Vanity Fair: From Government Subscribers to Public Prescribers

While on the ‘Tin-Foil Hat’ Topic, Let’s Remember Their Historical ‘Tin-Foil Hat’ Theories

tinhatVanity Fair has declared war on anyone who dares to question the unanswered questions in the latest Bin Laden death development. Anyone. Doesn’t the least matter if the questions are completely rational. Doesn’t matter if the latest development leaves many unanswered questions and or unproved claims. It doesn’t matter. When the government is questioned, when the establishment is second-guessed, Vanity Fair comes running in defense of its masters by engaging in completely illogical offense. Now, the magazine is calling anyone with any questions or rational skepticism on the circumstances of Bin Laden’s death and burial at sea ‘Tin-Foil-Hat’ wearers. They have designated one bucket and are dropping everyone in it at the rate of 10000s per minute. This big bucket is reserved for: UFO believers, Birthers, Truthers, Taliban Sympathizers, Al Qaeda Sympathizers, terrorists, schizophrenic community, paranoid individuals, vegetarians… You see, it is a really big bucket:

With less than 24 hours on the clock since Osama bin Laden met his 72 virgins, the tin-foil-hat conspiracy brigade is out in full force on the Internet. I won't provide links, as it only encourages these people, but the idiot speculation is both sad and unsurprising…

Osama bin Laden is dead. Alas, the same can't be said for the Tin-Foil-Hat Brigade, who have put on their headgear and will continue merrily—and suspiciously—typing into the night.

You know how it is when crazy people view sane people as crazy? We have exactly the same phenomenon here: Vanity Fair, the same magazine that avidly sold the public the government’s Iraq WMD story- They subscribed to their masters crazy conspiracy, used their masters’ water-carriers such as Chalabi as their main sources, and they went about selling millions a purely fabricated conspiratorial story. You remember that, right? If not here it is: Click, and with David’s Rose’s honest confession and wise advice:

Iraqi defectors tricked us with WMD lies, but we must not be fooled again.”

How about subscribing to their government sources’ conspiratorial lies and framing in the Anthrax case, and prescribing the conspiracy to millions of readers?

For Vanity Fair, a major Tin-Foil-Hat wearer when it comes to government conspiracy and lies, to come out so vehemently in defense of the hole-filled Bin Laden death story, and to label any critical thinker as a tin-foil-hat wearing nutcase, is quite telling. What do tin-foil-hat wearers see others as? RIGHT, you got it my friends! 😉

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  1. The Bin Laden Death Story is full of holes.

    And they are now saying he was buried at sea… So he would have no final resting place. AKA no body to ever be found.

    How stupid do they think the public is? They used fake Bin Laden tapes for years. They even tried footage with no sound. And then followed that by fake Audio with no picture. Bin Laden died December of 2001. The attempts at faking his video tapes were so bad any one with a computer and two braincell to rub together could figure them out. It doesn’t take the CIA to see a right handed black guy playing Bin Laden, or the Jewish guys in their momma’s basement. They don’t care though. Most of Team-America-fuck-yeah is not going to think critically about this. They just accept whatever is psychologically gratifying and call everyone else crazy.

    What’s crazy to to blindly accept anything the US government is telling you. They have lied about every aspect of the war and 911. Why start trusting them now? This is what really happened in 911, and the Iraq War

  2. People please help circulate this; don’t let VF off the hook on this. They want to talk about conspiracy? Okay, then, let’s talk, and have them show their record…Please disseminate. Thanks.

  3. j kanarcho says:

    I’ve read here for quite some time with much interest and appreciation. I concur wholeheartedly. The same source of the WMD lies, and along similar lines: The same clique who propagated the lies about the death of Pat Tillman.

    As you stated earlier, there are numerous oddities contained within this and other stories. Your questions are all provocative and worthy of serious consideration. It would be prudent for us all to continue questioning with a truckload of skepticism.

  4. Bill Bergman says:

    Over the weekend and before the OBL news, Steve Chapman, an op-ed columnist and member of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board, had an op-ed titled ‘Why Birtherism is Here to Stay.’ The column had a rather simply-stated attempt to conflate birthers with people (mainly
    those ‘Democrats’)who believe that ‘Bush knew in advance about the 9/11 attacks.’,0,490879.column

    Never mind that the 9/11 Commission report, as full of questions as it remains, itself identified extensive intelligence warnings in mid-2001.

  5. HAL 9000 says:

    It is truly disturbing that the US media and the people who graze on it so readily accept a story told to them by their government, with no evidence to back it up. After all the stories the government has told in the past that proved not to be true, they can still throw out anything they want and not worry about any scrutiny. The media continue to carry the gov’t water, and the sheep continue to graze. A “free press” that is not skeptical of government is of no important value to its readers. In fact, such a press is very dangerous because it gives citizens the illusion that both the press and the government are trustworthy sources of information, even as they go about manipulating and indoctrinating the citizenry. We are in real trouble.

  6. Eric Saunders says:

    At this point, it requires enormous cognitive dissonance to cling to any sort of “the government tells the truth” view of world events. I do not know what all this bin laden shit means, but I think it’s bad. The heart of the problem is that the US is a global empire that tries to maintain the illusion that its relationships with the rest of the world are some how fair and based upon the rule of law and democratic principles. To maintain this absurd pretense requires massive government secrecy and an essentially state controlled media.

    Check this out:

  7. It’s been some time since I checked the log of the good ship Frog…recent content having gotten a bit too fluffy for my tastes… Happily, several of the latest entries show a decided feistiness that harkens back to the time when TBF was on my short list of daily reads, and our diminutive hero refused to sheath her short sharp sword!

    This lastest psyops by the phony pharaoh seems a fitting point to resume the (completely one sided) conservation. And to remind you again that it was Benazir Bhutto who spoke the loudest and paid the dearest for pointing out the obvious – that whoever the putative Osama was, he was not amongst the living. Why is that important?

    On the cusp of the endgame scenario to be played out against Iran, removal of the Syrian ally is all that is left to be done. Once the Libyan oil is secured, closure of Hormuz will impact the Chinese more than the zionist west, and the international terrorist group which goes by the acronym of “NATO” will receive its marching orders to close the noose. It’s forces massed in Afghanistan in a silly sideshow will be turned west against Iran’s frontier…Osama no longer needed.

    All of this requires essential complicity on the part of Turkey, which, having been inveigled into participation in the terror campaign against Libya, is now set up to be given a key logistical role in destroying zionism’s last standing enemy. Without this, the show cannot begin.

    The world awaits your detailed examination of the convoluted sequence of events by which this supposed Islamist AKP regime will carry the can for a final takedown of the Persian civilization upon which so much of Turkish identity is rooted…starting with the strange saga of the Salonikan sabbatean whose deification into national god and reputed godfather of Pan Turkism is an historical irony of the greatest proportions. The future of the many depends upon derailing the connivance of Turkey with the globalist gangster warmongers. Expose these machinations and their background to the light of day and you will have avenged our dear Bhutto – and TRULY be “every woman”!

    I said it before, I’ll say it again – Gulen is chump change. On with the main event Capt. Edmonds!

  8. We are ALL Expendable. No one more so than bin Laden. To rhose who think targeted assassinations are a NEW thing, consider this operation from World War 2, the mission to kill Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto:

    Bin Laden had by now been rendered superfluous and had served his purpose. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall and before the rise of al Qaeda, there was all this talk about a “Peace Dividend” based on all the money that could be saved from the Defense budget. Al Qaeda effectively squelched that talk. He served his purpose by providing an ineffable, mysterious, implacable enemy in a war where Victory can never be accurately measured. So Forever War was born to give the fig leaf of respectability to Aggressive War and occupation of critical-resource-rich countries in the Muslim World and elsewhere. Resources that go, NOT to the Occupiers as Spoils of Conquest, but to the nation who’s money FINANCED those wars, China.

  9. jschoneboom says:

    It’s gotten to the point where I’m just so tired of pointing out facts to people who don’t want to absorb them, e.g. in this case the news of bin Laden’s death and funeral reported in the Pakistani press ten years ago, the lack of communications intercepts since then, the informed opinions of people like Baer, Scheuer, Ollie North who were all satisfied the guy was dead, the obvious fakery of the subsequent tapes. It’s not like we’re telling people the Ouija board says he was already dead, you know? And most people are still just like wow you’re really way out there in freakville eh? And all I’m actually saying is hey, I don’t know for sure and I’m not telling you what to think, but isn’t this worth pondering for half a second? And the answer is apparently not.

    And that’s nothing compared to the 9/11 stuff itself.

    I suppose it’s worth pointing out VF’s hypocrisy. But me I’m constantly tempted these days to turn my back on politics completely and submerge myself in art, family, love, just ignore it all and keep my cynicism to myself. People are too brainwashed. Evidence means nothing to them. I’m sick of having that tin foil hat put on me. As soon as I can figure out how not to care….

  10. I am no genius, nor do i understand much about politics, but even i can see this whole Osama getting killed story was as if stolen from a hollywood script writer, promoting the U.S military once again. But people who lost the ability to form their own opinions cannot criticise us just because they listen to everything the media says. the exact same thing happened at 911, millions of people where fooled by the CNN reporters that morning and believed every word they said. The nobility of honesty has been long gone from this planet. thats why us truth seekers, who actually care about evidence, are labeled with such things.

  11. Bill Bergman says:

    Well stated, HAL 9000. Thanks.

    Were you born in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois?

  12. This kind of reminds me of an old RS interview with Obama. He actually said something to the effect that yeah, while Fox and the right-wing press piss people off, that shows that the free press is working.

    Could you possibly be more out of touch with reality, Mr. President? Yet another reason not to read RS.

    If you’re curious, go to the White House You Tube page to see Obama’s announcement about Bin Laden getting killed. The view rate is like two million. Almost 80,000 comments. A large percentage of them are raacist crap and trolls just looking to pick fights online. Almost none are asking serious questions that need to be asked.

    What does THAT tell you?

  13. bigbird says:

    Isn’t Vanity Fair a lingerie and underwear company? Seems then they are used to having to cover for the occasional $hi+ …! ;o)

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