Video Clip: President’s Men Watching ‘The’ Operation Live; Real Time?

Can’t Help Getting Flashbacks, Why?

I can’t help it. Every time I read or hear the lines on the White House Popcorn-Movie session with ‘Operation Osama Live’ being televised, I keep getting the same flashback. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

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  1. So what happened to Osama’s kitten?! Anyone?!

  2. ZicaTanka says:

    The kitty collapsed at free fall speed after being singed in the hellicopter crash. See another example of this here.

  3. ZicaTanka says:

    woops – here

  4. It’s still in Pakistan on dialysis.

  5. lightviperr says:

    In regards to Osama there’s simply not enough evidence yet to determine what happened.

    I really think that Asch’s experiments of conformity and Milgram’s Experiment on obedience of authority really explains the psychology of what’s going on.

  6. Of course, you realize how silly this is going to get.

    Bin Laden is “killed”, and much of the States goes nuts. The same “we are superior” message is put out by Obama and loyally repeated by all the top people in Congress. Now, Kerry says he’s going yet again to Afghanistan to “survey” the situation:

    Why are we there?
    What are the goals?
    Also, what are my defense stocks listed at today?

    Kharzai’s pissed off because these endless attacks are seriously messing up his brother’s heroin business. Are NATO troops still guarding his poppy fields?

    No other major world leader will publically question Obama on Bin Laden’s killing. It’s ten years into a pointless, illegal and immoral war. But, damn, we have to think about those poll numbers and my re-election.

    Considering everything that’s happened so far, let’s assume that there is proof that this was staged. Would anybody do anything?

    Obama says he won’t release photos of Bin Laden’s body. He won’t release the video of the attack. Even if he does, they can edit out anything they want for “national security” reasons. Will someone leak this to Wikileaks (considering how the govt. is trying to break Manning before he’s even tried)? Again, even if someobody leaked the entire unedited version, would anybody do anything? I seriously doubt it.

  7. If anybody’s trying to pitch a movie script based on this, I have Dustin Hoffman’s production company office number :).

  8. ZicaTanka says:

    They didn’t use a cat this time. See the following link:

    Hero dog helped snare Osama

  9. Is there precedent?

    And not related to bin laden but:

    :15 and 2:15 . Watch the 3’ black cylinder on the deck to the left of the screen.

  10. “White House goes silent on bin Laden raid” Washington Post.

    They lost the script so nobody knows what to say 🙂 theres a rewrite on right now……

  11. ZicaTanka says:

    CIA says no video of the killing: see Blackout during raid on bin Laden compound

  12. Kingfisher says:


    My bet is that there is some type of video. There may not have been a live video feed from the helmet cameras, but there is probably a recording on the flash drives. Also there is probably video from hyperspectral imaging platforms, the capabilities of which they will want to remain secret.

    The whole story isn’t being told, and it doesn’t need to be. There are sources and methods that need to be protected. Some of the secrets will be revealed over time, others will be taken to the grave.


    P.S. –
    I highly recommend, and I cannot reiterate this enough, that you read and follow this story:

  13. ZicaTanka says:

    Hey, KF. Long time no comment. Thanks for the link.

  14. @KF: I am with Zica-where have you been??!! Hope all is well. Good to disagree with you again (I mean a meaningful discussion & rational disagreement;-). My question: What the heck our popcorn eating President and his men were watching live??!! They made a big deal about how they were watching every detail intensely…yadi yadi yada …and now, suddenly, they were covered by fog of war?! Do they consider us that dumb/moronic?! Oh well, maybe too many people are and we the irate minority get to be lumped with rest….

  15. Kingfisher says:

    @ Sibel,

    I am sure there were all sorts of video feeds available for them to watch from platforms in the sky and in space. Not to mention assets on the ground before the helicopters arrived; you can even get a video feed from a snipers scope.


  16. uhavemyip says:

    thanx for all you do. related..

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