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The Boiling Frogs Presents Bernard von NotHaus

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Bernard von NotHaus provides us with his account of his recent trial and conviction in March 2011 of counterfeiting money by issuing silver coins called Liberty Dollars. He tells us about the significant difference between counterfeiting and developing a competing currency within the law, and the hyperbole in labeling him as a “unique terrorist” and categorizing his activity as "domestic terrorism" by the FBI. Mr. von NotHaus talks about the Constitutional authority granted under Article 1, Section 10, to make legal tender out of gold and silver coins, the mysterious absence of the United States Secret Service in charges brought against him and the jurisdictionally questionable FBI’s lead in his arrest and prosecution, and more!

VonNotHausBernard von NotHaus is the creator of the Liberty Dollar and an expert on private currencies and alternative economics. He retired eight years ago after 25 years as the Mintmaster at the Royal Hawaiian Mint. Currently he is the Monetary Architect at the Liberty Dollar organization, a non-profit, free enterprise entity that to date has distributed $20 million Liberty Dollars to a network of over 100,000 people. On March 18, 2011, after a 90 minute jury deliberation von NotHaus was found guilty on various counts, including the making of "counterfeit coins.” He was labeled a domestic terrorist by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Here is our guest Bernard von NotHaus unplugged!

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  1. While I’m not an expert on Constitutional law, currency regulations or state/federal jurisdiction matters, look at this situation in a broader context.

    We’ve defaulted on our national debt. Geithner, Obama and others are trying to spin it so it doesn’t seem like it (we’re “semi-insolvent”?). But we have, and the rest of the world (especially China, our biggest creditor) knows it.

    Now, will China actually call in our debt? What advantage(s) would it give them in the current global market? If they call this in, the dollar crashes and sets off a chain reaction. What other countries have strong economies? Germany, Brazil, Canada and Australia. Despite their leaders soundbites to the contrary, I can’t believe that they wouldn’t implement some amount of protectionism.

    The number of survivalists/libertarians/whatever continues to go up. This means a market for everything from underground shelters to buy gold now deals and more. What if Mr. NotHaus was allowed to mint his own coins?

    This would open the way for others all over the country to do the same thing. Sounds great? Maybe not.

    Why? Lawsuits would be filed everywhere by minters, customers and businesses who don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of this. If this is now acceptable currency, why then am I bothering to work for traditional dollars? Wouldn’t this in turn drive the dollar down even further? It’s a matter of the market and the perception of what’s going on by the rest of the world.

    Keep this in mind. Not too long ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry seriously proposed that his state secede. Right. Now, if you did that, who’s going to take you seriously? Nobody. Has Scotland seceded from the U.K.? No. Has Quebec seceded from Canada? Again, no. What if you did this and your economy falls apart? Are you going to ask for a bailout? Who would you ask? Obama can’t do it.

    While I know that a lot of libertarians support this guy, the reality is it won’t work. Is he a “terrorist”? IMO, no. However, you have to keep the current global economy in mind.

  2. Kingfisher says:


    Not everything is a Constitutional struggle, you know. Some people are just shysters!


  3. @KF: Good to see you back;-)

  4. Turkey Bilderbergers & Bahrain: The members below are those chosen from Turkey. I would expect Sibel and company to have an in depth perspective on them. The link to Mr. Chapman is included to substantiate why currency of any standard is likely to be moot, unless it is designed around a local barter economy. The reference to Bahrain should be self evident.

    Ciliv, Süreyya, CEO, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
    Gülek Domac, Tayyibe, Former Minister of State
    Koç, Mustafa V., Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.
    Pekin, Sefika, Founding Partner, Pekin & Bayar Law Firm


    US defense sales to Bahrain rose before crackdown
    By Stephen Braun
    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) — (Excerpts only) A government report says the U.S. approved $200 million in military sales from American companies to Bahrain in 2010, months before the pivotal Persian Gulf ally began a harsh crackdown on protesters.
    The yearly State Department report provides totals of U.S.-authorized arms sale agreements between U.S. defense companies and foreign governments. The latest tally showed a $112 million rise in licensed defense sales to Bahrain, home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, between the 2009 and 2010 budget years.
    Bahrain has been a reliable ally in the Persian Gulf for decades, hosting the 5th Fleet and in recent years providing facilities and some forces for U.S. actions in Iraq and Afghanistan
    The U.S. also approved $17 million worth of military exports to Moammar Gadhafi’s government in Libya in 2010 before turning on him following his crackdown on opposition forces this February.

    The proposed sale would have provided at least $6 million for upgrading Libyan armored troop transports. But a full $77 million deal to upgrade the vehicles was killed when the Obama administration suspended all military aid to Gadhafi’s government in March.

    The person who wrote the article in the link above, Mr. Chapman, has the following resume. I agree that it is likely that Europe will go
    under in the next year, then we will see a rapid escalation of all the
    hidden mechanisms that so far most people discount. By these I mean
    mood modification weapons on a scale that only scifi fans would
    understand. Keeping one foot in reality and the other in denial, how
    many will actually step up to the plate? I was observing a phenomena
    today in the Christian Fundamentalist movement, which has its good and
    bad points. The worst is the lack of ability to reason: in an effort to
    simplify for the masses, even the good ones look stupid. I mean here is
    the example that I presented. If you take the message of Jesus
    seriously with no hedging, then he had to be the perfect sacrifice. Why
    then does the head of Moody Bible Institute state that Jesus doubted
    when he said, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabbatini”? This was not a lament nor a
    moment of doubt as these folks believe. Any Bible scholar can go
    quickly to the psalm, I believe it is 22, that is a Messianic Prophecy.
    The first lines of that passage begin ‘Eloi, Eloi, lama sabbatini.”
    Jesus was simply stating with his last coherent breath that he had
    fulfilled the prophecy. That is what I would expect of God. Now me, I
    am less than any of the disciples of that time, and certainly no perfect
    example. It is unimaginable to me how, with the whole planet at stake,
    we could be holding any kind of integrity without help from above. I
    particularly like the last comic series in Doonesbury where he finished
    with “No man knows the day nor the hour, save my Father which is in
    heaven.” So our job is to plug along, realizing that within the context
    of biology and evolution, when the pressures become as enormous as they
    now seem to be, that provides the context for the next step in
    evolution, whether it is Arthur C. Clarke’s expression or something by
    another species entirely. I am still voting for the human race to come

    Mr. Chapman also known as The International Forecaster is 74 years old.
    He was born in Boston, MA and attended Northeastern University majoring
    in business management. He spent three years in the U. S. Army
    Counterintelligence, mostly in Europe. He speaks German and French and
    is conversant in Spanish. He lived in Europe for six years, off and on,
    three years in Africa, a year in Canada and a year in the Bahamas.

    Mr. Chapman became a stockbroker in 1960 and retired in 1988. For 18 of
    those years he owned his own brokerage firm. He was probably the largest
    gold and silver stockbroker in the world during that period. When he
    retired he had over 6,000 clients.
    Bob Chapman : you got to remove these people from the government
    Starting in 1967 Mr. Chapman began writing articles on business,
    finance, economics and politics having been printed and reprinted over
    the years in over 200 publications. He owned and wrote the Gary Allen
    Report, which had 30,000 subscribers. He currently is owner and editor
    of The International Forecaster, a compendium of information on
    business, finance, economics and social and political issues worldwide,
    which reaches 10,000 investors and brokers monthly directly, and parts
    of his publication are picked up by 60 different websites weekly
    exposing his ideas to over 10 million investors a week.

  5. HAL 9000 says:

    @ Yoshi

    You are right that China is not going to take action that will precipitate a dollar crisis/panic. However, China is taking steps now to prepare for a world in which the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency for the world. China knows the US will never get its fiscal house in order and will never honor its debts. But China needs high annual economic growth in order to maintain employment levels high enough to avert a domestic crisis. So, for now, China needs a healthy US market for exports.

    However, as US economic and political power wane, the US and China are battling for influence around the globe. Clearly, China is winning this war. For example, witness the desperation and hypocrisy exhibited by our Secretary of State in this release:


    IMO, the rest of the world has grown tired of US arrogance and control, and is ready to align with a new paradigm. Nothing new here, it is the same inevitable fate all imperialist nations experience. But this has dire implications for US dollar supremacy.

    Now, as for competing currency, you are wrong about this, Yoshi. History is replete with examples of the successful existence of competing currencies. In fact, in some countries today, dealing with multiple currencies is a daily, routine event. When the US dollar is replaced as the world reserve currency, there will be a crisis and you will see competing forms of currency in the US. You cannot force people or nations to accept currency in which they have no confidence except under threat of death or imprisonment. Note that both Iraq had stopped accepting US dollars as payment for their oil before the US attacked them. Also, read what Libya had in mind before the US attacked them


    There is widespread interest among nations which possess abundant natural resources to find a replacement for the US dollar as the world currency. Not only would they free themselves from dependence on a declining currency, but they would free themselves from the oppression of US world dominance.

  6. HAL 9000 says:

    For a different perspective on von NotHaus, see link below


  7. lightviperr says:

    To get around the whole dollar coin stuff- I just steal, it’s nice and simple.

  8. allspark says:

    I thought this was a rather unfortunate choice for a guest. Not because of the subject manner, but because of the foulness and off-putting character of the man invited. Your program quite often offers serious and sober discourse to important subjects. Here’s hoping that in the future guests are screened before-hand to see what type of conversationalists they will be. I hope to never hear this man speak again. His manner and speech were revolting.

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