The EyeOpener- The Anthrax Attacks, US Military-Industrial Complex & A Secretive Biowarfare Program

The Silence of the US Government-Media Duo on the 10th Anniversary of the Anthrax Attacks

Earlier this month, the public was overwhelmed with saturation coverage of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. What is not being reported on with anything near the same zeal, however, is that this September 18th marked another solemn milestone, the 10th anniversary of the start of the anthrax attacks that paralyzed an already fear-stricken nation and actually shut down the US House of Representatives, three Senate buildings, and the Supreme Court.

That the government and the media are largely silent on this anniversary is hardly surprising. Rather than reinforcing the war on terror narrative, the anthrax investigation leads directly back to the heart of the US military-industrial complex, and a secretive biowarfare program that most Americans never knew existed.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett on facts, issues, questions, and real implications of the Anthrax attacks, which remain almost unmentioned in the war on terror narrative, and absent from the mainstream and pseudo alternative media on the 10th anniversary of these events.


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  1. Absolutely terrific video!

    Personally, I think these attacks were a rogue campaign by a small group of fanatics within the bioweapons program, and Bruce Ivins may or may not have been a part of this group. I don’t believe the group is directly tied to 9/11, but someone in the bioweapons program saw the opportunity presented by the WTC attacks and hit the ground running without thinking his/their plan through.

  2. Nice job! (as always) Psyops r US

  3. jeanguimier says:

    Thanks James for this good report again. I really appreciate that you take part in But what I really miss, compared to your own website is the easy way to download all your podcasts and video’s, so I can use them offline and show then to friends. I see absolutely no way how to download those jwplayer video’s. Also firefox’ downloadhelper offers no help.

  4. @Miguel I find it too convenient that it was the office’s of several of the Senators who were holding up the vote for the Patriot act which received the envelopes with the spores in them. Also, a reporter at the white house at the time confirmed that he was advised by someone on staff at the white house to take cipro, which protects against anthrax, before even the first attack had taken place. My own opinion is that ultimately this leads back to Cheney. But that’s just opinion.

  5. Metem:

    What bothers me about the anthrax attacks going that high up the command chain is this: the letters that accompanied the anthrax were very amateurish. It almost reminds me of the Jon Benet Ramsey “kidnapping” ransom note, in which the killer of the little girl tried to impersonate a “foreign faction”, when it was plainly obvious either a member of the family or a sicko child molester committed the crime.

    The other thing is that while Francis Boyle talks about this being “super weaponized” material, the initial letters contained a less dangerous form of anthrax, another clue that the person/persons who committed the crime did not have everything well planned out. I think anyone working for Cheney would have been far more organized and caused more fatalities while doing a better job making it look like an Iraq or al-Qaeda attack.

  6. jschoneboom says:

    Well done as usual, James — many thanks!

  7. It is interesting how feeble and uninspired the cover-up is and that it doesn’t need to well-covered as well to be effective. Rational arguments and facts don’t count apparently. Only media-spun myths and diversions. Not a pretty picture.

  8. Very good on everything except for avoiding the Israeli role. The notes said death to America and Israel and it was Israeli security forces who claimed they witnessed Atta getting anthrax form Iraqis in Prague. This was widely reported it was in Bild, the London Times Oct 27 2001, ABC October 26, 2001, the Guardian Thursday 25 October 2001, and the Independent Friday, 26 October 2001 That was the pretext repeated by all these neocons before Powell’s infamous UN speech and guess who wrote that speech? No mention of Philip Zack either who jumped the gun writing the DOJ about the anthrax before any of the letters had even been opened. Of course that also traces back to a Zionist cabal. But if you say anything about Israel you can’t be on Alex Jones and so a lot of people ignore it for that reason. Not saying James did, he may simply be unaware of these things.

    I predicted Ivin’s death back in April of 2008 (check the date) we know who made the anthrax because the same people were working on nearly the same thing plan in 1993 and the WTC was bombed then too, (which is when Zack was caught on tape stealing anthrax out of fort Detrick with Dr. Rippy assisting him.) WTC 93 that was also a screwed up FBI sting and also connected with the Mossad via Josie Hadas. And this is also ignored when talking about 911 even though one would think a prior bombing of the WTC ought to have been brought up. No they compared it to Pearl Harbor instead.

  9. @Miguel

    Thanks. It’s nice to be able to actually discuss something on the internet rationally. I’ve become increasingly cynical about that possibility over time.

    Anyway, I take your points. I had just taken it for granted that any government agency carrying out such attacks would automatically want to cover their trail as a highly professional organization with access to high technology by doing things to make it seem like the culprit could be incompetent/stupid. Having that supposition in the background, the mixture of high technology and low on the one hand, and the letters’ making the blatant attempt to implicate muslim terrorists with their overtly crude writing on the other, seemed to fit the pattern. But I’m just throwing that out there for what it’s worth.

  10. @Metem

    Yes, unfortunately, I see how many people on the Web get very passionate about a point of view and start throwing insults at each other. And it is not limited to political websites: I’ve seen even worse battles on “true crime” forums.

    And basically, my theory vs. your theory isn’t so important at this point. Most important is this question: has the FBI shown convincingly that Ivins was the one and only perpetrator of the anthrax attacks?

    I think to any rational person who looks at this, the answer is a resounding “No”. I mean, heck, if even Charles Grassley doesn’t believe the FBI’s story, we’ve got a problem.

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