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We say ‘we don’t want corporate media.’ We know that Corporate-Foundation sponsored quasi alternative information sites are equally suspect and under the influence. We admit to the destructive nature of partisan groupings when it comes to news and analyses forums. We want a website that is completely free of corporate money and advertisements, totally detached from agenda-driven foundational sponsorship, and absolutely nonpartisan.

Well, we got it, and here we are: The Boiling Frogs Post. We solely depend on you to exist, continue, move forward, and expand. Please do your share and support us with your subscription. Let us show that it is ‘possible.’

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BFP Subscription Countdown: We need 500 New Subscribers Now!

SEDear BFP Irate Minority Members & Supporters,

Last month I provided you with a heads up on coming changes, improvements and expansions to the Boiling Frogs Post. We are now ready to begin the third phase of this independent and nonpartisan website for the members of our irate minority community. A little more than two years ago I started this site as a simple blog. To my surprise (pleasant surprise, that is), very quickly, my simple little ‘blog spot’ began to gain the attention of like-minded readers and supporters. Together we raised this ‘blog spot’ to more of a ‘site.’ And we kept growing. I then began forming partnerships with like-minded friends: Those free of corporate attachments, foundation strings, and partisan blinders:

Peter B Collins and I have been bringing you our one of its kind podcast interview series; with no commercials, and no corporate or foundation sponsorship.

Paul Jamiol has been presenting to you hard-hitting and critical thought provoking editorial-political cartoons.

Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald have brought you un-matched analyses and articles on issues rarely-touched by mainstream and pseudo alternatives.

nightly newsBeginning in July this year we started providing you with a nightly news and editorial roundup. Every weeknight we publish a comprehensive list of significant news articles and truly independent critical editorial pieces, selected and filtered from the best and most independent sources. You may have noticed the absence of bologna sold as news by publications such as The New York Times and Washington Post. Call it a kind of a boycott, if you like 😉

BFPVideoAlso last July I formed a new partnership with James Corbett of Corbett Report. James has already produced for us five original investigative video reports. He has been working on several additional investigative projects, and we are ready to publish these reports back-to-back starting this week

We have also brought on board other independent analysts and authors such as Bill Bergman and Linda Lewis, who will be providing you with analyses on issues that have been sinking our country.

On the not-so-exciting technical front: we have upgraded our server and hosting services - including cloud hosting services for our streaming videos, and we now have ‘real’ database management software which will be utilized to provide our members with additional and improved services. One of the first services we’ll be providing in the coming weeks is our BFP Monthly Newsletter, and another is the upcoming members’ exclusive forum.

Now comes the most important question: How do we continue and expand all these services and coverage? How can we afford to produce original and independent weekly podcast and video shows? How can we continue to bring in original work from independent experts and analysts? How do we maintain and manage this website? Most importantly, and by that I mean ‘the most’ important question: How do we do all this without receiving a single penny in corporate money, without getting any support from agenda-driven corporate foundations, while defying all partisan and status quo boundaries? How?

I’ll tell you how: through your support and contributions. As simple as that; nothing less-nothing more. This site depends exclusively on your contributions. Without your support there won’t be a Boiling Frogs Post. Without your contribution we won’t be able to bring to you podcast interviews or investigative video reports. Without your subscriptions I won’t be able to spend the time it takes to manage this great forum.

Last March, after our month-long fundraising round I presented to you our results, dilemma, and possible course of action. Now I am presenting you with the only two ways I know to maintain, continue, and expand this website:

1- In the next three weeks gather a sufficient number of monthly or annual subscribers to continue and expand this website, and still have all our content, including podcast and video reports, available to everyone and anyone. We need a minimum of 500 new subscribers per quarter to achieve this.

2- In the absence of a sufficient number of subscribers at the end of this three week period, make our podcast and video reports available only to our subscribers.

It is really hard to balance our two objectives: Produce quality podcast-video and editorial information, have it available to as many people as possible, and at the same time have enough funding to sustain the information production and maintenance of this website. That’s why we are starting this three-week subscription campaign - to see whether we can achieve both objectives. We need to have 500 new subscribers per quarter to keep the site and all its content available to all.

You, Boiling Frogs supporters, will be the sole determinant. Help us continue and expand this unique information venue by subscribing to our annual or monthly contribution program. Please Subscribe Now:

subscrYou can subscribe to Boiling Frogs Post with a contribution of a minimum recurring annual payment of $50, or a minimum recurring monthly payment of $5.


Thank you for all your support,

Sibel Edmonds & Boiling Frogs Post Team

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. jschoneboom says:

    How’s the subscription drive going so far? (Me, I signed up…)

  2. iambinarymind says:

    Just subscribed. I stopped watching TV & cancelled my cable subscription a couple years ago and instead, I now subscribe to sites like yours that have TRUE INTEGRITY and have no corporate advertising. Thank you for what you do & I will be sure to spread the word.

    BTW, I had discovered your site via James Corbett last year and found out about the recent request for support via The Corbett Report.

    Keep up the great work!

    Frederick, MD

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