The “Exceptionally “Redacted 9/11 Commission Interview

Newly Released 9/11 Commission Files at Cryptome.Org

911commLast week John Young’s information site Cryptome.Org began publishing documents related to the interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission which were released for the first time. On January 3, Cryptome posted the 9/11 Commission’s report on my interview (the infamous Sibel Edmonds Case), and aptly titled this particular file as “Sibel Edmonds Censored Yet Again.” Once you read the PDF document you’ll quickly see the reason for Cryptome’s appropriate label. The entire report, by that I mean the entire report, is blacked out (actually, whited-out;-). It took me less than one minute to scan the entire document; basically, scrolling down the white pages-one white page after another. Initially, I was not a bit surprised. Hey, I’ve been declared the most gagged and classified person in US history, after all- State Secrets Privilege invocation twice, gagging the entire Congress for the first (and only) time in US history, hundreds of pages of blacked out DOJ-IG report… So, as I said, I didn’t find it a bit surprising.  However, after the minute it took to go over these blank pages, I started clicking and scanning all the other files (interviews by the 9/11 Commission), and that’s where I was truly surprised:

Despite some redactions here and there, and in a few cases fairly extensive redaction, there were no interviews where the entire interview (and the report on the interview) was blacked out in its entirety. Mine was the only one privileged and honored to such degree! Why? I mean, come on, we are talking about interviews with: FBI Special Agent in Charge on Counterterrorism, CIA Officers with Directorate of Intelligence with a Specific Focus on Drugs & Thugs, The Chairman of National Intelligence Council, NSA Chief of Counterintelligence & SIGNIT Support, Senior CIA Analysts…Yet, none of these interviews was redacted in its entirety. None. Please be my guest and make your own comparison; My 9/11 Commission interview document here, and the rest, here, here, here, here, here…You can check out the rest published by Cryptome here, and if you want more here for thousands of them.

I e-mailed Mr. Young to get his opinion and ask whether he had noticed the same interesting phenomena. He confirmed my observation and we shared the exact same conclusion: This particular interview was ‘exceptionally’ redacted.

secretNext, I started all over again, and this time I checked for the location of these interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission. Why? Because after checking with the DOJ/FBI/State Department/DOD, the 9/11 Commissioners insisted that my interview to be conducted in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). I was stuck inside one of these almost airless highly claustrophobic dungeons for over three hours for my interview. I was told by the commission staff that this was due to the ‘extreme secret and sensitive nature of Ms. Edmonds’ information.’ Yet, none of the high-level counterterrorism officials, CIA operatives and agents, senior analysts…(at least all the ones I’ve scanned so far) were required to give their interviews inside a SCIF, or even a cleared room (they have specialists come and declare the room/facility clear & free of bugs). When you go to my interview document (here), look at the top of the page, find ‘location’ and see what it says. For mine it says: GSA SCIF. Now, if you were to go to all the other documents and check the interviewees’ location for the  interview, you’ll see No SCIF, and locations like: Commission’s K Street Office (regular meeting room), or, regular offices or meeting rooms within various government agencies & HQs.

Another interesting point that came to me later had to do with the length of the Commission’s redacted interview with me. I know I was in there for over three hours, and at the top of the report they actually confirm that. I know I didn’t waste time talking about the employment and whistle blowing aspects of my case, instead I asked them to get that info from the IG or various congressional offices. I spent over three hours talking, answering questions, and writing for the 9/11 Commission investigators, with no break, no interruptions, and not even a pause for side conversations. I have transcribed interviews, I have typed many pages of phone/recorded conversations at the FBI while a translator,  I have prepared many reports based on interviews, and I know that there is no way in this world you can transcribe or report on three hours of nonstop interview, especially mine, in less than 10-12 pages (single spaced!). Yet, the total number of redacted pages released by the 9/11 Commission totals about 5 pages. What else did they do with my interview besides redacting? This is what I call ‘sending it to a never-to-be retrieved Black Hole.’

I wonder what the US media has to say on this; especially the ones who’ve done their share of censoring and redacting on this particular case. Any ideas?

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  1. I doubt that the US media will really be aware of this at all, and if they happen to be made aware, they will just look the other way, as they often do. Today’s journalism is nothing short of sensationalism akin to the National Enquirer, and it’s only those of us who read blogs like yours who want to hear the truth. I believe there are a lot of people who know our government is corrupt, but would rather watch Snooki, or Real Housewife’s or other crap like that.

  2. I hadn’t really thought about this very much, but it is interesting. I guess what this tells us is that there were no other people in a position to have anything they said published who knew about us working with bin Laden (which really might have been embarrassing immediately post 911), or about the guns, drugs, nuclear tech, etc.- no other people that is, who knew and were willing to talk about it. So which other people who testified in these reports were in a position to know some of those things, or anything else embarrassing you know of. That would be interesting to know.

  3. Jeez,
    with all this leaking these days why cant someone conveniently leak your true report to these jokers?
    Cant you send that to cryptome?
    I promise I wont tell 😉

  4. Bill Bergman says:

    Well, regarding what ‘the US media has to say about this,’ it is 9:58 Central Time, and the only hit on Google News is your actual post as included on Veterans Today Network.

  5. I love the Boiling Frogs analogy, Sibel! 🙂 I’ve used it myself on my Blog.

    So here we are, sitting in the HOT TUB, and the temperature is rising!

    We “911 Truth Seekers” MUST combine our voices and start singing from the same “hymn sheet”, so-to-speak – in unison and in harmony. You know, a real frog concert! 😉

    I admire your courage in the face of the enemy!

    Truth will persevere in the end. 🙂 Hopefully, BEFORE THEY take us out of the pot and have our legs for lunch. 😮

  6. theepitbull says:


    Effectively, it hides more of the truth.

    Speaking of truth have you seen/listen to this audo proving foreknowledge?

    I did a post on it here:

    Also, you can view my data-set research here:

    Love “Light” and Energy


  7. My humble opinion that explains the “exceptional” treatment given to Sibel, the reason all the higher echelons of “top secret” agencies were not handled in SCIFs while the lowest of the low–FBI’s temporarily hired translator–gets treated as if the nation’s security hangs in the balance is absolutely remarkable on its face. But the exceptional treatment simply revolves around the differences in the level of trust and control over the interviewee. All of the alphabet soup agency mid-level managers and honchos, most of whom have invested at least a decade of, if not their entire lives, and at least some of which were privy to interesting and possibly embarrassing info about pre 9-11 intelligence and operations, COULD BE TRUSTED not to reveal it without authorization from the top.

    The norm and standard operating procedure is for every single word testified to, for example in a congressional committee meeting (let alone by a so-called outside fact-finder) by any agency honcho or hack, for example, to be proof-read up and down a chain of command several times and then carefully pre-authorized. Such is the level of information control. Just so no inadvertent admissions or sloppy terms escape into the public realm. That is the essence of bureaucracy and the information control process in the bureaucracies.

    There’s hardly ever a problem with this system unless an ostensible “truth-finding” effort is underway. Normally all the honchos are well aware of how to mind their “p’s” and “q’s” without even being told. The system relies on carrot and stick careerism and a form of insider loyalty and trust. Like I said, no rifts in this system hardly ever happen unless somebody way down on the totem pole is naive enough to believe in the truth, that the truth matters, and then one sees the great efforts begin to control that potential problem. More times than not, the official efforts turn to control-freakish overkill.

    Agency Minders (usually lawyers from an agency’s General Counsel’s Office but sometimes even higher level) will not necessarily sit in to control interviews of the head honchos but will sit in to prompt the head honchos as to what they are supposed to say. The agency minders that sit in on lower level employees’ interviews, let’s say in a Waco Hearing, are there to ensure that employee sticks to the narrow script. Lawyering, by the way, is 90% information control in any context.

  8. PS Unless we learn to croak together, we will all croak separately. 😮

  9. Weren’t there at least two FBI agents that leaked info to the New York Times that corroborated your story Sibel and the NYT never printed it? I think that answers your question on what the media thinks.

    Very informative comment Ms. Rowley.

  10. Bill Bergman says:

    Ribbitt, Ribbitt

  11. Bill has the right idea – but a little more erudition would help. 😉 See my lethal combination of Sugar Ray-like comments on Sibel’s article, posted on Gordie’s “Veterans Today” Blog, for how to combine our croaking into a Zionist-Matrix-Shattering chorus. 😮


    The lethal combination of punches can be found on Gordie’s “Monsters in our Midst” post.

  13. PS Actually, the headline is: “MONSTERS AMONG US (Videos)”. Gordie is not kidding or being figurative when he uses the word ‘MONSTERS’. 😮

  14. Thank you Coleen Rowley. What a breath of fresh air.

    telling the truth gets the redact.

  15. “Lawyering, by the way, is 90% information control in any context.”

    Thanks Colleen, for reminding me why I am so glad that I did not listen to my mother and go to law school!

  16. Actually, I bet Willie Rodreiguez and Barry Jennings testimonies were more heavily redacted than yours Sibel., if they can be found at all.
    for the record. It is now very well known the commission report was a cover-up. Forced into being by citizen advocacy[Kissinger was first choice commissioner],controlled by
    bush insider zelikow abetted by Hamilton, and Lee – old time controllers- A document rich in omission – building 7, Mineta testimony,Able Danger… any eyewitness testimony of explosions or molten metal running like a foundry in the pile, or questions exploring the vaporized steel and sulphidization of steel found by FEMA., or questions about the indecent speed of evidence removal. A report based largely on the torture evidence extracted from one man, KSM reportedly waterboarded over 100 times. And to a lesser extent, Abu Zubaydah, the administration later recanting its claims on his’high-value’importance, undercutting the commission report. The release of the memo complaining of administration ‘minders”controlling evidence gathering and questions allowed to be asked. The refusal to ‘follow the money’. Or buzzy krongaard and the puts/pulls…. The Israeli ‘art students’ arrested high-fiving and cheering as the towers exploded before them, later recorded on Jerusalem tv after quickly being released from custody saying they were ‘there to record the event’. The Commission never asked them “recording the event?? who for?

    That a document so flawed could still stand in MSM land, drags us into the muck of corrupt practice and servile justice at the deepest levels, a true ‘crippled epistemology’ signaling terrible times. Dark times.

  17. Bill Bergman says:

    Well, no change in MSM status via Google News as of 7:35 CST. For this sample of other reasons they should be reporting in Sibel’s case, and others, are they scared of legal consequences?

  18. Our government is CORRUPT, many of our top leaders are criminals that need to charged and tried in criminal courts. It will take a dozen Julian Assange’s to clean out this SWAMP. The SWAMP is bi-partisan. Truly above politics.
    I’m aware of Michael Ruppert’s version of 9 11 by a Canadian publisher in 2004. Sure would like to read Sibel’s version. My bet is that if the real 9 11 truth were known, the people would be so shocked and appalled that it might spark an actual revolution. The government believes this too: thus, the deep cover up.
    Bin Ladin will never be caught and tried because: 1) He is a CIA asset. 2) He is too well connected to the Saudi royals, who could bring this nation to its knees financially in hours if they so chose. al-Qaida was deeply penetrated by all our intelligence agencies prior to 9 11. The feds new in detail what would happen and when.
    Between $500 to $700 billion of illegal drug money is being laundered, happily by our banking system annually. (Money makes its own rules both on-shore and off-shore.) Nobody wants to face the facts that we are now stymied in Afghanistan so that the poppy fields can keep producing. The CIA then continues its major business: wholesale drug distribution exchanged for weapons worldwide. The activity is off budget, so congress can more easily deny reality.
    Organized private crime will never be able to match the phenomena of organized governmental crime. I have no proof, but this is my belief. This scenario is deeply disturbing to me. No one wants to believe it.

  19. Bill Bergman says:

    One interesting feature of the PDF document linked at the top of this post, which is a memo dated February 11, 2004 and includes some interesting things before the redaction, was the statement that the OIG audit staff review of the translator division ‘may be finished in June 2004.’ Wikipedia includes the following on the 9/11 Commission (including a name that Sibel has mentioned before). ‘The commission was established on November 27, 2002 (442 days after the attack) and their final report was issued on July 22, 2004. The report was originally scheduled for release on May 27, 2004, but a compromise agreed to by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert allowed a sixty-day extension through July 26.’

  20. Sibel, have you noticed The Cohen Group? Its CEO is William Cohen, who was Sec of Defense for Clinton and who also led the 1997 QDR which reduced the number of active fighters protecting the US from 100 to 14. The vice chairman is Marc Grossman.

    Are there any others here that jump out at you?

  21. Cohen and Grossman have a familiar ‘ring’ to them – like Silverstein, Krauthammer, Greenspan, Hellerstein, Zakheim, Kristol, Fleischman, Chertoff, Madoff, Blankfein, Bernanke, Geithner, Perle, Abramovitz, Piper, Saban, Lieberman, Axelrod, Emanuel, Kagan, Kissinger, etc., etc., etc.! Why do they remind me of French Chefs – who boil frogs? 😮

  22. Sibel how odd. This is the Commissions Mission STATEment.

    About the Commission
    The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional legislation and the signature of President George W. Bush in late 2002, is chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. The Commission is also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks

    STATES right there, is chartered to prepare a full and complete account.

    You know I’m being sarcastic. The Report is a farce. Complete Account to who?

    YES, I CAN feel the water boiling.

  23. You don’t expect this coup d’etat to be held accountable to anything that resembles justice? The coup controls the government and its media propaganda outlets. The coup is not the US government.. that has been made their policy tool, the media for distraction and dumbing and numbing the public.

    The coup is right there getting their operatives into key government positions, intel, military and so forth.


  24. BULLSEYE, SanderO!

    Let’s not get used to it, though! Let’s RESIST!

    “RESIST the Devil – and he will flee from you.”

    “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.”

    America (as we knew it) is worth fighting for – and worth dying for, if need be.

    “Live free – or die” (New Hampshire)

  25. theepitbull says:


    I just updated/combined my data-set research files and can be downloaded here:

    Hope it helps?

    Love “Light” and Energy


  26. If only there was some sort of organization that such information could be safely leaked to.


  27. Cryptome is a REAL leaker site unlike wikileaks, Cryptome gave us the niger forgeries and that Suter was on the FBI’s 911 suspect list.

  28. Hi Sibel,

    Based on what you posted, nothing’s going to happen for several reasons.

    Nothing personal, but we all know that the corporate MSM thrives on a “story with legs”. What’s the angle to exploit? For a while your story got some airplay. But with the majority of the public having a ultrashort attention span, frankly many either don’t know your name, don’t care or both.

    Another problem with 9/11 is that almost no one will go near it because they don’t want to be labelled a “conspiracy person” (which is a nice way of saying a 9/11 nutcase). Do you see any major progressive person or group (other than the 9/11 families) being taken seriously on this? I don’t. In the MSM, RT is the only real exception to this. Then again, a lot of their commentators are pretty fringe to begin with. Wayne Madsen doesn’t help himself by taking cheap shots at Wikileaks (“it’s a CIA front”) with no actual proof.

    A lot of the 9/11 “experts” who say it’s a inside job are frankly hurting themselves. Instead of actually working together for a common good, it’s the old thing of battling egos. Every time I see, read or listen to these people talking it’s always someone trying to cut someone else down to size. It’s like the only important thing is defending your turf (book and DVD sales, lecture fees and more). If an “expert” is on a progressive program and you do some research and catch a major error in what they’re saying, the host of said program won’t question them on points like that. That’s happened to me several times. Why won’t they question them? Is it because competition for guests is so fierce that nobody dares to piss any of these people off? Is it because they’re just too lazy to do their homework? I don’t know.

    The govt. can get away with this because they’re counting on the public’s mass apathy. Wikileaks puts out lots of evidence. You put out lots of evidence in your case. The neocons now want to literally destroy Obama and every trace of his programs. Millions know that without any type of universal health care, people will continue to die. Yet, despite all of this staring them in the face, nobody will do anything. Nobody can be bothered to actually do thankless activism. Only the unemployed and students can do that. I have to make a living and so on.

    If you tried to get some interviews to talk about this, who would put you on (other than Democracy Now)? If you and Amy Goodman weren’t friends (I’m assuming that you are, based on previous posts?), I’d be surprised if she did. The reason she won’t do more 9/11 interviews is because her business comes first. The last thing she needs to be labelled as “the 9/11 anchor”.

    Unfortunately, it’s the corporate MSM vs. every person for themselves on the progressive side. So I don’t know what else to tell you.

  29. Here’s another point to consider.

    With everything that’s going on right now, if there was concrete proof that 9/11 WAS an inside job, would anybody do anything about it? Armchair quaterbacking on this is one thing. Ringing up your favorite progressive talk show or posting comments can help you blow off steam. But long term, it really doesn’t solve the problem.

    Again, if there was proof that it was an inside job, would anybody do anything about it? That’s not just being burned out and cynical. That’s a legitimate question. I’m not sure anybody would.

  30. yoshi

    It is an astute observation that the ‘911 Truth’ movement is highly fragmented and ineffective, DESPITE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE (including circumstantial) that ISRAEL (Mossad) DID 911, with the help of Israeli/Americans (katsas and sayanim) – and has gotten NOWHERE. Why?

    Zionists have probably infiltrated EVERY ‘911 Truth’ organization and they FUND all of them.

    How do we know?

    The OBVIOUS way to mount IRRESISTIBLE PRESSURE on the 911 culprits would be to launch a GLOBAL WEB-BASED PETITION to Re-Investigate 911. With everyone with access to a PC able to make their voice ‘heard’, there would soon be tens or hundreds of MILLIONS of “signatures” on such a petition. The fact that NOBODY has done this, indicates that such an effort is being SCUTTLED FROM WITHIN, as soon as the idea is proposed with the ‘911 Truth’ movement.

    The Zionist Slimeballs and Shills are EVERYWHERE – including the ‘911 Truth’ organizations!

    The ‘911 Truth’ movement desperately needs a big-name WHISTLE-BLOWER with “balls” – like Sibel or Mordechai Vanunu or Benjamin Freedman! 😉

  31. Maybe we can “rendition” Rummy or Bush-it or ‘GFY’ Cheney – and have them waterboarded and CONFESS?

  32. Or, we could offer the first 3 Zionist Slimeballs who ‘spill the beans’ about 911 AMNESTY – when we HANG the rest of them? 😉

  33. Or, we could ‘sic’ Monica on Bibi – until he throws in the towel and fesses up! 😮

  34. It’s really a pleasure to be here among such intelligent people. In my view the original “coup” was the Kennedy assassination. Gangsters have been running the government under the cover of “national security” ever since, but the thuggery has become progressively more overt. The single thread running through the whole history of the last fifty years is the story of the Bush crime family, in particular the amazing career of George H.W. Bush, as related by Russ Baker in his book “Family of Secrets” and by Webster Tarpley in “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush”. The culmination of that career, I believe, was 9/11. Poppy got his somewhat moronic son nominated and into office, and with Cheney running the White House and Rumsfeld running the Pentagon, everything was in place for the big event. The Bushes are part of a wider international criminal network and represent financial interests that profit from war or the control of energy resources – the Carlyle Group, Adnan Kashoggi, Halliburton, etc.

    To yoshi,

    There IS utterly concrete, scientific proof sufficient to convict beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law that three World Trade Center buildings were demolished with explosives. This has already been proved by highly qualified scientists, architects and engineers. Please visit where first class scientists (such as chemist Kevin Ryan who wrote one of the comments above) present the evidence. Would anybody do anything about it? Well, Kevin has dedicated his life to it since being fired from UL for asking questions, and he has done a hell of a lot. It looks like we need some mass protests in order to force this into the courts. We absolutely do need a revolution to throw off this tyranny. I don’t mean a violent revolution. Our tactics must be non-violent. It must be a revolution of political enlightenment. I think that now is the time for a 9/11 truth candidate for president in 2012, someone that we can all get behind and use as a vehicle to educate the public. The first name that springs to mind is Jesse Ventura. I don’t know how you feel about his show “Conspiracy Theory”. Personally I’m a big fan. After all, he has been a governor. He appears to be a straight shooter with guts.


    I am of course dying to know exactly what you did say in that 9/11 interview that got redacted. I wonder what would happen if you tried submitting it to Wikileaks?

  35. We should consult the Mossad ‘Guidebook’ on how to get a CONFESSION! 🙂

  36. “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    There will be (more) blood! (There already has been a lot of blood!)

    Like Harold Wallace Rosenthal said (“The hidden Tyranny”): THEY only understand FORCE!

  37. Or, someone ‘in the know’ about 911 could leak incriminating documents to CRYPTOME – and they would immediately go VIRAL! 🙂

  38. How about a ‘cable’ between Bibi and ‘Lucky’ (PULL IT) Larry? Maybe between ‘Rabbi’ Zakheim and Bibi? Or Rudy and Larry?

    Of course, maybe the best way to ‘settle’ the 911 ‘case’ would be to drag it into Alvin Hellerstein’s ‘Court’?! 😮

  39. Maybe we could convince ‘Rabbi’ Zakheim to ‘find religion’ – and turn over a few hundred million of the 2.3Trillion he ‘lost’ while at the Pentagon – to fund the GLOBAL PETITION to Re-Investigate 911??? 😮

  40. Let’s approach Zuckerman! Let’s face it – he’s got PLENTY of Loose Change! 😉

  41. @tonywhicher – good to mention Mr. Ryan’s dedication.

    @sibel – Kevin Ryan would be an excellent guest for your show. He has a whistleblowing story related to 9/11 and NIST/UL to tell.

  42. SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Everybody be quiet……we’re not suppose to talk about this. It’s not allowed anymore. We’re all being watched and monitored. Hide all your blogs. Erase your hard drives. Disconnect from the internet. Smash your cell phones. And if your out in public and you see any public officials, just sit down and shut up!


  43. @GodSend

    Are you talking about the 2.3 trillion that Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon misplaced and lost and had no idea where it went in a press conference at the Pentagon the day before it was hit?

    And then somehow miraculously the section of the Pentagon that got hit was the section that held all the financial records for that mysteriously missing 2.3 trillion.

    Or is there another 2.3 trillion missing?

  44. Hi Sibel,

    I doubt french media will ever cover your story at this stage, but we keep translating your articles on our Web site http;//
    We’ll keep you in touch in case something moves…


  45. rtjwilde

    Yup – those very same 2.3Trillion – although I hear that the amount actually missing is more like 3.3Trillion. 😮 I guess it’s just serendipity that the ‘plane’ crashed into the Pentagon and destroyed all those records – the same serendipity that caused all those ’embarrassing’ records in WTC#7 to go up (or DOWN) in 6.5 seconds flat without being hit by anything! 😮 Wonders never cease in Orwell’s world of Zionism and “Lucky” Larrys. Whistle-blowers should be so lucky! 😉

  46. Covenient time to come out of the woodwork, Mr. UFO, Jew-Baiting, No Planer Puke. May ‘god’ send you elsewhere.

  47. ZicaTanka

    Relax! My visits in cyberspace are usually short. I have a lot of ‘ground’ to cover – and not much time, either! I just left “Veterans Today”, after a short but memorable visit. I plant seeds of Truth in people’s minds – and then move on to the next ‘field’ 😮

  48. PS I’ve been doing it for 14 years (“Sons of Light”) and the seeds of Truth have been planted in at least a million minds, scattered through at least 100 countries! 🙂

  49. So, remember, ZicaTanka, “You shall know the Truth – and the Truth will make you FREE!” Like it or not! 😮

  50. I think it is very telling that the 911 commission had her testimony taken in a SCIF facility where as no one else had to and that they classified all of it. She may as well have been talking to a wall, because they were not going to share any of her information. They just wanted to know what she knew.

    I can tell you what she knew. She heard Grossman being told by targets of the the FBI to get 911 suspects out of the country before the beans were spilled on all of it. And that’s what he did, he had Israelis removed. And the ones who were already caught and arrested were also released by Chertoff. She also translated discussion from Perle and Fieth discussing with the Turk negotiations about air space to attack Iraq, long before the Iraq war.

    Watch the film “war by deception 2011” it gets into the nuclear secrets trades and all of it in great detail, not just from Sibel but from other leakers as well.

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