A Warm Up Round Up: Back in Operation

The Ever Growing List of Untouchable-Notorious-Infamous US War Profiteers, Libya-Groom & Plant Candidate,  My Relocation Journey & BFP Countdown Status

start1After a month of being away and with so much happening on all the fronts of interest I am finding it hard to pick a starting point. First, I wanted to do a piece on Libya and the Manchurian Candidate of our government’s choice over there. After all, he fits right in with several others we have covered here at BFP. Then, I decided there were already so many sound bites, so many competing sexy-cutesy headlines, a major surplus of blogo-diarrhea, and tons of crisscross debates on this topic out there, and decided it would not be a good starting point. Next, I thought about doing a weekly round up for the latest noteworthy developments and articles. When I looked at my list of noteworthy items I saw that many went back further than a week, more like a monthly round up, and considering the length of the list I decided against a painfully long monthly round up. Then, I felt like sharing with you some of my relocation adventures and blissful trip, but quickly I reminded myself of my pledge to not cover much personal information at this site; I sure don’t want to be a hypocrite! Okay, now you see what I mean by finding it ‘hard’ to pick a starting point; right?

Finally, I remembered some friends asking me ‘why are you always so hard on yourself, Sibel,’ and… I see their point 😉 Therefore, instead of making things more complicated than they should be, instead of wasting time coming up with a subjective best and most appropriate topic, I am going to begin our operation with a brief potpourri of topics, and see how it goes.

Boiling Frogs Post Countdown & Status

CountDownAs always I am going to start by thanking our supporters who have kindly contributed: Thank You. Even though we haven’t reached our objective, at least not yet, seeing your support in action keeps us on our toes and encourages us to hold on and keep trying. Based on what we have received (so far) we are in the position of continuing this website for five or six months; until October. After thinking, thinking very hard, about where we are, what our main objectives are, and ways to achieve these objectives, I am leaning towards turning this site into a subscription-based model. Why?

I am still wary of even considering advertisements. I hate it when I go to some sites, and while I am in the middle of reading, I am forced to constantly close this pop up ad window and that pop up ad box-like swatting flies. I simply hate it. I don’t want to turn around and give my readers and listeners what I seriously despise. So, ads are out.

I am not a marketing pro or a saleswoman, and I am not going to go through a round of fundraising with everything that has to go with that every three or four months. That’s too much, and no, I won’t do it.

On the other hand, I want to be able to offer you regular, even better, weekly podcast interviews. I want to be able to provide more frequent, ideally daily or nightly, noteworthy news and articles round ups. I certainly want to be able to write and publish in-depth analyses, and bring in other A-class experts and analysts work by being able to compensate them. All that and more! So, considering the level of volunteer donations we’ve been getting, excluding company ads, foundation briberies, and frequent ‘calls for support,’ how do we get there? Well, I am still thinking about it and discussing it with our team members, but the idea of a subscription-based model, at least for our podcast show and select articles, seems right. Of course, I welcome your suggestions-input, so please chime in.

My Relocation Study Journey & Status

capitolaI want to first thank all of you who have been sending me good-wishes in my relocation preparation and journey. Some of you have rightfully pointed out the difficulties of starting in a new place. Let me assure you: as far as the emotional aspects of it go, I will have none. Here is why:

I live less than two miles from the Pentagon. Just think about how I feel each time (very frequently, that is!) I pass that monstrosity. I get to hear (very loudly, that is!) helicopters making their ‘national security check’ rounds every day; not once, not twice, not three times…you get the point, right? It takes us a minimum of 30 minutes to commute a distance of less than 5 miles; not only during morning or evening rush hour, but around the clock. The majority of my neighbors are either defense contractors, national security related government contractors, lobbyists, or active members of shady organizations like AEI, AIPAC …Add to that a very sad state of public schools, astronomical housing prices, horrendous shape of hospitals-emergency rooms, crime rate, and the Red Light District across the river called the Capitol ….well, you get it, right?

I have been thinking about, planning, and working on this relocation for several years; to be exact, since 2007. So, this is not some spur of the moment, whimsical or hasty life-changing decision. Most importantly, this is a decision to provide my daughter with the best within my ability, and the most that I can. Speaking of my daughter, here are a few select pictures of her during our trip:

Literally reaching out for the olive branch
Greeting the sheep in the morning
Searching for Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Her new friend Toby
Savoring Farmers Market’s handmade ice cream

As you can see it will be a world far away from wars, pat-downs & groping, lobbyists, traffic, congested schools, glitzy people & shiny cars …hmmmm, does it sound like heaven?

The Growing List of Untouchable- Notorious-Infamous US War Profiteers…Still Operating!

sargPlease raise your hand if you’ve never heard of the criminal-notorious yet still happily in operation Blackwater Inc.aka Xe Services LLC? No hands? Please raise your hand if you are fairly familiar with the scandalous-infamous yet untouchable Mina Corp? Okay, now get ready to add another one to your list: ladies and gentleman meet please meet Harry Sargeant III . You see, there are many chapters involved when it comes to Harry Sergeant; the latest being this one. So the moral of the story here is not as much Harry Sergeant per se, but the fact that his chapters, like the rest of the criminal operators in the long-list of our nation’s war profiteers, never seem to come to an end. These companies, the criminal-notorious-infamous war profiteers, keep operating, and their profits keep skyrocketing; with 100% immunity and impunity.

WarisBusiness has very good coverage of our Sergeant. Corey Pein provides background on infamous war profiteers, and provides updates on his whereabouts and new operation(s):

Even since Sargeant’s name became mud, his West Palm beach aviation company has won new contracts with the Defense Department.

The oil contract remains Sargeant’s sweetest military deal, but his company Palm Beach Aviation has won five Defense Department contracts since 2009-that’s after the profiteering scandal-worth at least $120,000.

Three of those contacts originated with the US Special Operations Command. The descriptions of work are vague. One is “flight time,” another is “air support.” But the third contract specifies “4th POG Airborne Operations.”

That’s a reference to the 4th Psychological Operations Group out of Fort Bragg, NC. It’s a pretty secretive outfit that’s involved with everything from interrogations to propaganda broadcasts and leaflets. The 4th POG was in the news recently for posting “interns” in civilian US newsrooms. The contract summaries do not make clear unclear exactly what the psyops group needs with Sargeant’s aircraft.


You can read the entire piece here, but just remember, Sargeant, Blackwater-XE, Mina Corp, and a few others are only those we’ve had the opportunity to know about. Just think about how many other notorious-criminal-infamous-untouchable war profiteers are out there operating. It helps cast a different kind of light on this entire Audit of Pentagon Spending Finds $70 Billion in Waste  sexy headline.


Libya & Another ‘Groom & Plant’ Candidate

Earlier in this post I said I was not going to start this site off with a piece on Libya, and I meant it. I just want to have you revisit one of my earlier pieces on US Foreign Policy & Its ‘Groom & Plant’ Process:

The Bakiyev ‘Groom & Plant’ script, like almost all its predecessors, contains the same good ole classical elements: strategically important Central Asian nation, vital US fuel supply artery to keep the war machines humming and destroying in Afghanistan, major artery for transportation of heroin, puppet NATO partnership & the same-o-same-o big bad Russians to compete with, dozens of US NGO’s planted to serve you-know-who’s interests (here is a hint: not the people of Kyrgyzstan nor the American people), a staged and orchestrated revolution by our State Department – named after a innocently beautiful flower – to overthrow the guy who was closer to China & Russia, planting a new corrupt despot clan all carrying the same last name-Bakiyev. Then taking the son, the prince, Maksim Bakiyev, under ‘the mighty’ wings and starting his grooming and training here in the United States, helping the new groomed prince set up companies to corrupt & embezzle, and actually having our CIA operator(s) and politicians partner up with him in these enterprises – allocating US financial experts, politicians, and operators to execute a massive embezzlement scheme by the ‘groomed & planted’ prince, later to become a wanted fugitive ‘groomed but no longer planted’ prince with at least $70 million to be rescued and brought under protection…

They invested in Bakiyev and gave him all that, but he never became the king. Bakiyev will rest and play in one of those $$$$$ castles set up for the exiled ‘groomed & planted’ kings and those who came close but never became a king. As for ‘they,’ well, I’m sure ‘they’ have had enough time to narrow down the list of ‘their’ next potential viable candidates for Kyrgyzstan to two or three; the next round of ‘grooming & planting’ process has already begun and is well on its way.

Please take the time, if you can, and read that fairly long article, and with that in mind take a look at (and think about Khalifa Hifter:

The new leader of Libya's opposition military spent the past two decades in suburban Virginia but felt compelled — even in his late-60s — to return to the battlefield in his homeland, according to people who know him.

Late last week, Hifter was appointed to lead the rebel army, which has been in chaos for weeks. He is the third such leader in less than a month, and rebels interviewed in Libya openly voiced distrust for the most recent leader, Abdel Fatah Younes, who had been at Gadhafi's side until just a month ago.

Since coming to the United States in the early 1990s, Hifter lived in suburban Virginia outside Washington, D.C. Badr said he was unsure exactly what Hifter did to support himself, and that Hifter primarily focused on helping his large family.

Over at Antiwar.Com Justin Raimondo had the following to say on Hifter (aka Haftar):

Falls Church isn’t far from the CIA’s Langley headquarters, but then again it seems Col. Haftar’s relationship with the CIA is hardly one of captive to jailer, although perhaps that’s how it started out. Haftar, it turns out, is not exactly a defector from the regime. According to this United Nations report on the rebel movement he led from Chad in the 1990s, Haftar joined the Libyan National Salvation Front, a group set up by the Central Intelligence Agency, “in March 1987, after he was captured in the Chadian war. His goal was to create an army to fight against the Libyan authorities.”

His rebel force “disappeared,” according to the report, ‘with the help of the CIA” after the US-friendly regime in Chad was overthrown, and the next thing anybody knew the Colonel showed up in Falls Church, not a stone’s throw away from his new bosses.

Okay, for now that’s all I’m going to say or write about Libya and CIA’s Hifter: I ask you to please remember our coverage on US Foreign Policy- ‘Groom & Plant


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  1. Your new home looks very beautiful graced by your daughter. As for solutions to funding for the site, Wayne Madsen developed a brief report from current issues he follows free, and then provides in depth coverage for his subscribers. The other option is to join with the open source community that understand speaking truth to power is the only way we are going to get out of this mess. It is past time for capitalist greed.

  2. ZicaTanka says:

    What about the possibility of allowing and publishing contributions per/story as a way for people to show their support for a particular article or show?

    I haven’t thought it through completely, but am suggesting it to help brainstorm ideas. Seems like there are pros and cons to having a popularity contest. A way for readers to show support for a particular topic or piece financially, instead of just with comments. The amounts suggested could be smaller (1/2/5).

  3. It seems to me that the U.S. has fallen into it’s present condition in large part because of the corporate control of the media. In that vein, you might be interested in viewing the following satirical video on the present state of the MSM called:

    “People Are Nuts”

    Another source of good alternative information is Economist Dr. Michael Hudson. He was recently interviewed on guns and butter (March 2l, 2001). In my opinion, he is definitely worth listening to:


  4. SirVantes says:

    Welcome back, Sibel,

    I am convinced that more exposure of your site to progressive sites would bring more contributions. Some linkages from similar sites like Truthout.org or AmpedStatus.org would not hurt.

    I’m about as cheap/thrifty as one can be, especially when not having a job, but the Boiling Frog is one of three sites that has earned a few dollars from me this month.

    I hope a lot more of you readers find it in your pockets to support the courageous journalism of Sibel Edmonds with some of your own money.

  5. I love your site just the way it is Sibel. I don’t need another site that just posts every sensational new conspiracy every day. I like that way you take the time to think things out and just post the stuff that really matters and has a lot of substance. I learned from you to take everything with a grain of salt. I agree with your assessment of the Julian Assange case. And since then I have been just waiting to see what happens with that and not jump to any hasty conclusions. So yeah, it is going to be hard, this path you are on. The truth is not pretty. Most people , even left and right , prefer not to know the truth. It takes too much time and is not comfortable. It makes people feel hopeless.
    Me I do not feel hopeless, because I believe that there is going to be justice. And it may be sooner that later, I don’t know. I believe that the forces of darkness will be cast down and punished, but it is always darkest before dawn. It is going to be a bumpy ride.
    God bless you Sibel, and your family. Good idea to relocate in the country, very good idea. Beautiful child.

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