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BFP Subscription Drive: Final Week

Fundraising ThermometerThis is the final week of our Boiling Frogs Post subscription drive. As always I want to thank all our subscribers who believe in us; have faith in what we are doing, and have shown their support in action. We want to thank every single one of you who recognize, appreciate and support a true alternative without corporate or foundation ties.

A little over two years ago I started my blog thinking of it as a channel to publish my thoughts, analyses of and reactions to the sorry state of our nation: the absurdities of our declared and undeclared- covert and overt wars, waged in our name, under the guise of ‘security’ and ‘terror;’ the butchering of our liberties and once-upon-a-time previously recognized Constitutional rights under the pretense of ‘national security’ and ‘war on terror;’ the veil of secrecy and classification draping over almost all our government actions  to cover up the truth and erase all traces of ‘reason’ and any chance for ‘accountability.’  Most importantly, I wanted this channel to counter the media’s deceptions, distortions, and their role in furthering these assaults-domestically and internationally.

A little over two years ago I started that little blog with very humble expectations: writing an article or two per month, and doing a little bit of my share in a fight in need of millions.

In a little over two years that little blog grew. It became a home not only for my few articles, but other like-minded and passionate fighters who shared the urgency of ‘we the people’, trying to do something about the sorry state of our nation, and by default many other nations. We became partners; we became a team: Peter B. Collins, one of the greatest radio talk hosts in this country, but wait, one of the very few who has always remained independent, nonpartisan and ‘true;’ Paul Jamiol, who produces and expresses our causes in illustrations and drawings in many ways unmatched by thousands of words; James Corbett, by far the most amazing reporter and producer I’ve ever known in the field of investigative video reporting; and of course contributing authors and analysts such as expert authors Elizabeth Gould-Paul Fitzgerald, investigative reporter Joe Lauria, and analysts Bill Bergman and Linda Lewis.

We have come a long way. Today with this unmatched team and with more than 100,000 of you visiting our home of the irate minority we are becoming a voice to reckon with. Of course, we know we have a long way to go, and need many more thousands to expand and hopefully counter the ignorance plague. For that we need ‘You.’

We are entering the final week of our BFP Subscription Drive. We need 176 new subscribers to keep this home and make it reachable to all. Please help us keep this ‘true alternative’ alive and kicking. If you have already subscribed, then help us get the word out and encourage those you know to join our irate minority and subscribe. Thank you.

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