BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- November 16, 2011


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"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed." --Mark Twain

International Newsworthy

U.S. Drone Attack in Pakistan: At least 15 Dead in South Waziristan 

IMF Sets New $133 Million Loan for Afghanistan

Karzai: End Night Raids before Afghan Deal

Covert Missions in Somalia Goes Back to 2003

Gulf Arms Sales Vital for U.S. Companies

Syrian Army Defectors Attack Air Force Base

Wahhabis Weave Web of Plot in Syria

Syria on the Brink: The Beginning of the End?

Israeli Military Chief Calls for 'Major' Invasion of Gaza Strip

UN Bosnia Report Slammed by Russia

Row between Russia & Tajikistan Escalates

Kazakhstan: Kashagan Feels Growing Pain 

Europe Bans X-Ray Scanners Used in U.S. Airports

National Newsworthy

Why is Obama Spending $433 Million on Experimental Smallpox Drug When Last Case was in 1949

'Occupy' Crackdowns Coordinated with Federal Law Enforcement Officials

Senator Feinstein Loaded Up Biotech Stock Just Before Company Received $24 Million Government Grant

No, It is Not "Legal" for Congress to Insider-Trade

Most Members of Congress Enjoy Robust Financial Status Despite Sluggish Economy

US Gives Millionaires $30 Billion a Year in Tax Breaks & Payments

JP Morgan to Issue CMBS Backed by Defaulted Loans!

DOJ Intends to Criminalize Uploading YouTube Videos

DOJ: Lying on Match.Com Needs to be a Crime

Suspicious Deaths Hint at Dryboarding

Romney & Obama Battle it Out in the Primary for Israel Lobby

Colorado School Board Sells Advertising on Report Cards

Canadian HR Reporter Stands Up for Whistleblowers While U.S. Sinks to New Lows in Unethical Conduct

Noteworthy Editorials

The Iranian-American Game of Chicken

Whose Finger's on Pakistan Nuke Trigger?

John Quincy Adam on US Foreign Policy (1821)

Dennis Russ: The Undiplomatic History

Who Funds Israel's Right-Wing Organizations?

Why the Old Media Ignore Ron Paul

Russ Baker: We are all Rupert Murdoch Now

BFP Nightly Video-Audio Potpourri 

Video 1: Arab League Suspends Syria: What's Next?

Video 2: Fukushima Media Junket

Video 3: NYPD Raid on Camp in Zuccotti Park

Video 4: James Corbett-Perfect Storm of Internet Censorship

Podcast 1: Antiwar Radio- Richard Silverstein on Exposing Mossad-MEK Attack in Iran

Podcast 2: James Corbett- the Grand Chessboard with Michael Vail

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