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"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." --Woodrow Wilson

International Newsworthy

Pakistani Taliban Declare Nationwide Cease-Fire

Former US Envoy: Turkey Should Occupy Afghanistan after 2014

US-Led Strike Kills Nine Afghan Civilians

Pentagon Defends Zardari in ' Coup Memo' Scandal

GE Opening First Offices in Iraq

Saudi Regime Forces Kill 3 in 2 Days

Bahrain Forces Attack Demo in Sitra

Syrian Troops Attack Turkish Buses

Syrian Rebels Carryout First Attack in Damascus

Israel Slams Calls for Nuclear Transparency

Elbaradei Approached for Egypt PM Post

Egypt Activists Call for 'Million-Man' Rally

Pipeline Sabotage Halts Yemen Refinery Operations

Kenya Prepares for "Major Assault" on Somalia

China Bubble a Global Concern

Azerbaijan: Baku Takes Control of Gas Export Policy

Uzbekistan: Top Officials Jailed in Possible Purge

UK to Spend 500,000,000 Pound on Lethal Drones by 2015 

National Newsworthy

Leaving Iraq, US Plans to Send Troops to Kuwait, Drones to Texas & Turkey

National Press Club Suspends Journalist for Confronting Saudi Prince

Journalists Protest Occupy Wall St. Police Violence

Army Finally Sets Date for Bradley Manning Court Hearing

CIA's 'Pizza' Blunders Leave Informants Facing Execution

Clinton-Geithner: Measures to Increase Pressure on Iran

Mortgage Fraud Involved Many Lenders, Say Former Employees

US Soldier Gets 5 Years in Afghan Misconduct Probe

US Deficit Cuts Deal Faces Deadlock

Chevron Fined $27 Million for Brazil Oil Spill

National Lawyers Guild Files FOIA Requests Seeking Evidence of Federal Role in Occupy Crackdown

Activists to Sue Minnesota for Investments that Fund Israeli Occupation

Cryptome 1: Foreign War Carnage Lovers Secret Meet

Cryptome 2: Foreign War Carnage Rigs Arms Markets

Noteworthy Editorials

Ron Paul: Crisis of the Federal Budget & the So-Called Congressional "Super Committee"

Ten Years Since Deadly Strike Drone Industry Gathers in London

Peter Dale Scott: The Doomsday Project & Deep Events- JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra & 9/11

Iran's Energy Profile: Still OPEC's Second Largest Oil Producer

America Pivots toward ASEAN

Who Won the Iraq War?

Nonviolence Does Not Have to be Passive

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush-Blair 2011

Video 2: James Corbett-'What Egyptian Revolution?'

Video 3: Debt Crisis- Europe's Savage Austerity Measures

Video 4: Beit Ummar- Soldiers Make Room for Settlers to Attack Peaceful Palestinian Demonstrators

Podcast 1: Antiwar Radio- Philip Giraldi on CIA Fiasco in Lebanon

Podcast 2: James Corbett- Requiem for the Suicide: Danny Casolaro

Podcast 3: Peter B. Collins Show- Police violence against Occupy & more!

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  1. Oil

    Baku takes control of gas export policy
    By Robert M Cutler

    MONTREAL – The recent announcement that Azerbaijan and Turkey will construct on Turkish territory a pipeline for transiting natural gas from the Caspian Sea basin to Europe is a signal from Baku that it will drive its own energy export policy rather than have it driven by others… From Boiling Frogs Post

    Yeisk connects the Soviet Union to the Mediterranean. Azerbaijan: it is one of the six independent Turkic states as well as an active member of the Turkic Council. News from Azerbaijan, police dispersing the protest action in Baku on April 2, 2011. … one and a half thousand people took part in a meeting against oil terminals in Yeisk.
    A new anti-aircraft missile launcher is being tested near Yeisk. MOSCOW. June 9 (Interfax-AVN) – The Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy up to 250 portable anti-aircraft missile launchers of a new model in 2011. The launchers are being tested in the Krasnodar territory.

    Russian intelligence agents appear to be systematically working off a hit list. When he came into power, Putin, who was president at the time, apparently decided to expand the death zone. “We will pursue the terrorists wherever they go. If we find them in the toilet, we’ll kill them in the outhouse,” the president vowed, and set his agents loose on Chechen rebels and terrorists abroad.
    The attacks were carried out in Arab countries, Azerbaijan in the southern Caucasus and, in particular, Turkey. In September 2008, the Chechen militant Gaji Edilsultanov was murdered in Istanbul in broad daylight. Three months later, his fellow militant Islam Zhanibekov was killed in an execution-style shooting in front of his wife and children. Russian special-forces units had targeted the Chechen because of his involvement in several terrorist attacks.

    The big picture emerges clearly if research by Greg Palast in ‘Vulture’s Picnic’ is included. The major oil companies headed by B.P. tried to bribe the prime minister and his number two to obtain oil rights with minimum compensation to Azerbaijan. Moral objections by the retired intelligence operative who was not given his full cut for complicity forced Big Oil to resort to number two, Giffen. Giffen was caught and tried, had to pay $25 court costs, and was removed from probation. Hillary Clinton assured the prime minister and his number two that they would not be mentioned in the court case. In light of Sibel’s research, we see that the greatest vulnerability for stealing
    the former Soviet oil reserves in Azerbaijan lies near the port of Yeisk. Both countries are posturing while maintaining amicable relations. Both are hostage to Big Oil. If this is in doubt, Palast clearly demonstrates how B.P. has purposely destroyed the Gulf Coast
    of the U.S. and successfully covered up research that would prove they are responsible for New Orleans restructuring to eliminate the poor, and destruction of Gulf fisheries.

    What remains to be definitively established are links to the International Banks dictating global geopolitics of oil, when solutions such as a hydrogen economy are purposely suppressed.

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