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When it comes to Crooked Puppets We Take No Prisoners

By Sibel Edmonds

SibelFor the past two years Boiling Frogs Post has been the proud home of the irate minority. When I started this website, even before completing the site’s setup, I had already picked the quote which this site’s principle was going to be based upon. In fact, this particular quote was one of the major catalysts in making the decision to launch Boiling Frogs Post:

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” – Samuel Adams

As you all know, I have been referring to our core group and supporters as our vigilant irate minority friends. The majority has been trying very hard, and most of the time successfully, to paint us, our vigilant minority group, as conspiracy theorists, fringe, loonies or worse. Two years ago I wrote about the story of the poisoned well and here are a few excerpts on the crazy majority and the vigilant minority who refrain from drinking from the poisoned well:

Today in our nation, with the help of the mainstream media and the pseudo alternative-media alike, anyone who dares NOT to drink from the well poisoned by the establishment corruption, greed, abuses and lies, tainted foreign policy agenda, and cover-ups, is destined to find himself stuffed into the same bucket of crazies, loonies, the mad and insane.

Those driven by pure, agenda-free, and nonpartisan civil liberties motives are coined as die-hard unrealistic idealists.

Those in government who dare to come forward, speak up, and tell the truth are labeled as disgruntled whistleblowers.

Those groups who fight for accountability and demand justice are dismissed as extremists.

Those activists who dare to ask for ‘real’ investigations in matters such as 9/11 are grouped and stuffed in a bucket as insane conspiracy theorists.

Those real investigative journalists and reporters who have defied the ‘dictation,’ refusing to become stenographers, have found themselves jobless and without paid outlets to publish.

Two years later here we are still, the vigilant irate minority. And that’s not all. There is another common stand and bond that holds us together. We also happen to be a politically homeless bunch. What do I mean by that? Well, just take a look at what we’ve been saying and doing for the last two years. We fought and opposed the previous regime under Bush. We’ve been countering, exposing and fighting the current regime under Obama; since day one of his presidency. We are looking at the actors on the warm-up stage for the upcoming elections, and shaking our heads in disgust.

We all know too well about the establishment presenting their puppets in two different costumes and under two different labels: Democrats & Republicans. We realize the mockery of democracy and that having a choice is about the establishment giving the people their two choices-the two sides of the same coin, and saying ‘here you go; pick from the two and we get ours either way!’ That’s what I mean by the nonpartisan minority here; a politically homeless group.

We are aware of the pseudo terrorism script being sold to our nation as the pretext for our establishment’s objective of perpetual wars. We do see through the fables, fantasies and lies marketed to our nation’s crazy majority by the mainstream and pseudo alternative media.

Fundraising ThermometerJust take a look at the coverage provided to you by Boiling Frogs Post in the past two years. Look at the list of 54 guests and issues we have presented to you in our Boiling Frogs Podcast Interview Series. Check out our editorial series covering issues ranging from corporate-foundations & their puppet NGOs, to Police State Practices, to 9/11 censored facts, to … Watch our recent exclusive video series-the EyeOpener, daring to delve into ‘no-no’ cases from Afghan Heroin to the Israel Lobby, and see if you can find anything like it in mainstream or pseudo alternative outlets. While you are at it go over the hard-hitting original political ‘toons presented to you by our award-winning cartoonist Paul Jamiol here at Boiling Frogs Post for the past two years.

Boiling Frogs Post has been the home of the vigilant irate minority. It has been the home for politically homeless people like you and me who refuse to drink from the poisoned well. This home is independent. This home is nonpartisan. We do not receive a single penny from corporate-foundation shills or corporate advertisement trap setters. This home relies only on the support provided by a like-minded irate minority like you.

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  1. I know about your case. No surprise. My own whistleblower case confirms that the US govt is pro-drugs, pro-the money trail to terrorism, pro-the money trail to terrorism, anti-drug prevention, and anti-cutting off the money trail to terrorism. The US govt deliberately pulls its punches, deliberately undermines its own pretended “war on terrorism,” which is a sham, scam, fraud, and intentionally so, by deliberate policy.

  2. @smokedoctor: …and you are right. Can you contact me via e-mail? Would like to chat…

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