Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post: Year Two

We Need Your Support to Continue & Expand: Countdown Week 1

sibelIn October 2009 I launched Boiling Frogs Post  with one purpose in mind: To establish a venue for investigative articles, editorials, analyses, discussions, and interviews on issues largely censored by the media. We are entering our second year, and we need your support to continue and expand this forum.

Boiling Frogs Post is solely dependent on its readers (That’s You), and has no ties to any institution, foundation, political party, organization or corporation. This is the only model I see fit to be called an independent news and views venue, untainted by external pressures, special interests or partisan flavoring.

The articles and analyses presented to you here are original and nonpartisan, not agenda scripts or special recipes to pump a particular propaganda, or to serve a particular interest. In the past year we have accomplished and delivered many of our objectives set prior to the launching of this site despite very limited resources.

Whether it is going after hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy practices, the ever revolving doors of foreign lobbies, or our stomped upon and continuously assaulted civil liberties, our  work transcends the webs put in place by partisanship and special interests and agendas. Here are a few examples of our work:

Our weekly commercial-free Podcast Show hosts the voices of noteworthy guests on topics long-muffled and quashed by the mainstream media and their minions on lower levels posing as alternatives. The Boiling Frogs Show has been able to present you 38 distinguished experts, analysts and whistleblowers from the fields of journalism, intelligence, grassroots activism, and academia. Here is a list of select interviews:

Our award-winning editorial cartoonist, Paul Jamiol, has regularly presented his brilliant illustrations on topics ranging from police state practices to our hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy. You can check out some of his latest work here, here, here, and here.

I believe during this last year we have established a solid track record with what we have accomplished, and a view of what can be accomplished given your support. This site will continue and expand only with your direct support. I am asking every one of you to consider yourself the one who can make this possible, that without your active support this real alternative site will not continue to exist, and that without your help those who consider truly independent channels like this ‘impossible to survive and flourish’ will be proven right, and with that we will all lose. So please do your share, and contribute whatever you can now.

Our countdown to receive your support and donations for Boiling Frogs Post Year Two begins today. No donation is either too small or too large. Please donate what you can to keep this home of the irate minority alive, and thank you for all you do.

Sibel Edmonds

Founder & Publisher, Boiling Frogs Post

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. The Truth is Out There says:

    Your site & efforts definitely deserve my financial support. I have to get my finances under control, without employment now, but I will contribute something in the next couple of months.

    Many, many, thanks for your interesting articles & subjects, and I believe you have a site that can “take-off” & do well as more people will come to the net for REAL news reporting. I’ve given-up on cable news or the major networks, as these are the fascist’s brainwashing apparatus of our Police State Military Industrial Wall Street Offshore Bankster Evils & Insanities. I will never trust the media elites of DC or NYC.

    I think you should consider getting some exposure on some online broadcasts such as Coast to Coast AM or even Alex Jones. Try to grow your audience by posting at Huffington or Infowars or doing radio interviews to drive more traffic to your site.

    Don’t give-up & walk away… you have a timeless story to tell about the most historic defining moment in our lifetimes… 911.

    The criminal DC & NYC financial/media elites must be hounded forever until we drive them out of their political matrix of domination & control.

    Evil & indifference/passivity is real & must be fought forever & continuously… It is the human condition until we evolve beyond our dark sides.

    The net can revolutionize & organize us in ways we cannot yet imagine… Keep the faith & keep the fight…

    Wishing you the best in your relocation & new hometown.

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