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BFPWhiteThe movement against TSA’s systematic degradation of our nation seems to be gaining a bit of momentum; long overdue. A few lawmakers are making some noise. Let’s hope it is not for show only. Pilots and related organizations have been making a little headway. And we have more than a few citizens coming up with and organizing actionable plans and ideas. I hope none of this ends up settling for ‘little bones.’ By that I mean quasi cosmetic changes like: giving our CNN’s Fitzpatrick what she is asking for - a heads up and notice signs for coming violations at check points, or installing separate screening detectors for the pilots and flight attendants, or having the screener police touch and violate you using three fingers instead of their entire palm. We seem to have momentum. I believe with solidarity and persistence, refusing to give up or give in to a few ‘bones’ we will succeed. Please watch out for ‘highly coincidental’ terror alerts that may start popping up. OK? After ten years of those interestingly timed and never-sourced possible terror alerts we should be wise enough to recognize our government’s ‘cry wolf’ practices. Also, get ready for a handful of questionable entities who try to blend in with the movement and engage in repulsive (highly offensive) actions to cause backlash for our movement. Our government highly depends on ‘this type’ and of course, our mainstream media loves to showcase them. I am just saying.

I’ve been going through hundreds of e-mails and comments on my previous post. First, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions both publicly in various forums and privately through your direct e-mails; your feedback gives me a sense of solidarity and revives my long-dimming hopes. Next, I  am going to tell you a bit about myself and what I am prepared to do, however insignificant or little it may seem to some. So many of us either don’t do anything or say anything publicly because we as a nation have been long reduced to seeing ourselves and acting as insignificant and powerless subjects of those who govern. We are afraid of being ridiculed, or being rejected as feeble. That’s not the case here at Boiling Frogs Post, and I hope you’ll get that sense and keep your ideas and suggestions coming. You see, I am doing it despite my own set of reservations, and regardless of the ridicule I sometimes endure from the ‘elite academics & talk-and-write only mighty experts.’

Those of you who’ve been members here know that I usually don’t talk about, share, personal information. This is a slight exception, and you’ll see why:

I am a full-time mother to a handful 28-month old toddler. She is the love of my life, my number one priority and most important responsibility. I have had friends and readers who have told me:

I am disgusted with the indignities they make us suffer at the airports….BUT, I am a parent, with a hectic life, and with my hands full. I simply can’t afford to be active politically and participate in protests or movements…I’ll leave that to people who have the time, energy, and no responsibilities…

As a mother with a hectic life and loads of associated responsibilities I have an even greater obligation to do what I can, however little, and to participate in the attempt to stop the degradation of our nation. I do not want my daughter touched, groped, squeezed and fondled by total strangers simply because she has to travel. I do not want my daughter to be treated as a suspect; a terrorist suspect. I owe it to her to stand up and fight for her dignity and mine. I am her example, and I don’t want this example to be: lower your head, take these violations silently, and do or say nothing. I believe this is one of our responsibilities as parents; to teach our children about dignity, honor and privacy, and to protect them from violations-physically and mentally. Don’t you?

I am a partial owner of a small retail business. Mainly I work from home, including after hours, and I take care of a bunch of exhausting tedious tasks. I care about our employees, and I do stress about ups and downs, risks and potential rewards. And yes, I pay taxes on every hard-earned dollar, and do so timely. I have friends and acquaintances who tell me:

Activism takes time and time is money. I have to earn income, so I work hard, and can’t possibly spend time and effort on these political issues and related activism. I applaud those who do, but unless you are a student or unemployed…basically with nothing to really lose…you can’t participate…

As a worker, an owner and an employer, and a tax payer, I feel, and am, even more obligated, responsible, and outraged. I can think of thousands of alternative opportunity costs for the taxes I have been paying other than having my government use them to harass me and violate my rights. Imagine how many small businesses, thus employment opportunities, could be created by the billions of dollars that go to TSA police to rape us of our dignity on a daily basis? Translate those billions to the number of college scholarships for our kids?

BFPBlackHere I am as a mother and a worker and a businesswoman and a cook and a laundry-woman and a shopper and a saver with a home mortgage and a car loan and electric-gas-phone bills …trying to take action, however small, however simplistic, with unpredictable chances of success and tons of barricades stacked up high before me. Does all this sound familiar? Then, I am one of you, so please don’t look down upon me, or my little action steps, and instead, come join me and those of us who are trying to find ways, organize, and stop the degradation of our nation.

I am still exploring the best, speediest, and most feasible channels/options/possibilities to stop this TSA nonsense. It’s a work in progress. Here is what I have been doing so far:

- I have joined a small group of like-minded activists who have been actively working on this issue. We are working on organizing local meetings and forums.

- I found the following site: The TSA Opt-Out Project, which is organizing passengers to refuse TSA's sexually explicit body imaging scanners and enhanced pat-down techniques. A nationwide day of protest is tentatively scheduled for May 7, 2011. I made my pledge, so I will be flying (or stopped from) out of Reagan National Airport.

- I worked with my friend, our great editorial cartoonist, Paul Jamiol. I told him about the idea of wearing ‘airport shirts’ with an appropriate slogan and related imagery during air travel, in airports. As always, Paul came up with the design idea, and then implemented it in less than two days. You can see the shirt above, or click Here (Thank you, Paul!). My family and I will be wearing these shirts every time we fly. I will also be wearing it when I go to the airport to see friends/families off, or greet their arrivals.

Here is why I am going to wear this shirt whenever I am in an airport, and why you may consider doing the same:

I’ll be proudly expressing my position and dissent against these government-police inflicted violations.

When I see another individual wearing this message I’ll smile and say ‘glad to see another like-minded citizen.’

When I see five proud message-wearing individuals, I’ll think ‘great, we are a real group.’

When I see ten, I’ll go ‘This has become a true movement.’

When I see twenty, I’ll wonder ‘how many others there may be?!’

When I read or hear about hundreds, I’ll start hoping again, and won’t stop until we have stopped the degradation of our nation.

On November 24, 2010, a series of opt-out and protests are scheduled to take place across the country and even internationally as growing backlash against full body scanners, and degrading and invasive pat downs. I will be at Reagan National Airport, to support and see them off, wearing my airport shirt. Hope to see and meet many hundreds of you there.

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  1. Sibel, I recently joined the League of Women Voters It does a lot more than organize candidate debates/forums and I think the points/arguments you make via Boiling Frogs would get a fair hearing there and could lead to LWV taking supportive positions, in time.

    Joe Carson

  2. Today ten college students joined me in a crop mob. This is a monthly gathering that I have been leading for six months to various local farms to teach students where their food comes from, how to grow it organically, and perhaps most importantly how to focus. Sibel asked us how all of these social mediums could be amalgamated so that we could communicate collectively. One student suggested some sites that are exploring this, but I countered, doesn’t that put all our communications in one basket for surveillance and data-mining? A young lady whose family is from Columbia after escaping from Chavez’s Venezuela noted that her Facebook page constantly runs ads that they determined from her browsing habits. Another reason to talk while harvesting sweet potatoes. This is term paper and test time for most of these students, but they took a morning to work in the sunshine, get fresh organic vegetables, and make copies of a DVD called ‘Our Daily Bread’ about mechanized agriculture in Europe. Always include a happy option. I showed them how to prepare a bed with granite dust and seaweed to grow wheat, how to thresh it from a trash can with a weed whacker, and then winnow with a leaf blower, where to buy a hand cranked flour mill, and how ADM and Cargill were busy blocking import of organic seed from British Columbia and placing restrictions on seed cleaners so that we cannot grow our own food. The Latina wanted to know what fair wage was for farm labor, compared to our present race to the bottomline to exploit cheap Guatemalan labor. We also discussed child trafficking, but in the sunshine. After I had gained a measure of their trust, and explained some of the science behind traditional tribal means of communication including animal communication, I was able to pass along the literary piece, sort of like science fiction, with a good measure of truth, as the best means of creating a collective communication grid. Sorry this site does not allow the picture of an atlatl to be posted, you will have to google that yourself, and click on images.

    “Like the Biblical understanding, our technoslavery is a bondage of mankind’s own making, a product of our own free will, as evidenced by Agent Smith’s revelation that this is the second Matrix” Mercer Schuchhardt

    The late Archaic era began around 2000 B.C.E. The Marion were a subtype found in the Gulf coastal plains just prior to formation of tribes. The earliest tribes found in our area were the Muskogee Creek. It was technology that gave these people their edge. The atlatl extended the range and force of the spear. Heavy chert spear points lost accuracy without the additional leverage of the atlatl. Oak hammocks were favored hunting grounds where deer and other herbivores nourished themselves for the coming winter with acorns.
    Multihued foliage of the deciduous oak drew the hunter’s eye through the whispering pines and saw palmettos. Conversation for stone age man relied upon an almost vestigial organ. Images of birds – anhingas, red shouldered hawks, and wood storks – each had their characteristic signatures of images – mostly types of forage or succulent prey. The kaleidoscope of images shifted through the brain of our ancestors. Those hunters who could see best in this manner became tribal leaders and shaman. They guided their people to favored hunting grounds. The aura of these leaders created shields of light repelling ticks, noxious insects, and the occasional rogue human. It was the beginning of tribe.
    Lying and deceit were more difficult. Journeying beyond the body through the stone images of past events was less fraught with vortexes of decaying stardust – awareness of beings lost in the mist of ancient time. Beauty, like a jewel, reflected facets of light without and within. Could these forgotten skills be reawakened in the minds of 21st century humans? Could the grey lifeless stream of pixels be replaced with vibrant photons – coupled in spin to create unity of purpose – a tool to defeat the parasitic corporate predator?

  3. Sibel,

    If you haven’t seen it, here’s a really egregious case of TSA harassment:

  4. This weekend I found Boiling Frogs linked from another site. I read your 11/9/10 entry- and your horrible 2009 experience- and it was like the clouds opened up and the sun shined down on the madness known as the new TSA security measures. And this evening I have found this update, more sunshine, more clarity.

    We have sworn off any air travel until reasonable security measures are returned to the citizens. There will be no help from the mainstream media to give *us* regular folks a sounding board on TSA so it will be a grassroots effort to affect change.

  5. @tonywicher: Thank you. I read and watched it this morning. It was sent to me by one of our (NSWBC) members. Good for him, and all of us, for standing up and for documenting and sharing it.

    @Connie: Then let me welcome you to BFP. Please keep it up. You are absolutely right about the MSM. Soon they will label us as ‘anarchists’ or ‘opt-outer nuts’ or …Just wait. Hopefully, with their diminishing credibility and our expanding irate minority movement they will cease to matter.

  6. This new TSA situation reminds me of the outcome based education process taught in our public schools. In 1997, when our oldest daughter was in 7th grade, one day her co-ed gym class was made to run punitive laps because of the poor behavior of a few male students. Our daughter wrote a short essay on the event titled “Bleeding out Good Behavior”. She compared punishing everyone for the bad choices of a few hoping that “peer pressure” would make the bad students conform (that was the stated reason by the teacher for punishing everyone) to the 18th century practice of physicians bleeding patients. The physican *thought* he was helping the patient but he wasn’t. My daughter went on to say that she, a lowley student could ID the bad guys, why couldn’t the teachers? Profiling bad guys wasn’t allowed in school 13 years ago. And now we have come full circle with the TSA. We punish everyone for the actions of a few because we will not profile, point out or investigate those of whom are causing problems for air travel. Our govt is Bleeding out Good Behavior one “right” at a time.

  7. Go Sibel.

    On another matter

    Geraldo??? either he or a hologram with major mustachio is seriously advocating a quantum shift in CNN regarding WTC7 ………

  8. Some of the folks taking part on Nov. 24 might want to have copies of this music to listen to just to make it even more fun. Paul Kantner’s concept record from 1971 about the plot to hijack the first operational starship. Jefferson Starship. “Blows Against The Empire”.

    Part 1, Sunrise/Hijack/Home:

    Part 2, Have you Seen The Stars Tonight/XM/Starship:

    I’m leaning towards “Blows Against The Empire” as the title of my next pieces for you. Let me know how you like it.

  9. @Ishmael, thanx for the ideas. Anyone else have thoughts about “flyers” to possibly hand out to people as well?

    I’ve sent quite a few e-mails out, and I thought this article made some great points.

    Why did the TSA ever get involved? In today’s world of lawsuits, you’d think the airlines would’ve already been doing all they could to prevent another “Terrorist Attacke”…errr, False Flag.

  10. @ Ishmael: “Blows Against The Empire”- Love it. You have a way with words, and I’m really looking forward to your next article.

    @micwazoo: thanks for the link. I think ‘flyers’ is a good idea; combo of several methods: blogs, editorials, flyers, e-mails, opt-out sessions @ various airports…bring’m on.

  11. So, what would happen if we all filled out job applications at the TSA and included frisking and fondling as job skills?

  12. Any bets that if Opt Out is a success on 11/24, that we’ll see another False Flag before 12/25?

    Here’s a thought. What if we all start making predictions like this, and make them widely known? Would that beat the offenders at their own game? I don’t pretend to be a psychologist, but I am an observant person, and I remember telling people prior to bush’s second election farce that we would see the terror colors change with 4 weeks of the election, and low and behold, it did.

    And btw, I in now way meant to offend anyone by my frisking and fondling remark earlier. I was trying to make a valid point. It occurred to me that anyone who has ever been assaulted may have found it to be offensive, and I apologize.

  13. TSA heatedly discussed on infowars as well. Uniform is 9/10ths of the power.

    And, keep your eye on this building., its going to come down soon……surely?

  14. New Paradigm says:

    Comedy Central’s Stephen Cobert had a guest on tonight named Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for “The Atlantic”, who was outraged about the porn shots and fondling – I mean “full body scans” and “pat downs” going on in the airports today. He says it doesn’t make us safer and is humiliating. He was adamant that the practice was allowing the “terrorists” to win.

    I would go further to say it is just another angle to chip away at our freedom and liberty. Many people will refrain from flying, even domestically rather than face increased “security” measures. International travel requires a passport through airports and an “enhanced” driver’s license or passport card (all with micro chips) by sea or land, even to Canada. Birth certificates and voter registrations no longer prove citizenship? Most vehicles have a micro chip too (for your security, of course). “Micro chip your pets while you’re at it – and your kids!” but don’t expect to use that to your advantage. The government is gradually implementing demands that we all be traceable. Sibel, you have aptly named this website.

    Instilling fear is the easiest way to obtain compliance. The government creates problems then solves them by increasing control over our lives. This is just one of many symptoms of a far greater problem. Few people see the macro picture (self included). But I would imagine it has something to do with the elite owners of capital (international bankers, royalty, etc.) controlling resources and restoring the common man to slavery. “Obey or die”.

    The good news is more and more people are becoming aware and speaking out. I was glad to see this topic discussed on cable television.

    Sibel, your action in the airport with your toddler was significant. You spoke out against an injustice, even though it cost you your flight. Everyone can do something to peacefully oppose injustice, in what ever way works. Even linking a blog or person of interest on Facebook, sharing with friends makes a difference … and comes with the cost of ridicule (speaking from experience). Thank you Sibel and everyone who does anything to move us into the new paradigm for the good of ALL.

    May the opt-outs and protests draw domestic and international media attention and open the eyes of those still asleep as well as those attempting to herd the masses toward slaughter.

  15. And *our Govt/TSA* is going to make an example out of John who opted out and just wanted to leave the airport. The TSA is opening an investigation.

    Here is the TSA’s reason for the investigation:
    “According to Aguilar, Tyner is under investigation for leaving the security area without permission. That’s prohibited, among other reasons, to prevent potential terrorists from entering security, gaining information, and leaving.”

  16. New Paradigm says:

    “Sign our petition demanding Congress investigate the TSA’s porno scanners, aggressive groping, and abuses of power. Click here to add your name:”

  17. @ Connie – You made some good points but I have to take exception to this:

    ‘Profiling bad guys wasn’t allowed in school 13 years ago. And now we have come full circle with the TSA. We punish everyone for the actions of a few because we will not profile, point out or investigate those of whom are causing problems for air travel.’

    This is a fallacious and dangerous line of reasoning. If you can “ID” the “bad guys,” you don’t “profile” them, you try them for their crimes. If by “bad guys” you refer to everyone of Middle Eastern descent or of the Muslim faith, you should step back and realize the absurdity of such a statement. Obviously not all such individuals are “bad guys,” so your logic can be easily turned on its head: why “punish [all Middle Easterners or Muslims–over 1 billion people] for the actions of the few”?

    To help you recognize the irony of your statement, consider the fact that Sibel–one of the most passionate and patriotic defenders of liberty you’ll find–was raised in Iran and is of Turkish descent (IIRC). Would you find it acceptable if the government had the authority to force her and her family to go through the invasive, immoral security measures as long as you and yours didn’t have to?

    The role of government is not to sacrifice the rights of the few in order to protect the freedom of the many. The role of government is to protect the rights of all. I recognize that it’s easy to forget principles in the search for convenient solutions, but it is necessary to remember the principles of freedom or we will quickly find ourselves on the road to serfdom, with worse government “terror” than what may have been prevented. Just as Hitler’s using the Reichstag Fire to justify police-state powers to “protect” the many from the “dangerous” few was a diabolic illusion which led to fascism for all, so also any concession to our government to trample on the freedom of the minority for the “protection” of the majority is a vicious lie which can and is being used to tyrannize all of us.

    History shows that expanding state control is not the solution to security threats; rather, the solution is to shrink the state. If you read the Forbes article linked above, you’ll see common sense proposals as to how these absurd “security” practices can be replaced by eliminating government agencies and putting security in the hands of the airlines.

    Sadly, our current situation bears resemblance to the post Reichstag Fire era in many ways. The degree to which terrorism from abroad is a product of our own government is hotly debated, but it is clear that our government is greatly to blame. That should give us good ideas about what the solutions should be.

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