Peter B. Collins & Sibel Edmonds Unplugged & on Fire

Boiling Frogs Podcast Show #60

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Peter B. Collins and Sibel Edmonds discuss the meaning of true alternative media, the role of corporate-foundations in mainstreaming the so-called alternative news, the shameful state of mainstream media as the mouthpiece for the government steered by mega corporations, the joint pseudo alternative-mainstream media black-outs on information pertaining to 9/11, government whistleblowers, secrecy, and the falsification of the truth by tentacles of our shadow government. We go on record with examples of establishment alternatives in disguise and real cases of operatives who sabotage true alternatives like Boiling Frogs Post. We talk about Boiling Frogs Post, our partners and team members, our goals, our pledge to complete independence from the corporates and their foundations, our stand on partisanship, and more!

Here are Peter B. Collins and Sibel Edmonds unplugged & on Fire!

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  1. We all appreciate the sacrifices you make to provide such an important outlet. And are pretty excited about what can be done with this site when you are getting the well-deserved contributions in a number that represents the true audience you are serving. We need more exposure, but we also need those who can and haven’t done so yet to step up to the plate.

    I’ve got a promotional idea:

    Sibel would give out a free BFP coffee mug or t-shirt or whatever, any time a member posts a URL showing they’ve successfully mentioned on the air. This could be for call in programs like Washington Journal or other national shows. Is this too tacky? Could it be a good way for members to do some outreach work and get one of those great Jamiol mugs?

    Anybody got any feedback? Other ideas?

  2. carnegie45 says:

    As a user I still can’t download your podcasts. I probably don’t know how.

  3. Try this url:

    It doesn’t show up on the page, but it still shows up in google rss reader.

    Hope this helps.

  4. jschoneboom says:

    Thanks for all you do. Enjoyed this podcast, a nice chance to just kick back with ol’ Peter and Sibel and just kind of reflect on the history and the vision and more than anything else to really appreciate the value of these voices in the current landscape. We mustn’t take it for granted. It’s all too easy to imagine a world where everyone’s given up, and there IS no alternative to the mainstream except the “sanctioned” safe pseudo-alternatives.

    The $5 per month or $50 per year Boiling Frogs is asking for is NOTHING. The NY Times gets what, I forget, is it like $8.00 a WEEK for a digital subscription? $8.75? And for that you’ll search in vain for the stories behind the stories. You’ll find silence on the stories that matter most.

    $50 a year? Are you kidding me? Skip one dinner out and you’re even!

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