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Don’t Consider our Government’s Tainted Record & Don’t Dare to Question

feirsteinMy last post on Vanity Fair’s ‘Tin-Foil Hat’ article has gotten my friends at Vanity Fair very upset. Their interpretation of this piece is that I am putting down and attacking every single reporter or editor over there. That is simply not true. I was, and am, questioning the purpose, agenda, behind an irrational, ranting, and highly offensive propaganda piece written by one of their writers-Bruce Feirstein. I invite any expert or academic in journalism to take a look at Feirstein’s piece and tell me that what was written had even a shred of journalistic integrity. I’ll welcome all respect-worthy editorial authors to check this nonsensical babble and give it a grade, even those based on a trash and gossip reporting scale. And I invite any commonsensical reader to read it and rate it on a lack of rationality grading scale.

Look, I have not written a single piece on what really happened two days ago in Pakistan; because I don’t know and I don’t have all the details. I have not granted a single interview despite dozens of requests, because we only have a one paragraph official statement, and no details or even an explanatory context. It is too early. It is premature to either confirm the given story with one hundred percent certainty or counter or write it off with fact-supported confidence. It is too early. I can talk about the strange timing, absurdity of some mysterious burial at sea, questionable coincidences, and or our government’s pretty tainted record when it comes to facts: Remember Iraq’s WMD lies, Pentagon’s made-up script on Jessica Lynch, wrongfully accused Steven Hatfill, questionable Anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins, Niger Yellowcake fantasy

Now considering our government’s well-established tainted record in providing stories-fantasies, especially those released immediately and sensationally and those timed strangely, how could a rational thinking person consider a logical hesitancy as conspiratorial? How could an unbiased and untainted reporter write off the questioning of official stories (with a darn tainted historical record) as ‘tin-foil hat’ conspiracy? The writer in question has to be either extremely dim-witted - bordering moronic, or, journalistically challenged and ignorant, or, a propaganda agent at work. Then the questions are: why is this person, Bruce Feirstein, allowed to work for Vanity Fair - damaging its reputation, and or, why he was allowed by his editor(s) to run this obscure rant, and or why hasn’t Vanity Fair issued a retraction-apology and kicked this guy out.

As far as Vanity Fair goes, there’s been good, bad, excellent, and awful reporting, as is the case with all publications. After all, they published a daring piece on my case and the then Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert! I don’t personally know this ranting Bruce Feirstein or other way below substandard writers over there at Vanity Fair. I know a few good journalists and editors at Vanity Fair who I respect and like. I hope to see a deserved public response on this debacle from the good ladies and gentlemen at Vanity Fair, and I certainly hope to see measures taken to contain the ranting Mr. Feirstein; maybe they can put him in the archives room-just a suggestion 😉

When it comes to our government’s tainted record in truth-telling: Fool us once, shame on them, fool us twice shame on us, fool us three times shame on us, fool us four times shame on us…I believe you all catch my drift; no?

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  1. monotheistruss says:

    Wow thanks Sibel What planet is this guy living on?

  2. If we really did kill Bin Laden, Obama’s wrong if he thinks this will make him look “tough” to let him win in 2012.

    Lots of factors at play here:
    Many legitimate unanswered questions in this case.
    Does anyone remember what happened with Pat Tillman?
    If Obama is re-elected, there’s no chance defense spending will ever go down (despite us being in a depression).
    Why is the MSM so arrogant? Because it comes down to money, power, who your connections are with the Powers that Be. And how much a situation can be manipulated for profit/ratings.

    If Obama really thinks that the birthers are a waste of time, why then did he call a press conference? Why did he actually to the Correspondent’s Dinner with Trump the Racist (can him what he is)?

    Is it because he’s afraid of Trump?
    Is he afraid of his power?
    Is it because if he doesn’t go and appear in front of the mostly white power elite there he’ll be labeled as “uppity”?

    It’s sad but true. The real reason the neocons want Obama out is because he’s black. Now, because Trump is the media flavor of the moment, racism out in the open is perfectly ok. Think back to the 2008 campaign. Think of all the racist crap Obama had to put up with (“tell me. Do you think that Bill Clinton actually has rhythm”?). Don’t even try to bitch about it because that’s the way politics is done. So either keep your mouth shut or just go away. Not one person in the MSM has actually said, hang on a minute. Trump’s a freakin’ racist! And nobody will.

    With Bin Laden, think crime drama for a second. If you want to kill someone and never have to deal with any questiosn later, what better way than to dispose of the body? No body, no DNA tests. This leaves the “official” govt. story and various people involved who could possibly lie under oath. It’s happened many times before and will continue to happen. If you want to press this, it’s then a matter of time, money and who has more power.

    Millions of people will still vote for Obama. Why? Beats me. But they’ll do it.

  3. Eric Saunders says:

    The Vanity Fair piece is a pretty pathetic rant. For some reason he feels the need to mention the JFK assassination. I guess RFK and Jackie Kennedy were tin foil hat wearers since they sent a messenger to Krushchev stating that they knew the Soviets weren’t behind the murder and that Jack was killed by a domestic right-wing plot. The plan was for RFK to reopen the investigation once he got into the White House, which of course never happened.

    It’s sad how many Americans don’t even know their own history because of propagandists like Feirstein.

  4. A source who’s still on You Tube has had lots of censorship problems with Google (You Tube’s parent company). He posts a variety of clips covering everything from Gaza to 9/11. All of his clips are well-researched and contain verified public domain information. Despite that, some Israeli supporters tried to get him deleted. He suspects that the “name” that complained was fake. But You Tube never tried to verify it before trying to shut down his page.

    It seems like there’s a growing effort by the MSM to censor people. In You Tube’s case, the “Terms of Service” are so vague that it’s almost like reading the Patriot Act. It gives Google the widest possible leeway to shut you down with no recourse on your part.

    Once again, it comes down to who has more time, power, money and the better attorney.

  5. ZicaTanka says:

    Thank you for putting pressure on this individual journalist.

  6. ZicaTanka says:

    And VF.

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