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On Langley’s Boys & Girls in the Media

karsaiEarly this morning, even before my second cup of coffee, I came across this almost ‘back-page’ report by the media:

Taliban Did Not Kill Afghan President’s Brother: NATO

The man who killed the influential half brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai three months ago carried out the attack for personal reasons and was not a Taliban fighter, a senior NATO official said Saturday.

"It was a murder, not an assassination," the NATO official said of Karzai's killing, in a briefing to unveil NATO statistics showing a fall in Taliban attacks. "It wasn't politically motivated and it wasn't an insurgent masterstroke."

Well, we at Boiling Frogs Post did not need a half-baked NATO report, still far from being factual, to arrive at that conclusion. Three months ago I wrote the following commentary report on Ahmed Wali Karzai’s assassination:

The Assassination of Afghan Kingpin Karzai: A Case of CIA Liabilities Exceeding Its Asset? 

There is no point in wasting too many words and space rehashing what every media outlet has been reporting and recounting on the assassination of Afghan Heroin Kingpin Ahmed Wali Karzai. The US media began reporting on the Kingpin, his heroin network and operations, his shady deals and even shadier connections over two years ago. This is how it always goes when the relationship between Kingpins like Karzai starts souring with their masters in Langley

Then, right after that commentary, no longer able to stand the mainstream and pseudo alternative media’s nonstop spreading of that fantastical script made-up by Langley, I wrote my next analysis of the likely story:

Gimme a Break: The CIA Asset Turned Taliban Bodyguard Assassin?!

The entire scenario of a Taliban-Turned confidante bodyguard didn’t sit well with me; way too Langley. When you get a chance read a bit about the assassination of Vietnam’s Diem Brothers, and then you’ll understand what I mean when I say ‘Too Langley.’

Anyhow, this morning I read the following headline: Bodyguard Who Killed Karzai’s Brother Was Trusted CIA Contact :

The bodyguard who assassinated President Hamid Karzai's brother had been working closely with US Special Forces and the CIA …

Everything made sense up to this point, but then came the following sentences:

…before he was recruited by the Taliban, raising fears over the Islamist movement's increasingly sophisticated intelligence apparatus which has managed to threaten the inner circles of power in Afghanistan.

Utter nonsense; that is, if you start adding 2 and 2 and another 2, and then check the result against the one presented to you by the media. Let’s add up a few twos here:

-We know that Ahmed Wali Karzai was a CIA operative and trusted asset for years.

-We know that the CIA relationship- aka working arrangement soured with Ahmed Wali Karzai around 2008, so he was outed by Langley.

-We know that Ahmed Wali Karzai had a pretty good relationship with a certain group of Taliban figure-heads and was pro dialogue with the Taliban.

-We know that Ahmed Karzai’s bodyguard, Sardar Mohammad, spent years as a CIA trusted asset and US ally.

-We know that Karzai’s Bodyguard was a well-know Taliban Foe and played an important role as a snitch reporting on the Taliban and helping with their arrests.

Here is what the above twos add up to: The known Taliban Foe CIA Asset assassinates former CIA Asset-Operative whose relationship with the CIA had soured, and who had relationships and dialogue with certain Taliban figureheads.

And here is the add up by the media: The bodyguard turned out of the blue into a Taliban and assassinated former US operative who turned out to be a drug kingpin, Ahmed Wali Karzai.

So, do you think the MSM and their quasi siblings will go back and retract their previous fantasy-bologna; the one given to them by their Langley bosses? Right! Maybe a few years from now there will be another back-page story giving out other bits and pieces of the real deal, but no way-no chance for the publication of the entire ‘real story.’

By the way, do you remember our ‘Breaking News’ last month, on September 21, which exposed the identities of the CIA analysts at the heart of a notorious failure in the run-up to the September 11th tragedy? You know the one that was not touched by the MSM and pseudo lurkers? Well, finally, about a month later, one finally picked up the story. Pretty much it is the carbon copy of our reports on the case, nonetheless we are glad to see ‘some’ coverage, even though about a month late 😉

We intend to remain fast and furiously truthful when it comes to reporting, analyzing and discussing the issues that remain blacked-out by the MSM-Pseudo misinformation market. And we hope you are resolved and determined to support our one-of-a-kind website with your contributions through your subscription to Boiling Frogs Post.

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