors of foreign lobbies, or our stomped upon and continuously assaulted civil liberties, our work transcends the webs put in place by partisanship and special interests and agendas.

Here are a few examples of our work:

Sibel Edmonds- The Makings of a Police State Series

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed- Yemen, Energy Crisis & the Nigerian Crutch Bomber Series

Mizgin Yilmaz- Richard Armitage Series

Dr. William Weaver – The Impulse to Secrecy: The Glomar Response

Peter Lance: Fort Hood & the KSM Trial Series

Sibel Edmonds- Op-ed Series

In this short time span the Boiling Frogs Show has been able to present you with over 20 distinguished experts and whistleblowers from the fields of journalism, intelligence, grassroots activism, academia, and foreign policy. Here is a list of select interviews:

James Bamford on NSA & Illegal Domestic Wiretapping

Pepe Escobar on the Current Energy Crisis & the Quest for Central Asia-Caspian Region

Russ Baker on the Concept of Shadow Government and the Real Power Centers in the US

Daniel Ellsberg on Obama Presidency & Whistleblowers

Andy Worthington on America’s Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay

Chris Hedges on the US Media & the Empire of Illusion

Coleen Rowley on Accountability, Whistleblowers & Activism

I believe during this four-month trial phase Boiling Frogs Post has established a solid track record with what it has accomplished, and a view of what it can accomplish given your support and backing. We are now ready to begin our next phase, during which we will continue to provide what you have seen, read, and listened to thus far, and additionally, will present exclusive video clips and investigative stories.

This site will continue and expand only with your direct support. I am asking every one of you to consider yourself as the one who can make this possible, that without your active support this real alternative site will not continue or exist, and that without your help those who consider truly independent channels like this ‘impossible to survive and flourish’ will be proven right, and with that we will all lose. So please do your share, and contribute whatever you can now.

Our countdown to receive your support and donations begins today. No donation is either too small or too large. Please donate what you can to keep this home of the irate minority alive, and thank you for all you do.

Sibel Edmonds

Founder & Publisher, Boiling Frogs Post

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  1. camusrebel says:

    At no time, but especiallly during fundraising, does it seem wise to go a full week without fresh content.

    Perhaps just a few sentences on your opinion of the Washington Post’s editorial on Monday lambasting the Japanese Parlimentarian Fujita’s views regarding 9/11.

    Or a word about the “Treason In America” conference over the weekend in PA.

    Or the proposed Lieberman/McCain bill creating yet a new class off persons, the “enemy belligerent”.

    Hope you are well Sibel.

  2. Ah, the slippery slope.
    Might be better than being targeted for assasination. :sarcasm alert:

    The proposed bill mandates that any person detained on suspicion of terrorist acts or material support for terrorism be placed in military custody. The detainee will not be entitled to Miranda rights and will remain in detention – and can be interrogated – while the Executive Branch makes a status determination. If determined to be an unprivileged enemy belligerent, the detainee will be held until the end of hostilities. Needless to say, unlike the POW in the war paradigm, for detainees, end of hostilities in the terrorism paradigm is a euphemism for ‘indefinite detention’.

  3. Or HAARP. Wayne Madsen continues to document. Mini Aurora borealis seen over site of Chile Earthquake just prior to event. There is something called an artificial ionospheric mirror that allows over the horizon broadcast of ELF waves. Sure would like to hear a whistleblower on the geek squad. Okay, millions of people have been killed, but let’s keep our planet. Fess up.

  4. Simon, so that’s what that was. MSNBC had a female journalist on who lived in Santiago? descibing what was happening during the quake. She said the sky was turning colors. Very interesting…

  5. Hello all,

    I apologize for my extended absence, but my descent into genteel poverty was punctuated by my new job at the Census. When I reported my hours, like I was supposed to, I got reduced checks. Then I didn’t work at all for three weeks. This caused the EDD folks to go into a fit of, “That does not compute”, insanity. So the last 3 weeks, I had no unemployment AND no work. I finally got work this week, but I’m still waiting on EDD AND this week is the last of my tertiary extended benefits anyway. In the meantime, I ran out of propane and had my cable cut off until today. So that’s the reason I’ve been temporarily incommunicado from the site.

    In all this, I am receiving God’s lesson in humility. My NEW job is as an enumerator and I’m counting all of my countrymen who are in even worse straits than I am living in the RV parks, campgrounds, Residential hotels and motels in the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area. For this, I actually got a $3/hr raise. This means that, instead of earning 1/4 of what I made 10 years ago, I now make 1/3. On the other hand, all the people I interviewed today were friendly and Wanted to make Sure they were counted where and as they were. I’m putting together a piece in my mind about my experiences and impressions, but I want to wait another couple of weeks to get more into the count.

    Speaking of which, all day today, all I could think of was the Count from Sesame St.

    “One homeless family, Two homeless Families, Three homeless Families.”

    Plus I got my wife’s disability check so I was able to buy some propane to cook and heat Rancho de los Weehee with and paid my cable so I can talk to you guys some more. Through this time, especially on my birthday, this last Tuesday, I had decided the following. If I DO wind up being homeless, THIS is what I want to do.

    I want to kill, cook AND eat Mr. TARP beilout, Neel Kashakari.

    A few months ago, I read a sob story in the Washington Post about Poor Neel’s travails, living in the Wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas of California and building a shed on the property of his Megabucks cabin near Truckee. So, when I saw the pictures, I instantly recognized it as the mountains above Donner Lake…of the Donner Party. I thought,

    “What could be MORE fitting?”

    So that’s what I want to do if I DO become homeless. Show up at Neel’s door with my knife and fork while I sing THIS song:

    After all, I Lived in those mountains down towards Grass Valley for 4 years as a kid. I’m a Native Californian and I’ll be Hungry.

  6. ZicaTanka says:


    Welcome back. I sold vacuum cleaners door to door to the poor for three weeks in high school. Then I took off for San Fran and hung out with the uncommon commoners for a bit. It’s funny how much both of those experiences have in common.

    What the hell?

  7. As for the fund raising, I mailed my concerns using the contact form to BF, but never heard a reply, so I’ll try this forum

    ON February 28, I mailed a personal check to the BF address listed on this site.

    This week, the letter came back, with this marking:


    What the hell is going on? Is the mailing address legit or is the Postal Service playing games?

    I’d don’t like to use my credit card for donations, so if you want some money from me, please list a real mailing address.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  8. um yeah,

    Glad I didn’t mail my package yet.

  9. While this site is still working, we have a communication problem. I sent my money a week ago, and it did not return, but neither has it been cashed. This was the same pattern with my previous mailing, and eventually the check was cashed. The most serious flaw appears to be a complete vacation on Sibel’s part without any real explanation. It sure will not help keep the momentum. I prefer to think positive, that her child, some family emergency, or a determined refusal to post until the money is there. It does not help that only 8 percent real communication happens on the Internet. You need to talk to us Sibel.

  10. @ Greg Bacon: I’m sorry you have problems, but your problems have nothing to do with BFP. 20% of our donations have been by checks, and we haven’t had this problem with anyone else. Same is true with many many problems/issues you’ve been indicating since this site began, succh as ‘your comments not appearing’ or being blocked. We cannot cater to 100s of individuals requests, e-mails, and chronic complaint latter writing. Hope you’ll find a site that will fit your specific needs. And finally, please do not use this kind of language or tone ‘What the hell is going…’ And please do not donate with these kinds of wrong/unreasonable expectations. Thank you, and hope you’ll find a costum site for your demands.

    @ Ishmael: Welcome back and good to hear from you. I’ll e-mail you later this evening.

    @ Simon: I believe we were clear on having 3 to 4 weeks dedicated to fundraising countdown. This is not a personal blogs to just chat, so until we have what we need to continue we will post as many articles/interviews as we can. Like you, like everyone else, we have jobs, families, and many other day-to-day issues to deal with. In order to maintain this on full-time basis, we will need readership support. So it goes the other way around. Feel free to inform us of your forum/site link where daily posts on issues of interest will appear daily. I’d be more than happy to help you promote it.

    We have one more week to go with our fundraising month. Meanwhile I will post one of our latest podcast interviews and a weekly round up.

  11. And finally, please do not use this kind of language or tone ‘What the hell is going…’ And please do not donate with these kinds of wrong/unreasonable expectations. Thank you, and hope you’ll find a costum site for your demands.

    Thank Sibel, for the heads up. If you don’t want my money because I said “What the Hell,” that’s fine.

    We’ve got another out of control US president, a sold out and corrupted Congress a broken media and when someone uses the word hell, someone gets bent out of shape.

    Continue on with your fantasy of doing something positive for the world, just make sure you sanitize all comments so some don’t get their knickers in an uproar over a minor cuss word.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  12. @Greg: It is not about ‘hell’ being a cuss word, it’s just the very offensive tone directed towards BFP & myself. I don’t have the time to run a site where time/energy spent on personal whinings/complains/demands…I know tons of sites out there do, but this is not one of them. Have a good day, and so long.

  13. My friend Matthew McDaniel is approaching NYC after riding his horse Hampton across the U.S. from Salem, OR. His wife and children have followed him in a bus. The video clips show town after town in the U.S. dying. Kansas City has decided to cut half their schools. This week I learned that seven of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. are in the D.C. Area, so this post is appropriate, since a large segment of the readership of BFP is in the D.C. Area. What is the solution? Same as always, speak Truth to Power. The movie about V has inspired a generation of anarchists, like those that regularly burn cars in France. Unfortunately, the movie targets the British Parliament. A better target would be the Central Banks. That would not be allowed in mainstream video because it is too close to the truth. The movie fails for another reason, it advocates justified violence. The only violence I practice is with garden pests created by human disruption. It is prophesied that prosperity shall destroy many. The heart of the Beast then seems to be Washington, D.C., but not the government. It is the complacent middle class. I am reminded of a day in New Delhi on one of the less visible streets for tourists. A beautiful young woman was sleeping naked with her baby on a street in the evening. No one seemed to think anything of it. She was homeless, but it was India. Can any of you in the D.C. middle class really comprehend this disparity between rich and poor?

  14. Revelarts says:

    Sibel and Peter B.,
    Thanks you so much for creating this site and the posting the articles and especially the interviews. I’ve planned to support you since your 1st request but have just now been able to make that happen. (the 1st of many). I LOVE what you are doing here, may your tribe increase.
    If I can make 1 extremely mild comment. I come from a more conservative political background (Ron Paul)and from time to time some of the comments in the interviews knock conservatives or conservativism or imply that only progressives want the gov’t to be open, just, obey the bill of rights and constitution etc.. I’m sure that’s not your intention and in some cases it’s only been the positions of your guest, whose opinions you shouldn’t censor. But I mention it because as i send out links to people trying to shake them from the right MSM mindset and it can be a small stumbling block. Of course, some people are not going to listen regardless but to those who do take time to listen to you and the amazing guest, a bread crumb thrown in the direction of Constitution minded conservatives can go a long way. THANKS!!!

    peace to you and your families

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