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Will Bin Laden’s Burial at Sea Wash? Or will it Float?

burialA lot is happening and being discussed on the latest Bin Laden Killed development. It is way too early for a comprehensive analysis or even a short commentary. But …I can’t resist adding a ‘but’ here. A totally secret operation, only a few miles from Pakistan’s Islamabad, right under ISI’s nose; let’s call it a real quickie. Then, even quicker, supposedly in order not to offend the 24 hour deadline imposed by Islam, and to prevent shrine-ization, burial at sea. Just remember the televised full-coverage of Saddam, ok?  You’d think every effort would be placed on capturing Bin Laden alive, no? Gathering intelligence/information from the head of the Al Qaeda boogiemen, their supposed network, partners, cells, etc. Hmmmm. Or you’d think, based on historical examples, they’d make sensational videos-footage of the glorious fight, no?

Anyway, too much is happening, and of course too little attention is being paid by the government mouth piece, government PR machine- the US mainstream media. I’ll be reading, listening, watching, and more importantly, thinking…Stay tuned.

Osama Bin Laden Body Headed for Burial at Sea, Officials Say

To avoid that, an informed source tells me, the intention is the bury his body at sea -- leaving no definitive location for the final resting place of his body.

A senior administration official tells my colleague Jake Tapper this about the body:  "We are ensuring it is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition. It's something we take seriously and therefore it's being handled in an appropriate manner."

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    Here is the real story: This suggests that the $144 billion owned by Qadaffi is of much bigger import than we first considered. Challenge the World Bank and the U.S. for creating a separate currency and risk the consequences. The material below confirms that they knew Bin Laden’s whereabouts in 2003. The timing of the debunking of Obama’s birth certificate and now this make it probable that the Elite are setting Obama up for another run in 2012. Libya, however is the big picture. We always get our man say the CIA and corporations. Saw a cartoon today that was appropriate. Instead of a doomsday sign on the streets, it said the end is near, corporations have won. Full context is attached.

    (S//NF) In October 2002, Nashwan Abd al-Razzaq Abd al-Baqi, aka (Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi),ISN US9IZ-010026DP (IZ-10026), contacted and asked detainee to work with him in Peshawar. Detainee accepted the offer and spent the next five to six months working under IZ-10026 organizing the purchase of supplies for fighters including medicine, lights,
    batteries, food, and clothing. In July 2003, detainee received a letter from UBL’s designated courier, Maulawi Abd al-Khaliq Jan, requesting detainee take on the responsibility of collecting donations, organizing travel, and distributing funds to families in Pakistan. UBL
    stated detainee would be the official messenger between UBL and others in Pakistan.12 In mid-2003, detainee moved his family to Abbottabad, PK and worked between Abbottabad and Peshawar.13

  2. Correction: 144 tons of gold bullion.

  3. 344thBrother says:

    OK Assuming it really IS Tim Osman, and assuming they really do bury his body at sea, they better have thawed him out or he’s going to pop to the surface like a rotten ice cube in a Micky Finn. We can’t have that, The American public is meant to go comatose from this force fed anesthetic.

    So many distractions, so little time.

    peace on earth and God bless you and yours Sibel

  4. I’m thinking what other news events are happening that this OSL thing is overshadowing? You know the mainstream media are going to milk this for a long time neglecting what else is happening.

  5. 344thBrother says:

    birth certificate
    losing wars
    China and Russia joining with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

    they needed a BIG distraction, to last at least 48 hours. I think we’re in a window of major threat here right now.

  6. 344thBrother says:

    Source photo’s for the FAKED picture of the dead “Bin Laden” Get them quick, they’re under DOS Attack right now.

  7. 344thBrother says:
  8. 344thBrother says:

    OK, bad thought. We’re fresh out of boogymen. In order to get a really bad boogyman, you have to have a really bad boogyman event. An event Obsama Bin Yomama needs right now VERY badly. Now that Osbama bin Frozen is out of the way, the way is clear. obamasama gets to be the hero for a couple days on this one, just in time for something truly horrible to hit the European world. . It’ll have to be fast, because Osbamamamajama’s popularity deflates faster than Rush Limpbaugh without viagra. Coupled with all the hype about AlQuaida swearing revenge if Bin Laden dies and the 160 “Nukes hidden in Federal Buildings”… and a Nuke attack against Britain…. My gut is feeling rather turbulent. Fasten your seat belts good and snug, and lets pray I’m totally wrong on this one. Feedback appreciated.

  9. Jitter says:

    I am more concerned with the immediate reaction shown to the world by Washington DC and in New York.

    The Mogadishu quotient is off of the charts.

  10. watcher says:

    “Bravo!” to Janissary for mentioning the Benazir Bhutto interview! Very sad that the public overlooked that show! (Or was it shoved down the “Memory Hole”?)
    How convenient that “Bin Laden” was shot in the head during the raid: no corpse pictures available! (Remember Flagg’s instructions to Bobby Terry in “The Stand”? Betcha someone’s gonna get ‘et’ for that mistake!
    How convenient that the body was buried at sea. (“Tampering with evidence”?)
    DNA test results? Gosh, oh, golly gee, you’ll just have to take our word for it!
    Is the CIA now going to send a mackerel wrapped in newspaper to the Bin Laden family?

  11. thymesup says: : Could have/ did Benazir Bhutto “misspoken,” when she mentioned “the man who killed Osama Bin Ladin,” really meaning to say “Daniel Pearl”?
    What do you think, Sibel?

    Also, it seems (news/2011-05-02/destruction-911-evidence-continues-bin-laden-body-dumped-sea#comments) the govt can;t get its story straight. Here we have the AP and CNN reporting “a senior Dept of Defense official” saying there’s no country willing to take this most wanted terrorist’s body.” That’s the reverse of “being afraid of shrine-ization’!

  12. I checked online with various reputable sources about what’s the correct Islamic custom for burial. I’m geting lots of conflicting ideas. Some say that burial within 24 hours is correct. Others are saying that’s not true. There is no one custom for all cases.

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