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I want to thank those of you who have contributed to Boiling Frogs Post during our first week campaign. Thank You!

Next, I want to briefly respond to a common inquiry I’ve received from more than a few readers asking me for a little clarification on my ‘strong’ position against funding through foundations/organizations. It is hard to briefly explain my position, based on both personal experience and experiences of others whom I know, yet do it justice. So, here is one of my experiences that may give you a better understanding of where I come from when I say ‘I would rather cease operating this site than receive operational funding from agenda-driven foundations-organizations’:

In late 2004 I started National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). Initially, when I set up the organization as a 501 (C ) ( 3 ), I thought I would do what all other NGOs (aka government watchdog organizations) do: go raise funds via foundations-organizations that are active and interested in this particular area, but do it selectively and make sure I was not going to sell my soul for $$$. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t think of it as impossible. I am sure many NGOs that start genuinely idealistic make the same self-pledge.

Anyway, I started forming a select group of interested-possible donors as I made my rounds and raised awareness in the foundations-organizations circuit. One nice foundation Lady (who considers herself a friend of mine; to date) was truly interested and pledged $50K support. About a week before the due date for this $50K, I added a new national security member to NSWBC. Every month I would investigate and interview whistleblower candidates, check out the veracity of their cases, accept him or her as a member, add them to the website and circulate the announcement. By this time I had around 45 or so whistleblower members.

Well, this new member, whose background and credibility had checked out just fine, had blown the whistle (or started blowing the whistle) during the Clinton administration, and his DEA –DOJ related case implicated the Clinton administration. Just a couple of days after I added and announced the addition of this new member I received a call from my Foundation Lady friend. This is how the conversation went after the initial niceties:

F.L. (Foundation Lady): I see you have added a new member. I received your announcement e-mail.

Me: Right. He is solid, credible, and had an amazing case that is still pending.

F.L.: But he blew the whistle on the Clinton-Gore administration…

Me: Right. So?

F.L.: Oh nothing, just…well, do you think it is wise to have a whistleblower who blew the whistle during the previous admin, Clinton?

Me: What do you mean? We are nonpartisan, so why should it matter?

F.L: Well, with so many cases of horrible wrongdoings by the Bush-Cheney administration, with so much to fight against the present administration…it seems futile and self-defeating to take attention away from Bush-Cheney and go after cases against the previous administration…

Me: I don’t think so. Not at all. He had a very important legitimate case, he did the right thing and blew the whistle, they covered it up, are still covering it up, and he was retaliated against, and is still being quashed…

F.L.: I know. I know. I am not saying he doesn’t have a legitimate case… It is just that we are now fighting against these awful Republicans and the Bush-Cheney cabal, and it takes away from your organization’s effectiveness and credibility to have a whistleblower member who went against the democrats and Clinton…

Me: Well, I happen to disagree. I don’t select whistleblower members and causes based on administration or party.

F.L.: I think you should take this guy out of the members’ list; at least for now. Having him on board would upset many potential supporters and your friends. You know, those of us who care about your cause, and you want this administration gone…

Me: Let’s talk straight. Are you telling me you and others who pledged support will withdraw their pledge if I have a Clinton-Democrat era whistleblower?

F.L.: I am not saying that, but I am asking you to be a bit more tactful and diplomatic. Why would you cut your funding channel for one guy? Getting him off the list won’t hurt anyone. It won’t damage your cause…

Me: I think it does. Contributing to NSWBC as foundation donors doesn’t come with management and decision-making entitlement. At least not as far as NSWBC is concerned,

F.L.: Then I think you won’t be getting funds from any foundations.

Me: I guess not. I’d rather shut down my organization than make it a tool for partisanship, agenda and interests…

To make this long story short, this was one of many similar experiences we, the NSWBC, went through. In the end we decided: screw this whole foundation-organization fundraising game; we don’t want even a penny from these people. We functioned as a grassroots entity, and we were glad we did.

Since then, after launching Boiling Frogs Post, I’ve had other similar interesting experiences; Entities tangling carrots with major ‘ifs & buts’ attached. As I said before, Boiling Frogs Post will be solely dependent on its readers (That’s You), with no ties to any institution, foundation, political party, organization or corporation. This is the only model I see fit to be called an independent news and views venue, untainted by external pressures, special interests or partisan flavoring.

Here is what James Bamford had to say about Boiling Frogs Post:

BamfordMy congratulations to Sibel Edmonds on the launch of “Boiling Frogs”!  At a time when most mainstream news organizations are constantly following the beat of the same few drummers, there is a critical need for independent, alternative, and new media to expand the boundaries of thought.  For nearly a decade, Sibel has fought against excessive government secrecy, built up an organization of more than one hundred national security whistleblowers, and exposed government attempts to cover-up abuses.

Now with BOILINGFROGSPOST.COM, Sibel is taking the next step and establishing a beautifully designed website to give voice to these ideas, opinions, and viewpoints that are largely missing from the narrow stream of daily journalism. It is an appropriate metaphor.  Like frogs slowly boiling as the water temperature gradually increases, many Americans have slowly grown to accept as normal increasing governmental abuse, from torture to warrantless wiretapping to wars based on lies. 

Supporting Boiling Frogs is an important way to wake up the American public before the water gets too hot to climb out of the pot.

James Bamford

James Bamford is one of the country’s leading writers on intelligence and national security issues. His books includeThe Puzzle Palace,” “Body of Secrets,” “A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq and the Abuse of America’s Intelligence Agencies,” and most recently “ The Shadow Factory”. Mr. Bamford coproduced NOVA’s “The Spy Factory”, which was based on his latest book. He has written for many magazines, including investigative cover stories for The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine and The Los Angeles Times Magazine, and is a contributing writer for Rolling Stone. His 2005 Rolling Stone article “The Man Who Sold the War” won a National Magazine Award for reporting. He also spent a decade as the Washington investigative producer for the ABC News program, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, and taught at the University of California, Berkeley, as a distinguished visiting professor.

We are now at the second week of our annual fundraising campaign, and depend on you to continue this forum for the irate and vigilant minority. This site will continue and expand ONLY with YOUR direct support.

This project is solely dependent on your donations. Your contributions will allow us to:

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We need your support to make this project a reality. Please contribute what you can below and many thanks for all you do. 


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  1. Your sentiments on large not-for-profit organizations is noted. Part of the problem with these foundations is that only the richest can afford to donate sizable amounts to them, and so the interests of the wealthiest is that which tends to be represented by them.

    However, a simple alteration of the 1040 tax form would change all of this. Simply move line 40, Itemized Deductions (which includes your donations to not-for-profits), to follow present line 76 (Amount you owe), and the result would be that, instead of subtracting donations from your gross income, you subtract from what you owe to the IRS. So if you have over the course of the year donated an amount greater than or equal to what you owe to not-for-profit organizations, you end up owing the federal government nothing. And, instead of having corruptible
    representatives decide how the public revenue gets spent, each and every tax-payer gets to decide. And, as tax-payers of all income levels are thus encouraged to donate sizable portions of their incomes to these organizations, they will be more likely to advance – and more answerable to advancing – the public interest.

  2. Sibel, Thank you for informative news. I have just finished ‘Monsoon’ by Mark D. Kaplan. Interesting how geopolitics works. These Global Elite are not by nature computer literate and that must now be an influence to be reckoned with. I was reading on the history of cypherpunks and there was big money and great intelligence mingled with idealism. Anyway could you devote enough time to learn TOR and teach how to transfer your knowledge to those who desire to use a more secure site?
    RE: Cypherpunks and Assange – Its founders were Eric Hughes, a brilliant Berkeley mathematician; Timothy C. May, an already wealthy former chief scientist at Intel who had retired at the age of 34; and John Gilmore, another already retired and wealthy computer scientist – once number five at Sun Microsystems – who had co-founded an organization to advance the cause of cyberspace freedom, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  3. Thanks for your explanation Sibel. I totally agree with your viewpoint.

  4. I like RoRo’s concept of placing your taxes toward causes of projects which represent your interests. If only we could do that with our taxes… designate to what sector our taxes were spent. I’m sure the MIC spending would be shrunk quite small.

    Anyway… Sibel, the account of foundation funding is telling but completely predictable. Big money likes to promote their agenda… and this is part of the pay for play system we have in this country. Money talks, money is free speech and it is used to promote special interests.

    This is not only true in politics, but in the arts, education grants, endowments for other institutions… Money talks and it is money which is courted and which then corrupts all of these institutions.

    There is no such thing as funding with no strings attached.

    Your agenda is a political and based on rights and principles as it should be. Many left of center from the middle to the extreme are now seeing how the democrats who supposedly supported things like no torture are seeing the Obama administration extend the Bush torture policies.. and for the same aim… forced confessions which likely are not true… for political expediency. Obama has proven by his acts and his words to be an ideological twin of the GWB. There’s no difference. We don’t know whether he was a deceitful person who lied to the voters, or an opportunist who deceived them, or a victim who has been threatened by powers who are able to control him… but the result is he is acting like a fascist… trashing the constitution left and right.

    There are many causes which need money to operate and I would love to help them if I were in a position to. Because of this economy and my own ethics at this time I am not. Boiling Frogs is first on my list along with FireDogLake.

    I don’t see the system we have now as being able to reform itself and restore the constitution and some sort of justice in this nation. It appears that we have passed the point of no return. We need to wait, watch as it self destructs and inform the people as best we can to no participate, enable, or support the fascist state we now live in. We can take a lesson from the Egyptians and labor in Wisconsin. We seem to be entering the rolling boiling waters of the end game. I suspect TPTB are sensing that as well.

    We truly live in interesting times.

    Thank you for shining the light of truth on the all the corruption that money can buy. Greed and sadism knows no bounds.

  5. Unfortunately, foundations make money available on a conditional basis for the soul purpose of controlling the output of the organization they are buying into (and they expect a lot for their money!!)…at least that is what the Reece Commission and Mr Dodd discovered…documents from a real commission show the depth to which these tax dodges manipulate the popular argument frames of reference! They drift the argument away from reality so completely that Truth appears too far out to be believed possible by the indoctrinated masses…like a Goebbels dream come true…
    A Bit on Reece Commission here…
    Mr Dodd here…

    Thank you Sibel for you work!! I did a little whistleblowing (classified) on the F-22 program! It aint a fun job, but somebodys got to do it!!

  6. Concur SanderO and ROro. Hang in there, Sibel.

  7. Wow, that is a very, very telling story.

    It strikes me as strong supporting evidence for the idea that the Democrats and the Republicans are just artificial ideological centers whose main purpose is to keep us from working together on issues that really matter (and from realizing how much we’re being manipulated).

    Partisanship comes from the top.

    Not long ago, I might have rejected ROro’s idea (first comment) as being anti-tax nonsense… but it is starting to look like something of that sort could only push things in a better direction. Too bad there’s no way in Hades that Congress would ever pass such a thing.

  8. karenmarieromero says:

    Just read about your conversation with the lady protecting the Clinton’s. I use to do that. The whole thing that is happening NOW is not about Democrats and Republicans. Sibel, you took the high road by deciding to go grass roots.
    Did you ever get my five dollar check I sent to you? The creep FBI rifle thru my mail, and they don’t like you OR me for that matter.
    I think they may have stolen that check I sent you. Since they played a big part in making me homeless, at the time I sent you the check that is about what I could afford to send you. I would like to be able to send you some money now and then, but if the creep agents are going to steal the money when I mail the money to you….do you have any better suggestions of how to donate without doing so online?
    As for that lady that yapped about the Clinton’s…I wish you would have suggested to her to read Cathy O’Brien’s book Tranceformation America. What she says about Hillary is stamped as TRUTH in the Akashic Records. So maybe the lady would like to know that
    Hillary Clinton has a selfish self-absorbed need to get her jollies off using a sex slave! I and any decent American would find that to be repugnant. I don’t give a rat’s a** that Bill Clinton got a blow job from Monica. However, she was probably also mind controlled to please his self-absorbed a**! But, at least she knew what she was doing. I AM disgusted and repulsed by the fact that our politicians and the military use sex slaves and they do not have any right to do so! Those that thought that okay to do, are finding the karmic law unbearable.
    Karen Marie Romero

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