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The Boiling Frogs Presents James Babb

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James Babb recounts the creation of the grassroots effort We Won’t Fly, and how he and cofounder George Donnelly, two regular dads, founded the group to oppose the full-body airport “porno”-scanners on grounds of privacy, ineffectiveness and health, and demand that the airlines make their maximum lobbying effort in support of customers’ rights and liberties. He discusses the ineffective and dangerous aspects of the TSA Security Theater as a top-down and lumbering bureaucracy, and the intimidation and humiliation of passengers for this false sense of security. Mr. Babb talks about the goal of his group, alternatives to flying, their next Opt Out project, and more!

wewontJames Babb is the co-founder of We Won’t Fly, an informal collaborative effort opposing the full-body airport “porno”-scanners on grounds of privacy, ineffectiveness and health. As an independent, grassroots effort, We Won’t Fly is not affiliated with any political party, corporation, politician or think tank. The group has pledged to stop flying ‘until the porno-scanners are history.’

Here is our guest James Babb unplugged!

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  1. Black Order says:

    The TSA security measures are a complete absurdity.

    Phantom boogieman terrorists are no justification for radiation pornography and/or groping/violating people’s ‘organs’.

    What annoys me especially, is that they’re also doing this to children. I personally find this abhorrent and despicable.

    ECIL Rapiscan Ltd./OSI Systems Inc./ Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) makes the porn scanners…

    …which as I understand, is where former Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, Tom Blank, and former Department of Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, have a certain vested interest.

    I think that there are people with money and influence that know they can use fabled cave dwelling evil-doin’ Muslim gremlins hiding in luggage to scare sheeple into buying their scanners that radiate and take pornographic images of them.

    Welcome to 21st century fascist Amerika.

    I won’t fly unless I absolutely have to. It’s just simply too much hassle anymore.

    Happy Holidays, Ms. Edmonds,

    Black Order

  2. Hey Sibel,
    I find it quite interesting that you posted this. About a half hour prior to reading your post I had read an article on InfoWars.com about an offensive comment“We Won’t Fly” (George Donnelly)received on their blog. George Donnelly was curious as to the location of the commenter. He decided to trace the IP address and the results came back showing the IP address belonging to Department of Homeland Security of all places. I had trouble getting the link to the article to work, so I’m posting the first few paragraphs here.

    George Donnelly
    We Won’t Fly
    December 23, 2010

    The following contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

    I was about to delete an offensive comment on this blog – one of the very few we get – and thought, hmm, I wonder where this guy is posting from? Because, really, it is quite unusual for us to get nasty comments. Lo and behold, the troll posted to our website from an IP address controlled by the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security! Here is the taxpayer-funded troll’s gem of a comment, for your entertainment:

    Fuck you, Fuck all you cocksuckers, you wont change anything. ride the bus, TSA is here to stay there doing a great job keeping America safe.

    Also, are you aware of a story about an airline pilot who posted videos he took with his cellphone? He wanted to show everyone that the security measures at airports are hugely flawed because maintenance workers and baggage handlers are basically exempt from any security searches.

    Well, not long after he posted his videos on YouTube the police and federal officers showed up at his house to seize his gun and his license to carry that gun. They also informed him that he is now under a federal investigation and could face criminal charges for revealing government secret information.

    I’m so sick of this freaking Nazi America crap. Makes me want ti give up and start using drugs getting drunk everyday.


  3. Great interview. This is what we have left, the true American spirit of freedom versus the national security state. This should be a non-partisan movement, where people put their political differences aside. We can resume our discussions after we get the national security state off our backs. There should be a broad popular coalition between left and right on this. People on the left such as myself might not agree with some of Ron Paul’s economic ideas or his position on the Civil Rights Act, but we can agree on getting rid of both sides of the coin of the national security state – wars abroad and a police state at home. It is time to organize a third party – maybe we could just call it the Freedom Party. Of course there already is a Peace and Freedom Party but it is consists primarily of ancient leftist ideologues. We need a party that will unite people of all political persuasions around this basic feeling of freedom versus submission to authority, which is to return to their American roots, whether they are or have been on the right or the left. It is time to transcend this left-right paradigm. Truly free people can unite and organize to defend their freedom. We proved this in 1776 and we can do it again.

  4. At the barber shop today, my barber stated that unlike myself who is on a terrorist watch list, he is on a no-fly list even though issued a valid passport. He found recently in Paris that getting back into the U.S. was more of a problem than leaving it. When leaders such as Huckabee called for assassination of Assange that is terrorism and abrogation of rule of law. Were I to advocate that sort of thing I would immediately be placed in jeopardy. My barber must buy his airline ticket after TSA officials consult in a backroom, and then must admit that he is able to buy a ticket.

  5. Christian Royal says:

    These TSA gropings and scannings belong to a totalitarian regime. This is the rise of the Gestapo Police State, where communism and fascism have merged into a new entity. If we don’t rise up against these barbaric measures, we are pretty much doomed at this point. If we allow TSA agents to put their hands in our pants, what is the next step? Will we have to render sexual favors in order to get on a plane? I know it sounds ridiculous but considering they touch our sexual organs, it is not that far-fetched.

    I agree with James Babb. Those in power these days don’t listen to the people, unless it serves their interests. The only way to have an effective action on this issue is, again, to hit them in their wallet. If we boycott air transportation, like the black people boycotted the buses in the Rosa Parks incident, then they will have no choice but to change their politics. You don’t like what you see in the airports? Vote with your money. Take the bus or the car. Rise up America and resist against the Fascist/Communist Police State.

  6. I will likely be taking a trip across the country in a few months and will join in the decision not to fly.

  7. Black Order says:

    @Christian Royal

    CR – ” Those in power these days don’t listen to the people, unless it serves their interests. ”

    BO – Other than your vote to give it legitimacy, it’s not about the people. Representative government is a fallacy, an impossibility, as you cannot simultaneously represent the interest of everyone.

    Government serves itself, and it is in it’s best interest to grow.


    Government = Law = Enforcement = Coercion = Violence

    Government makes laws that are enforced through coercive means that ultimately end with violence.

    Government is inherently violent. It cannot exist without a monopoly on the use of violence against the non-violent to enFORCE it’s edicts. It is therefore immoral and evil in nature.

    It grows and demands more. You support it, or else.

    By voting, you only help to support and legitimize a corrupt system that uses force to steal from and control you.

    You vote, or you don’t. – Government does what it wants. – You pay for it, you comply, or else.

    CR – ” If we boycott air transportation, like the black people boycotted the buses in the Rosa Parks incident, then they will have no choice but to change their politics. You don’t like what you see in the airports? Vote with your money. Take the bus or the car. ”

    BO – I agree that boycott is a powerful tool, but the TSA is a government agency providing security to the private sector.

    The TSA isn’t just going to stop. It’s government. It says you will pay for being groped at the airport. You pay, you comply, or else.

    The airlines are being forced to comply too. They aren’t the problem.

    All a boycott of the airlines will accomplish is their bankruptcy and more bailouts. The people will just end up footing the bill via taxes.

    CR – ” If we don’t rise up against these barbaric measures, we are pretty much doomed at this point. ”

    – ” Rise up America and resist against the Fascist/Communist Police State. ”

    BO – They don’t care what we want. We’re already doomed…”rising up” is pointless.

    I would suggest doing nothing.

    If anything, disengage from the system. Learn to live independent of government. Do not give it legitimacy by supporting it.

    Take responsibility for yourself, family, friends, etc. Respect the right of others to live freely. Engage and contribute within your local community.

    Teach future generations the same as everything is trans-generational.

    Youth is King

    Learning is Fun

    Teaching is a Reward

    Knowledge is Power

    Truth is Freedom

    Order out of Chaos

    Have a nice day,

    Black Order

  8. The issue is how much fascism will the people take and do nothing? The fascists were fought in Spain and resistance is possible. The previous tactic was to distract the people with pop culture, sports, and consumerism. Those distractions are less and less available as credit… the money to pay for it all, has been cut off. Any wealth that people thought they had… in their homes… is gone.

    More and more people are facing the fact that they have… nothing… not even a hope of getting out of the hole they are in. People can become despondent and do nothing. Or they can react and act out in all sorts of ways including organized resistance and random violence. Some will seek escape, others will try to go off the grid and try to live without the need of government. But that won’t work for most people… especially with children. So expect some sort of noise and push back.

    I haven’t flown since they started with taking the shoes off. I won’t. I also may change dentists since to see mine I have to go through “security” as Rockefeller Center in NYC. I see the fascists storm troopers all over the place now… in Grand Central Station… in “drills” of scores of police cars racing to some location sirens blaring. Coming soon is forced RFID implants and monitoring of your every move.

    Let’s see how much heat the people can take. They are turning it up more and more these days. Change we can believe it!

  9. Following the money of the TSA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U9ifpzKAms

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