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LAEOn September 21, 2011 we broke the story of two CIA analysts at the heart of a notorious failure in the run-up to 9/11who were also involved in the agency’s scandalous rendition and torture cases, and identified them by name. The mainstream media, from the Washington Post to the New Yorker, had been sitting on this story for years, and despite all their resources and in-house legal muscle had chosen to withhold this information from the American public. The popular pseudo alternative outlets have not dared to publish a word on this story, despite us taking the lead and the associated risks of exposing these mammoth government hit-men, and despite their millions of dollars from the corporate-foundations, Soros and the like. Boiling Frogs Post is that kind of an alternative.

We brought to our readers a sobering four-part series on U.S. Psychological Warfare, 9/11 & the American Narrative, written and presented to you by distinguished investigative authors Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald. In this series we dared to delve into the real history, context and facts long censored by mainstream authors and quasi alternatives alike. By doing this, once again we managed to ruffle some feathers, and kicked our daring content up another notch or two.

We dedicated an entire month to our podcast coverage of hard-hitting facts and proven cover-ups related to 9/11, and presented to you experts and analysts who have long been outcast by the mainstream media intimidated by naked truths. We dared their ‘marginalization tactics & threats’; they lost-our listeners won.

We have been producing and showcasing our one-of-a-kind video series on topics long-considered ‘no-no’ by the establishment and their tentacles. Our partner, James Corbett, has been delving into ‘hot-potato’ cases; from Afghanistan’s White Gold-Heroin, to the CIA-News Media joint operation and partnership. With documented facts on our side we have been sawing through their thick and crusty cover made of lies. Every day, with every single additional video viewer, we are expanding the number of those in the know, and shrinking the size of their reliable majority.

They want to continue to mislead and misinform Americans on Palestine related issues and developments-we counter that with facts presented by our distinguished and well-respected experts. They want to trick the public into trusting their tentacles in order to manufacture consent-we tear apart their web, wreck their mazes, and connect the dots back to their pockets.

Fundraising ThermometerThat’s who we are. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s exactly what we want to continue to be doing. That’s what Boiling Frogs Post is about. Do you like what you see here at Boiling Frogs Post? Do you want us to continue? Would you like to finally have a media outlet free of corporate ties, foundation strings, partisan alliances, and shady partnerships?

This time I am going to start with the bad news: we have reached the end of our three-week subscription drive, and we have not made it. We have not reached our goal of having 500 new subscribers for this quarter. We have added only 286 new subscribers. In order to continue what we need is at least 200 more of you to subscribe.

I don’t want to downplay the positive side of this. We have 286 new subscribers who have committed to supporting Boiling Frogs Post. We have 286 new subscribers who believe in us; have faith in what we are doing, and have shown their support in action. We want to thank every single one of them.

Now, what are we going to do? We were hoping to reach our 500 new subscribers objective and offer every single post, podcast, and video report to everyone. But we didn’t make it. That leaves us with two options:

1-    Starting this Monday, October 3, provide our podcast interviews and videos only to Boiling Frogs Post Subscribers.

2-    Extend our subscription drive for another two weeks, and try one more time to reach our goal of 500 new subscribers.

As I have said repeatedly, we want to continue this, expand this website, yet make sure we reach as many people as possible, and offer everything to everyone, with all our materials/information/articles available to all. How is it possible to consolidate both objectives? How can we sustain this website’s operations, and remain open and available to all? Most importantly, how do we accomplish all this without a single penny from corporate ads, and without a single string attaching us to those charlatan corporate-foundations?

We all know the answer. There is only one way: your contribution, commitment and support by subscribing to Boiling Frogs Post. There is NO other way. We have to do this every quarter, and we have to expand our subscription base. For this quarter we needed 500 new subscribers. We need 200 additional subscribers to meet that objective. Per your requests and our team members’ input we are going to extend this quarter’s subscription drive by two weeks until Sunday, October 16. We have been doing our share. We want to continue to do so. Please do your share and give this real alternative a chance. Please support us by subscribing to Boiling Frogs Post. Thank You.

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  1. I’d like to know how many people are coming to this site every month.

  2. Here’s my opinion. I’m going to assume that you are getting a fair number of hits And that many people are visiting site without subscribing. I am also going to assume that the information from this site is going to be copied and scared in other places after you switch to a subscriber only model.

    I think you should switch to a subscriber only model immediately. This will not limit number of people who ultimately receive the information, but it will force those who wish to get the stories from the source in a more timely fashion to pay for that access.

    Simply put, the goals for this site require financial support and, to remain independent, you must require the users to provide it. This model is more fair to those of us who already provide financial support.

    You’ll probably get at least a hundred “tax payer funded” subscriptions right away 😉

    I believe this site is one of the most important projects of our generation. This is it! What we have all been eaiting for. With Sibel’s leadership, intelligence, and courage, we ARE going to get some justice. I can feel it.

  3. Funny typos happen on mobile phones 🙂

  4. invisibleman_24 says:

    Thank you Sibel! BOILING FROGS IS CRUCIAL! I find it telling that the *most gagged person in US history* still manages to tell us more about how our country works than the total combined efforts of our so-called “free press”. So who is really gagged one here – Sibel or, say, The New York Times?

    You inspired me to subscribe when I heard you rant to the SecrecyKills folks (and the rest of us) on why and how to stand up to empty threats from the CIA (“release the information!”). With that rant, you inspired me to start writing!

    Sibel, you deserve every subscription and accolade because you’re like a bonfire of heat and illumination for those of us who aspire to independent and autonomous thought about how our world actually works today.


  5. @Xicha: Thank you…we are still trying to consolidate both objectives, but as you said, we have to do what we have to do in order to continue this outlet.

    @invisibleman-24: When I read comments like yours, that’s when I feel vindicated, and I know we are on the right path. Thank you!

  6. agalerneau says:

    Sibel — thank you very much for all you’ve done and endured. Is there any formal process to reprint your articles on other websites?

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