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What we have been doing & what we will be doing

sibelIt’s been a very busy month for Boiling Frogs Post. The ‘busy’ includes what you’ve been reading, watching and listening to here, and also what’s been taking place behind the scene invisible to you all. Let me start with what we have been doing before I get to where we are headed:

-We moved BFP to a new Hosting company.

-We upgraded our server package and monthly hosting services.

-We are in the middle of making our website Mobile Compatible, to enable you to get to the site on the go.

-We have purchased several software packages and Plug INS to be used for our upcoming video-audio services and Database management- operations.

It may sound pretty simple for those of you who are tech and website savvy, but let me tell you, it has been anything but smooth and easy for me. The following words come fairly close to describing the process for tech-challenged me with limited resources: frustrating, agitating, at times bewildering, and sometimes even depressing! You are looking at a woman who still doesn’t own any of the current jazzed up mobile devices. My simple cell phone was made in 2005, and my very rarely used laptop is at least 6 years old. Do you get the picture? No IPhone, no IPad or whatever else is out there the names of which I don’t even know. Okay; okay.

puzzleOn the positive front here is what I have been planning and working on with my partners:

Two weeks ago I added our BFP Select Evening News & Editorials feature, and you have seen it 5 weeknights for two weeks. That too expanded a bit to include nightly select videos, nightly quote and funnies. I have to admit I love doing it. Is it time consuming? Yes, but definitely important and worth it.

We now have a partnership agreement with James Corbett to produce exclusive video reports for BFP. You have already watched 4 test videos on FBI Secret Files; Corporate Foundations; Obama Transparency Award; and the Murdoch Scandal. Again, it’s been a pleasure working with James, a partner who I respect, who is highly professional, an excellent investigative researcher and writer, eloquent, articulate, nonpartisan, and 100% independent.

We just published our 50th Boiling Frogs Podcast interview. I’ve had a meeting and several discussions with Peter B Collins on how to present these 60-minute solid interviews weekly without commercials-advertisement, and expand from there.

We now have two incredible researchers and analysts, Julia Davis and Bill Bergman, who will contribute to BFP regularly. And of course, we have had the honor of having our award-winning Paul Jamiol contribute fabulous and original political toons regularly to BFP for almost two years.

We are also planning to add a members’ interactive news and discussion forum, where members can post news related items and other political discussion topics on our areas of interest such as: Our hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy, police state practices and news, civil liberties and related activism, government whistleblowers, 9/11, etc.

To sum it up, for our coming Boiling Frogs chapter, we are planning to offer you exclusive weekly video reports and podcast interviews, an interactive members’ forum, weekly editorial-political cartoons, select nightly news-editorials-video round up, weekly investigative research and analyses, and other articles and commentaries.

Now, the question of how are we going to make these plans-objectives possible?

Last March, after our month-long fundraising round I presented to you our results, dilemma, and possible course of action:

I run our fundraising campaign only once a year and for 4 weeks. Unfortunately, as far as our modest fundraising objective goes, we are about halfway there, and this, after finishing our third week. Considering the average rate of contributions we’ve been receiving (so far), we need at least 150 more of you to make it. Now, some people ask, ‘why don’t you run the campaign quarterly or bi-annually?’ My answer is not a complicated one: I really don’t like doing this; I would rather run a longer campaign and get it over with for the year. BUT, I try to listen to my friends and members of our irate minority club, so here are my options in need of your two-cents to come to a decision:

Extend the countdown campaign by another two weeks, and keep this as annual fundraising campaign

Bite the bullet and run a fundraiser campaign 2 or 3 times a year

There are other options and methods such as : Explain your idea

After our less than successful fundraising round, and after receiving your feedbacks, consulting with our partners, and thinking very hard about various ways to make this site and its objectives possible, I have decided on a plan; a course of action that will allow us to continue this site and expand. And based on this plan, starting in the next two weeks or so, we’ll be implementing the following methods to help maintain and expand this site and its features:

Boiling Frogs Subscription Program

subBoiling Frogs Post will begin a subscription program and offer its subscribers our exclusive video and podcast interview weekly series, and access to select exclusive articles purchased from outside journalists. We are also planning and designing an exclusive interactive forum for our members.

Our subscription sum will be modest, and we’ll offer our subscribers two payment options: Annual and recurring monthly payments.

Donations to Boiling Frogs Post

donateBoiling Frogs Post will continue to offer our regular evening news and editorial round up, weekly political-editorial cartoons, in house articles and investigative research, and other discussion series to everyone. And these posts will be made possible only through donations from our readers and supporters. Those of you who cannot, or choose not to, subscribe to our video-podcast-forum program, are encouraged to donate whatever you can to help sustain this website for the irate minority club. We appreciate your donations no matter the amount or frequency, and we are always thankful for your support.

I apologize in advance for any minor disruption we may possibly have during the next two weeks while we complete the transfer and reconfiguration of our site, and thank you for your understanding and patience. And now, your turn: Please give us your take and suggestions on the coming chapter for Boiling Frogs Post.

Sibel Edmonds

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  1. jpcarson says:

    You certainly qualify as a member of the tireless, irate, minority!

    I joined the League of Women Voters (LWV) last year and encourage you to consider it. If a few of the irate minority were LWV members, we could influence it to do studies and, hopefully, adopt positions helpful to transparency and accountabilitity.

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