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boycottLast week I got an e-mail from a reporter from one of the top three culprit-corporate mainstream media players. In his e-mail, the ‘reporter’ provided a link to a recent article on FBI Translator-Whistleblower Liebowitz. He politely asked me to cover it at Boiling Frogs Post and disseminate, ‘since this is a case directly related to your case, your movement and website, Ms. Edmonds.’ I politely responded,

I am aware of the case and I will include it in my nightly news roundup this evening. However, first I have to go and find a REPUTABLE news source that has provided coverage on this.’

Very quickly, another e-mail followed, asking me,

What are you trying to say? That XYZ is not reputable?! Don’t be ridiculous. It’s outrageous. What is this…some sort of a boycott?!

I thought about this for a few minutes, then, went and checked my nightly news posts and the sources for the last ten weeks, five nights a week. Guess what? I’ve been boycotting these jerks! How about that?! I guess it had not occurred to me in those terms until last week with that reporter’s e-mail. And to make it official, I am going to announce it with pride:

Boiling Frogs Post does not provide coverage or generate hits for the highly dependent and influenced, unreliable and already proven illegitimate mainstream media players. You may consider this an official boycott.

Does this mean it takes me much longer and costs me more time and energy to research and find far more reputable alternative sources for noteworthy news and editorials every night? You bet. Let me give you an example. For that Liebowitz & Israel Espionage story I found far more accurate and comprehensive coverage. And that’s what I published for you that same day. Not only that, in addition to the newsworthy information I also helped show how ‘news & info’ gets to be twisted, sanitized and then delivered by the same top culprits in the MSM. Here is my alternative to the garbage printed by the dependent NY Times:

The New York Times Twisted the Facts in FBI Wiretap of Israel

This is what we mean by providing alternative and completely independent news, editorials, interviews and video at Boiling Frogs Post. To continue this and to be successful at it we must remain ‘Independent.’ This means: not a penny from the corporate media. Not a cent from corporate foundations from Soros to Rockefellers to Carnegie. It also means ‘zero’ partisanship and no party alliances. Then, how do we make this happen??!!

We solely depend on you to exist, continue, move forward, and expand. So please do your share and support us with your subscription. Let us show that it is ‘possible.’ Thank you.

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  1. Bill Bergman says:

    Reminded of MLK, in a way, e.g.

    What do you do if there are good-hearted bus drivers trying to get you where you want to go? Tough questions underneath.

  2. Makes this carpool so important.


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