Our Hypocrisy Ridden Foreign Policy: Jailed Journalists

Turkey Is the Country with the Most Imprisoned Journalists

HypocrisyUzbekistan boils activists: we are okay with it. Heck, we even support ‘the Boilers. ’Azerbaijan tortures and murders journalists and activists: we are totally fine with it; in fact, we consider them our great ally . When Syria engages in human rights violations, we call them ‘evil.’ When Saudi Arabia does it we fortify it with more protection. Libya does it, and we say this and do this.  And then, when it comes to Bahrain here we are. You get the point, right? I am not talking about the need to intervene- I am pretty much an isolationist. This is what I am talking about: our hypocrisy and lies driven imperialistic foreign policy at work. And, here is the latest example:

Turkey leads world in jailing journalists, OSCE study finds
By Joshua Hamerman

Study finds Turkey surpasses Iran, China with 57 jailed journalists; reporters can be imprisoned for 3 years before being put on trial.

Fifty-seven journalists are imprisoned in Turkey – and between 700 and 1,000 ongoing trials could result in the imprisonment of more journalists there – according to a study by the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE), based in Vienna.

The International Press Institute stated that Turkey is now the country with the most imprisoned journalists, surpassing Iran and China. As of December, 34 journalists in both of those nations are in prisons.

Yesterday, I posted a true Hillary Joke:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged China to free dozens of government critics rounded up this year including a prominent artist and said Beijing's rights record was worsening.

"In China, we've seen negative trends that are appearing to worsen in the first part of 2011," Clinton told reporters."As we have said repeatedly, the United States welcomes the rise of a strong and prosperous China," she said."However, we remain deeply concerned about reports that since February, dozens of people including public-interest lawyers, writers, artists, intellectuals and activists have been arbitrarily detained and arrested."

She mentioned the case of Ai Weiwei, an outspoken artist who helped design the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Games. He was detained on Sunday for unspecified "economic crimes."

Will there be a peep from her on this generously funded, avidly managed and supported ally? Seriously, is there anyone out there who believes there indeed will be the slightest, even cosmetically intended, scold? Do we have any Obama-Clinton cult member who dares to bet? If there is, here I am; place your bet!

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  1. Turkey a U.S. police state: Is that why so many journalists are being imprisoned in Turkey? I begin to get the drift of Sibel’s concern. I recently brought to her attention a Wikileaks cable that implicated Russian/Israeli Mafyia infiltration into U.S. organized crime. http://wikileaks.ch/cable/2009/05/09TELAVIV1098.html#par20 If I remember correctly, heroin manufacturing in Turkey was overseen by Russian Mafiya with links to the World Bank. There is Karen Hughes and Fethullah Gulen. The American Turkish lobby hired a few of our higher ups from previous administrations. Sibel also brought this to my attention:
    I think we are looking at a case very similar to Chechens: many of the Chechen leaders operated out of Turkey-where they receive their training/support and instructions from the CIA-NATO.

    President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh, who is currently on a visit to the Turkish Republic, has met with members of the Abkhaz diaspora living in the country, Apsny Press reports. The main part of the president’s visit is taking place in Istanbul and other regions where there are concentrations of Abkhaz and Circassian diasporas. In his address, Sergey Bagapsh expressed gratitude to the Turkish state, which had become a second Motherland for a huge part of the divided Abkhaz nation. This is Sergey Bagapsh’s second visit to Turkey. He visited the diaspora for the first time when he was prime minister of the Republic of Abkhazia.

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