Boiling Frogs Subscription Round & the Final Two Days

We Are Still Trying. How About You?

Fundraising ThermometerOur extended subscription drive is going to end at the day tomorrow, Sunday, October 16. We needed 500 new subscribers for this quarter, and so far we have not made it. We need 132 additional subscribers to meet our objective, and to carry us through this year while keeping all our publications, including our exclusive video reports with James Corbett and our weekly podcast show with Peter B. Collins, open to all. As we have said repeatedly our aim is to produce top notch articles, analyses, political cartoons, podcast interview series and original investigative video reports, and be able to offer all these unmatched materials to everyone. Some may say ‘well, we don’t always get all we want.’ I say, ‘well, at least we give it a try; give it our best.’

I believe we have given it a try and our best. We will not quit trying. We will not stop. However, if we don’t meet our goal in the next 48 hours we will have to settle for less, and that ‘less’ means limiting the viewership of our podcast series and video reports. Anyone who has a problem with that should check our appeal to our readers-viewers-listeners during the last 6 weeks. It is on record. We have tried, and we are still trying. I also invite anyone to point to a website with this level of independent and quality information, one-of-a-kind video reports and in depth podcast interviews which operates without a single corporate ad, without a dime from the corporate-foundations, and without any attachment to agenda-driven political parties. You will not find one. Not a single one. Because it doesn’t exist, it cannot exist without the will, support, and contributions from ‘the people.’ And that’s why no one really gives it a try. We do. We are. How about you?

Less than 48 hours to go, and we ‘only’ need 132 additional subscribers. Please do your share, and support a ‘true alternative’ with your subscription. Thank you.

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