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The Boiling Frogs Presents Carlos Miller

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Carlos Miller provides us with an overview of the history, purpose and mission of his award-winning website Photography is Not a Crime. He talks about First Amendment violations against photographers throughout the country, which occur on a shockingly regular basis, and illustrates this alarming trend with documented incidents and examples. Mr. Miller tells us about abuses and misinterpretation of State Wiretapping Laws, the recent attention given to these abuses by the mainstream media and the previous lack of coverage, the increased power of ordinary citizens due to the internet, and more.

CMillerCarlos Miller is a multimedia journalist based in Miami. In 2007, after he was arrested for photographing a group of Miami police officers against their wishes, Miller launched Photography is Not a Crime. He was charged with nine misdemeanors and spent 16 hours in the county jail. Miller, a 10-year veteran reporter, originally intended to document his trial with his blog, but soon began documenting abuses against other photographers throughout the country. Some of these incidents ended in arrest. Most of them were intimidation against the photographer. But each and every one of these incidents was a complete First Amendment violation against the photographer. Over a year's time, Photography is Not a Crime has become a trusted destination for First Amendment news as it relates to photography, videography and writing, and the site has been mentioned in publications such as the New York Times, Fox News, The Chicago-Sun Times, The Miami Herald, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and the Miami New Times, who called his blog one of “Miami’s best blogs”. When Miller went to trial last year, he was acquitted of all charges except resisting arrest without violence. Acting as his own lawyer, Miller appealed the decision and that case is currently pending.

Here is our guest Carlos Miller unplugged!

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  1. http://www.bradblog.com/?p=7977 Wonder why traffic has slowed down at Boiling Frogs Post? It may not be NSA, but just some right wing nut jobs. Learn how to post with a proxy server.

  2. Kingfisher says:

    “Wonder why traffic has slowed down at Boiling Frogs Post? It may not be NSA, but just some right wing nut jobs.”
    Interesting, so the decrease in traffic has nothing to do with the boring subject nature of this particular podcast; and more to do with sabotage by the National Security Agency, and/or a right-wing Web 2.0 Cabal?

    Simon, have you ever met my friend William of Occam and his razor?

  3. Kingfisher says:

    KF’s suggested BF guests that are sure to be a hit:

    Robert Baer
    Aram Roston
    Robert Young Pelton
    Larry J. Kolb
    Christopher Ketcham
    Gretchen Peters

  4. It was indeed funny how the interviewee ducked interviewers’ attempts to engage him in discussing broader political issues, beyond his police-courts vs. photojurnalistic liberties ones (important as they were), explaining he was “no conspiracy theorist” and hence (:-!) “a good U.S. Citizen” (:-))…

  5. Pretty disconcerting that “Homeland Security” got called on Mr. Miller because “after 9/11…” etc. Seems like that’s all you have to say: “after 9/11…” or “National Security.” And then they get their names checked against a list? How much of a stretch would it be to put names of dissidents on that list? These terrorism trials are insane enough what with dubious means and entrapment of fairly harmless troubled people, so it’s maybe a step not a stretch. Standing up to the “after 9/11…” unreality bubble, even though the judge and a bunch of police are trying to make you conform to their “perception management” doesn’t sound too easy despite Mr. Miller’s assurances. Glad to see the bubble get popped by a defiant journalist, the judge’s superiors and that police chief!

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