It is Past Time to Stop Using the Rest of the World as Our Penal Colonies

Our Honored & Decorated Hard-Core Criminals in ‘Their’ Backyard

CIAI am sure you have noticed our intensive coverage of everything CIA in the last couple of months here at Boiling Frogs Post. We have presented you with our EyeOpener video report series on the CIA in the news media, narcotics, nuclear black market, and with our podcast series we have covered the CIA and 9/11, and have begun our three-part podcast series on the CIA on campus. We also broke the story of the identities of CIA analysts who were involved in an intentional cover up of 9/11 related crucial information, rendition and torture practices, and had a recent piece on yet-to-be fully identified reprimanded, retired and then back to CIA again torturer “Albert.”

Has it ever occurred to you that there seems to be no positive actions or accomplishments associated with this rogue-criminal agency? Really, think of one positive accomplishment or contribution by this well-funded and legitimized terrorist entity? We all know of the need and longing for praise and gloating when it comes to government agencies and bureaucrats. You would think that for every awful and scandalous incident that is leaked there would be several glorified and flowery ones. No? Come on; it’s human nature, and even more so, an inherently present government bureaucracy pattern.

I kept thinking, and thinking more, and tried hard to come up with one positive attribute of this rogue agency called the CIA. And I found one. Kind of. I think it is more appropriate to consider it an ‘unintended positive externality’ rather than a plain and straight forward positive. Well, here it is:

Let me start with a general concept as a framework. Are you familiar with the general concept of Penal Colonies? If not, here is a very general, macro definition: A penal colony is a settlement used to exile prisoners and separate them from the general populace by placing them in a remote location, often an island or distant colonial territory. I am going to use penal colonies just as a general concept since these colonies were designed and implemented for a wide range of purposes targeting an even wider range of people or groups as the colonies inhabitants, the prisoners.

Next, I want to briefly talk about the list of ‘desired qualifications’ for the CIA operative selection process. A few years ago one of my former CIA operative sources made the following comment:

I truly owe it to the military and the CIA. Considering my background, a severely abusive childhood environment and later juvenile delinquencies, I was on my way to turn into a hard-core criminal. I stood before this fork: one led me to the extreme criminal path, and the other one turned me into a great soldier and even greater operative. Military re-channeled my criminal tendencies and rage, and later the CIA put those to noble and great uses through black operations overseas. When I kidnapped, killed, tortured…well, I did them all for my country and for the good of my own people. I owe them both.

Now, the man above was one of several I have extensively interviewed on the top qualifications sought by the Agency in order to be accepted as operatives. The general list includes the following qualifications:

  • Highly deceptive and manipulative
  • Above Average Intelligence
  • Pathological Liar
  • Psychopathic tendencies
  • Sociopathic tendencies
  • Sadistic Tendencies
  • Absence or low degree of conscience 
  • Rage and Anger issues
  • Abusive Childhood
  • Moral Ambiguity

Well, you get the general picture, and I don’t have to bore you with the longer list of highly sought qualifications.

Back to the operative I quoted above. What went unsaid was this: I got to put all those criminal tendencies into action overseas, victimize people in other countries, and was told it was all for the good of my country. Oh, I was also given honor and a couple of medals for that.

Another way to say it, crudely that is: don’t sh.. where you eat. It is okay and actually honorable to commit those crimes elsewhere and victimize ‘others.’ But the same actions over here, at home, would land you in jail at best, and most likely in the electric chair.

Or say it this way: I came to this fork. One was to become a domestic criminal, the other was to become an international one sanctioned and legitimized by my government. I chose the latter and even got a medal or two for it.

How does all this tie into the semi positive externality and penal colonies concept?

The CIA has thousands of these operatives with ‘those’ sought after qualifications around the globe. Without the CIA these highly qualified sadistic, psychopathic, murdering and torturing criminals would have been here at home; right in our own backyard.

I am all with Ron Paul when it comes to dissolving this rogue criminal and terrorist agency. I also keep my realism hat on and accept the consequences of such a move. The moment the agency is dissolved, when the operatives come back home, we will see a phenomenal rise in our domestic hard and cruel crime rate: a astronomical jump in the number of serial murder victims, a huge increase in serial rape and torture cases, a vast increase in white collar crime involving con artists and charlatans … Basically, the penal colonies inhabitants would be coming ‘home.’

Still, despite all these negative consequences I would rather free our nation and the world of this dangerous rogue criminal terrorist agency. It is past time to stop treating the rest of the world as our penal colonies for our hard-core criminals.

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  1. dutchbradt says:

    I think that the total number of anti-social personalities in the US population dwarfs the few hundred (thousand?) employed by the CIA. Their reincorporation into society here at home would not cause a sufficient increase in crime to register above the statistical noise.

    Indeed, I’ll bet many could find outlet for their talents in politics or investment banking where the lack of a conscience and pathological lying are highly prized traits.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    Maybe we could get half of them to follow the other half of them around and they could pick each other off one by one until there was only one left. The last one could be tagged and monitored constantly.

    Actually, although they’re not *supposed* to operate domestically clearly they do, and with Obama’s kill list now, they’re already getting more serious about equal opportunity victimization. I think we’ll be seeing more and more of these officially sanctioned sociopathic tendencies right here at home as it is. Perhaps it’s part of Obama’s jobs plan: he can put a good chunk of America’s unemployed homicidal sociopaths to work on domestic CIA operations and relieve a lot of stress on the judicial system by legalizing their activities.

  3. Interesting post

    Depending on the criteria used about 0.5-2% of the population is a psychopath. See here for the famous psychopathy checklist:

    Sibel’s list overlaps. It is likely though that the operations side of the CIA has many more psychopaths than the more public analysis side.

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