White House PSYOP Script Falls Apart

Bin Laden Story Keeps Changing-Obama’s Nose Keeps Growing

pinoThe standard, call it classic, definition of PSYOP is badly in need of an update. When you look it up, you see something along these lines [Emphasis are mine]: planned propaganda operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. It is way past time to add ‘domestic’ in there. Isn’t it? Come on; remember our mini PSYOP cases like Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman. I say ‘mini’ because they were mini, thus, eventually exposed. The ‘major’ ones, at least here in the US, tend to go unnoticed or not widely debated. Right now, we may be very well looking at one of those major ones as it is unfolding: White House Osama Death PSYOP Script.

On Monday, less than a day after the supposed operation, I started covering the Osama Death sensationalism. In my first post I said: “It is way too early for a comprehensive analysis or even a short commentary.” I wish others, the so-called media had exercised the same restraint, instead of spreading the far-fetched and fantastical script given to them by their masters to fire up and round up the gullible and easily hurray-ing majority. 

On Tuesday, I pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the script and method used in the Jessica Lynch PSYOP case and the latest Osama Death case: It is too early. I can talk about the strange timing, absurdity of some mysterious burial at sea, questionable coincidences, and or our government’s pretty tainted record when it comes to facts: Remember Iraq’s WMD lies, Pentagon’s made-up script on Jessica Lynch, wrongfully accused Steven Hatfill, questionable Anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins, Niger Yellowcake fantasy…” Again, it took the resourceful media another 24-48 hours and tons of pounding to make the connections.

Here are the latest changes to the Obama administration’s lies-filled script. Let’s keep track of them, and keep them on the front burner, because as you know, as more come out, as we get more confirmed contradictions, the fantastical story tends to get pushed onto the backburner by the media, from front page stories-headlines to Page A2, and from there to B18, and pretty quickly into the usual black hole:

We have gone from the heavy and intensely fought operation against fighting armed men in the Bin Laden compound to no real fight and only one little armed man:

Four of the five people shot to death in the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, including the al-Qaida leader himself, were unarmed and never fired a shot…

We went from armed Bin Laden using his wife as a shield to armed Bin Laden using an anonymous woman as a shield, to unarmed Bin Laden using some kind of a woman as a shield, and now, unarmed Bin Laden in pajamas using no one as a shield!

But last night, the White House said Bin Laden was not armed when a U.S. Navy SEAL confronted and killed him during Sunday night's assault on his compound.

Security officials said they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound and the 13-roomed house, during which they removed two buffalos, a cow and around 150 chickens.

We were told that Bin Laden’s compound was a lavish mansion worth over one million dollars, and now we hear it was a humble mud –covered house with not even an air-conditioning system worth less than $250,000:

Bin Laden’s house, described by the US government as a $1m (£605,000) mansion, is in fact worth no more than $250,000 say property professionals in Abbottabad, the town where he was killed.

Descriptions of Bin Laden's hideout have also been prone to exaggeration. After Sunday night's dramatic raid by US Navy Seals, a senior Obama administration official told reporters that the property, an "extraordinarily unique compound" in an "affluent suburb", was valued at around $1m.But two property professionals in Abbottabad – a quiet, military-dominated town – said that much of that was incorrect. Based on the size of the plot and the house, which was built in 2005, and using recent property sales as a guide, they estimated that it would fetch no more than $250,000 on the current market.

"Twenty million rupees, maximum," said property dealer Muhammad Anwar, a 22-year veteran of the local market, at his Abbottabad office. "No swimming pool. This is not a posh area. We call it a middling area."

We were given torture, traditional long-term interrogation techniques and surveillance as the major factors leading to the scripted victory, and now we get official statements from Pakistan indicating that they, the Pakistani intelligence, had provided Bin Laden’s location to Mr. Obama over 2 years ago, and again six months ago!

Pakistan hit back Wednesday about US fears that it could not be trusted with details of the raid on osama bin Laden's compound and claimed it had identified the potential hideout as far back as 2009.

Bashir went on to claim that the ISI passed on its suspicions about the compound in Abbottabad two years ago.

"The fact is, on this particular occasion, it was pointed out by our intelligence quite some time ago to the US intelligence," he said. "We had indicated as far back as 2009 [it was] a possible place." The ISI said it again warned just six months ago that "suspicious foreigners" and even "al Qaeda operatives" were potentially inside the compound but denied knowing bin Laden was among them, according to Sky News. There was no immediate response to that claim from the Obama administration.

And last but not least, they told us our President and Presidents’ Men were watching the entire operation, second by second, via satellite and real time. Now, our President and Presidents’ Men are backpedaling in face of exposed lies and contradictions, and use ‘Fog of War’ for lack of truth and accuracy. Did the fog fog up the White House real-time TV show and mislead our popcorn-eating President and his Men?!

The White House Tuesday blamed "the fog of war" for conflicting statements in its recounting of the events surrounding the Abbottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden

I will be covering this topic as it unfolds further, and I am asking you to help us with keeping this major domestic PSYOP on the front-burner, as you know, when sticky and revelatory facts come out contradicting our officials’ story line, things tend to get buried and transferred to the back-burners!

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  1. Okay, I just got this via my friend: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/05/us-binladen-pakistan-photos-idUSTRE7437KK20110505 I haven’t had time to research it, but you may find it interesting, and do your own (and let me know!).

  2. Here’s a movie I made on the subject…

  3. Andrew Reed Morrill says:

    I comment on the above idea that “…‘major’ [psyops] at least here in the US, tend to go unnoticed or not widely debated.”

    This has to do with Hitler’s propaganda technique called “The Big Lie”, (German: Große Lüge) This expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, for a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” I believer that this propaganda principle best explains why the bigger psyops tend to go “unnoticed or not widely debated”.

  4. Funny how the Reuters link has no problems showing graphic images of the other dead at the site of the attack. Then you listen to the spiel the White House gives in the video posted by Jon Gold (above) .
    The only truth in the vidoe is “the fact of the matter is you won’t see Bin Laden walking on this earth again” the rest is theatre.

  5. Its called the “speed of deceit’ Established by operators as 100feet per second. Or 6.5 seconds for 47 stories as a more concrete example.
    By the look of this storyline, Obama about to speechify from ground zero, death of OBL return of KF etc, something is needing a tidy up. There is distraction everywhere…..

  6. @Andrew: …and the role played by the media; willingly.

    @remo: You bet. I am waiting for a major distraction to replace the ‘queationing-awakening.’ Let’s guess; what will it be? Some sex scandal? mini terrorist attack somewhere in the world? hmmmmm, Oprah gets a WhiteHouse position; maybe chief PR queen? All right, let’s get this rolling: what kind of a major distraction will we get as more info piles up on Obama WhiteHouse script?

  7. @jon: I haven’t had achance to watch it…It’s been so hectice over here. I’ll get to it later this evening, once my cuddle-bug hits the bed.

  8. jschoneboom says:

    Well, I’ve assumed he’s been dead since Tora Bora but I have to admit I’m just not sure what to make of all this yet. I started to think maybe Obama’s story might be true when I read about bin Laden’s daughter saying he was killed in front of her. This was not coming from the White House. So I want to play devil’s advocate for a moment.

    Burial at sea: weird, yes, suspicious, yes, no body, blah blah blah. But it also makes sense. Where are you going to bury him? Who’s going to come forward to claim him, what country is going to publicly say OK, let’s have him? So if you do want to get it done within 24 hours as per Muslim custom, how is that going to work? Believe me I’m well aware of the irony of sudden respect for Islam, so let’s say if you want to make a SHOW of respect for Muslim custom, burial at sea is not strictly forbidden if circumstances dictate. And burial in dirt was going to be pretty tough, no?

    No photographs: I don’t really buy the “security risk” argument — are we supposed to believe his supporters are very happy with us as long as we don’t show pictures? BUT: if photos *were* released, would they settle the matter? No way. Not since Photoshop 1.0. If you don’t believe the story, you’re not going to be swayed by photos. And I think Obama’s comment that it might seem like displaying a trophy has some validity. Plus, you know, it’s disgusting!

    Changing stories: I don’t find it that odd that it would take a while to get all the facts straight. I mean, I don’t know who comes up with this BS about human shields and decides to throw that out there, but to me the larger point is that with each revision, the administration and the operation look *worse* not better. When the stories about 9/11 military response kept changing, it was always to make the military look a bit *better* than before. That’s very very different. Why would they be fumbling and bumbling and lying and manipulating themselves into looking worse with every passing hour? So this sounds plausibly like, I don’t know about “fog of war” but just the usual “fog of exciting news” where people start talking before they’ve really got a handle on it.

    I’m not an Obama fan and I have no interest in being his apologist and I’m a confirmed “9/11 inside job” crazy guy but this thing just has me thinking maybe, just maybe, it’s on the level. Although I do think it’s suspicious the way he said “one thing’s for sure, we won’t see him walk this earth again,” that just sounded like lying through technical honesty if you know what I mean. I just don’t know but they’ve got me wondering. Maybe these guys are just a little bit better at lying than the last crew, but maybe, just maybe, they killed Osama bin Laden the other day.

  9. As this progresses, keep in mind the public’s notoriously short attention span.

    If you really think this is fake and we must hold Obama accountable, how do you compete against American Idol?

  10. Gustavo Gutierrez said look to the margins to get the answer. Find the dispossessed and learn from them. The most significant event I see on the horizon is the 144 tons of gold bullion and the effort by Qaddafi to create a separate currency. The U.S. is faced with double dip recession or DEPRESSION. If that doesn’t get you depressed then consider that the World Bank and U.S. corporate interests really don’t want us to follow current military efforts in Libya. Is the Osama storyline with its emerging complexities designed as a ‘who done it’ to keep us preoccupied?

  11. Eric Saunders says:

    On Libya vs. Monetary Imperialists:


    I like RT except when they talk about Russian politics… When they talk about the US, they have no reason to lie. Our imperialism is designed to dominate other nations and screw the Russians and Chinese in particular. RT tells us that since the US corporate media won’t.

    Don’t know what to make of the bin Laden thing. If he were already dead, it seems that they wouldn’t have to change their story about human shield, unarmed etc… But OBL would have had to have regular access to a dialysis machine. Perhaps that is why he was housed there with no protection and an understanding that the ISI would let him live out his days, his purpose having been served or something like that. I can’t make heads or tails of it all, except to say that even on its own terms, the GWOT is stupid and dangerous and imperialistic and murderous.

  12. The script writers have laid plans in among the hard drives ‘captured’ during their movie theater outing. so now we can look forward to various scenarios of what has been avoided by this successful operation. no body. no firefight. no photos. no trial. no post mortem. now obama at ground zero having nice conversation with firefighter in front of cameras that are actually working. how sweet. what timing. wag me some more.

  13. Eric Saunders says:

    What if this is a way to gracefully pull out of Afghanistan?

  14. Syed Zaidi says:

    In reply to May 5th, 2011 at 6:51 pm jschoneboom:
    K P Nayar, in the Telegraph, from Calcutta, India has pointed out that the account in Xinhua, whose correspondents have free access to Pakistan, lead one to conclude that the Pakistani establishment was involved.

    Nayar thinks bin Laden was killed. I think bin Laden was not alive to be killed, but that hardly changes the thrust of the story. There was no bin Laden, and yet with the help of Pakistan America managed to kill him. This is a theatrical caper between America and at least a major part of Pakistan’s establishment. It comes in the wake of a move away from the US towards Pakistan and China by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, and a move by elements in Pakistan to nudge Afghanistan towards Pakistan and China, and away from the US. K P Nayar says that all America “needed was logistics support and unimpeded passage into Abbottabad.” I think it was more than that — the story of the “daughter” of bin Laden about how the Americans shot her father in cold blood has been conveyed from the custody of the Pakistani military. This is just as fake a scenario as 9/11, in which Pakistanis played a bit part. The farce continues.

  15. robertsgt40 says:

    “I said: “It is way too early for a comprehensive analysis or even a short commentary.” I wish others, the so-called media had exercised the same restraint”—Actually their timing is perfect. The quicker these clowns spew out the script, the more errors they make. “Wag The Dog” comes to mind. BTW Sibel, I’m a huge fan of yours…followed you for years. I can’t imagine the stress you’ve been thru. As a Vietnam vet I salute you!

  16. “What if this is a way to gracefully pull out of Afghanistan?”

    Your point is well taken{re Afganistan}, but monsters (Godzilla, Frankenstein, the Blob, NATO, etc.,) are notoriously wanting in that God-given article we call grace.

    Wednesday’s attack on the convoy of AKP candidate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan apparently involved the lobbing of homemade incendiaries at the PM’s bus. In the light of the rash of false flag events taking place from Libya,to Egypt, now Syria and even Abbottabad, one could reasonably question whether this is another made to measure media spectacle designed to influence the outcome of Turkey’s elections.

    It also brings to mind the fact that our blogger and whistleblower extraordinaire is possessed of the means to throw a much more potent incendiary device into the midst of the Turkish political process(with ripples far beyond) Sometime in the next 4 weeks that game changing act of {counter} terrorism needs take place, so that the tensions being artificially stoked to lead to all out war can be removed. Indeed, to echo another commentator here, it is at the margin one must look for the real story – here, at the margins of the Beast’s power, our success or failure in preventing the intended holocaust of israhell against the innocents will be decided.

    Dear Karakoyun: you have strayed so far from the herd that there is really no going back now…you must stay the course…Here’s hoping that you are able to spare the time from sheep-rearing and other domestic chores to read up on the appropriate passages from the Anarchist’s Cookbook, and practice with your throwing arm!

  17. On the upside, Obama’s dog-and-pony show kept unemployment almost totally out of the news, but “surprise!”

    The standard measure of unemployment increased from 8.8% in March to 9.0% in April, and most of the media pretended it was all a big “surprise,” even though almost everybody knows that every state and local government in the USA has been laying off hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of workers.

    And meanwhile Obama was pinning medals on the 80 Navy Seals who bravely shot down one (1) armed Arab while they executed UBL and and his son and three other individuals who just happened to get in the way!

    Maybe they should create a special “Extra-Judicial Execution Medal” for this auspicious occasion!

  18. Revelarts says:

    Thanks Sibel.

  19. Blackflag says:

    Nothing in Politics is an accident.

    There is a reason the US government re-raised OBL from “the dead”.

    Quo bono?

    Who benefits from the death of OBL today that found his death unnecessary yesterday?

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