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MembersOnlyOur subscription round for this quarter has now ended. The bad news: We did not reach our 500 new subscribers objective for our Fall 2011 quarter. What does this mean? Starting from this week, on Friday, our podcast interviews will be available only to Boiling Frogs subscribers-supporters. Also, starting next week, our exclusive video reports with James Corbett will be username-password protected, and will be presented only to BFP subscribers. When you click on our video report or podcast links you’ll get a ‘username-[password’ request.  Enter your username and password, and you’ll be taken to the video-audio post.

We tried very hard to recruit enough supporters-contributors to offer these resource-consuming exclusive (and one-of-a-kind!) reports to everyone at all times. We counted on our thousands of regular viewers and listeners. We tried. We tried hard.

For a very few offensive people who have written to us saying, ‘Every piece of news, everything on the internet should be free….’ Let me tell you something: Those websites who claim that are engaged in real fraud, and those like you who believe it are truly ignorant (I’m actually being polite here). When you see websites that regularly publish professionally produced news-audio-video-analyses materials and do so for “free”, they are either: 1- Funded by one of several mega corporate foundations such as George Soros or Rockefellers or Ford; or, 2- Funded by dozens of ads owned by mega corporate; or, 3- Are directly funded-bribed by the Republican or Democratic HQs = The one & only ‘Establishment’. They are not free. And, their cost to you is actually far greater than any monthly subscription. Because they make you stupid. They maintain your ignorance. They fill your heads with lies, twisted and falsified information, and tons of propaganda. And, they and their bosses make millions-billions of dollars out of altering your perception. Your ignorance has enabled their profits in the billions of dollars. They make money, you are being robbed, and we all lose. Stop being ignorant. Start making sense, and then come and join us.

The not-so-bad news:  We are thinking of making our members-only podcast and video reports available to everyone at a certain point- maybe a few weeks after the original publication date, and once they are archived. Again, we need your support to accomplish that. Also, a few days after publication, the transcripts of our EyeOpener video reports will be available to all at James Corbett’s CorbettReport.Com.

The good news: If and when we reach a sufficient number of subscribers-contributors we will go back to offering our video and podcast reports to all. Again, this depends solely on our supporters-contributors. First, we will have to reach the needed number. Next, we will request our subscribers’ consent, and then we will be back to what we truly want: to independently produce unmatched reports-video and podcast, and reach as many people as we can-to inform and to pursue the needed ‘Real’ changes collectively.

CIAonCampusComing up: Starting this Friday, October 21, we’ll publish our exclusive podcast interview series on a very troubling, extremely important yet completely blacked out topic: CIA on Campus. The series is based on a recently released book -The CIA on Campus: Essays on Academic Freedom and the National Security State, edited by Dr. Philip Zwerling. We have already recorded the first three interview episodes with Prof. Zwerling, Prof. Soldz, and Prof. Gonzalez. I am not going to give out too much here, but suffice it to say I am very excited and looking forward to your reactions-comments. Those of you who have not subscribed yet but have been thinking-planning to do so: you may want to subscribe and have your access info ready for this ground-breaking series on the CIA’s nefarious activities and recruitment on US University-College campuses.

We will also have our EyeOpener report with James Corbett. The next topic: CIA & the Nuclear Bazaar. Again, I am going to restrain myself and not give out too much and spoil the hard-hitting video report coming soon.

We at Boiling Frogs Post have been working very hard to unearth long-censored cases and macro issues, whether on the CIA, or corporate-foundation NGOs, or under-reported cases and facts involving the drug world, or never-covered government whistleblower cases and facts. We want to do it with you. We cannot achieve our common objectives without your contributions and backing. We need you to continue and expand. Please do your share and contribute to this effort. Please do your part by contributing towards sustaining our truly independent, fearless, and completely nonpartisan alternative media - the Boiling Frogs Post. Thank you.

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  1. contextofnocontext says:


    For those on the fence, I want to offer my thoughts on Boiling Frogs and the paywall situation. When the site first grew out of 123realchange, I sent in a small contribution for encouragement. Since then I’ve checked back regularly and listened to every podcast as soon as it was posted. That’s just to say I’m familiar with the history of BFP.

    At one point, during a period where almost no new content was being posted to the site, it seemed BFP’s demands were becoming too burdensome for you to handle. Honestly, I started to check back less and less frequently. Thankfully, I never completely stopped.

    In the past year, I have watched the site steadily improve, developing a consistency that it previously lacked. The quality of content has always been good, but in the last 4 months it has become stellar. Now I find myself checking back every day or two.

    Obviously, unlimited access is preferable to a paywall, especially because this information needs to be shared. On the other hand, everybody knows where the message-force-multipliers get their funding, and they take it without our consent. If the podcast was on NPR and the EyeOpener on PBS, I believe these programs would quickly build a large audience. For that reason, I strongly support making them widely available shortly after they’re posted on the site. The risk of the paywall is that it could stunt BFP’s growth and exposure, discouraging new visitors from returning to the site. As a way to counteract this problem, consider repurposing the growing archive of amazing interviews, creating additional content (as James Corbett does with his interviews/reports/podcasts) and posting them on youtube and other platforms.

    That being said, as a longtime consumer of Boiling Frogs material, I’m subscribing without any qualms. This is merely recognition of your accomplishments, Sibel. I’ll continue sharing your work with coworkers, friends and family. I know you’ll keep up the good work.



  2. @contextofnocontext: Thank you so very much for this constructive feedback. I agree with all your points. And you know what? One of the best thing about creating this website: gaining friends-supporters like you.

    The reason for the positive change/improvements since July: I quit my part-time work; It was based on quarterly contract, and I didn’t renew it. Instead, I took the chance (and still taking it) to give that time/energy/efforts to BFP. That’s exactly what I want to do with our other partners. I would like to enable them turning their full-time outside work to part-time and produce info/reports for BFP more frequently and consistently.

    Hopefully we’ll build the needed backing/support, continue what we are doing, expand it, bring a few seasoned reporter/journalists on board, and make the MSM even more irrelevant.

    Right now we are badly in need of reliable part-time webmaster-editor. We want to be able to mirror our website (one of these days, soon, they’ll be coming after us; count on it); we want to help out our partners so that they can regularly and frequently produce (very time consuming)…

    Again, I’ve been told over and over: the models are either foundation or ads. No way. I won;t do it. I’d rather shut this site down than be pocketed by the exact culprits we are fighting against.

  3. As a new subscriber I find your news and collaboration with the Corbett Report most inspiring. I have several websites and a FB profile that I use to present what I perceive to be the way things really are. I take care of my elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s, 24/7. If I may be of any service please let me know as I have plenty of time on my hands to do so.

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