Delving into State Secrets: James Corbett Interviews ‘Me’

‘US-NATO-Chechen Militia Joint Operations Base’

Here is an exclusive interview I gave to James Corbett on my recent article, “US-NATO-Chechen Militia Joint Operations Base.” We discuss the American financing, funding and protection of Islamic terrorists in Central Asia, the history of Turkish links with the CIA, the heart of my whistleblower story and the State Secrets Privilege, and the real endgame for the competing world powers in the Caucasus.

You can listen to the interview here at Corbett Report.

As you know I am a big fan of my partner James Corbett and his brilliant work. If you are not familiar with him check out his website here for great podcast interviews, video reports and analyses. He now has an extensive collection of his interviews available on DVDs, and you can check them out and purchase them here.

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  1. Sibel and James – Great report! Thanks so much for the clarity on these issues.

  2. I agree with Dennis. We’re very lucky to have you.

  3. I think this was Sibel’s best interview ever- everything is laid out very clearly in terms of the use of Bin Laden and other terrorist operatives right up until 9-11.

  4. @Miguel: Glad to hear that. I know you know ‘this’ case inside out, so your assessment goes a long way.

    @Xicha & Dennis: and thank you. Dennis, good to hear ‘clarity’ being used as an adjective on this. Considering how 99% have never heard of Gladio/Susurluk/CA-Caucasus opertions…well, I am usually wary of coming across with these topics as confusing-too complex-convoluted…It comes down to: how do you simply put all that history-context together (NATO-Gladio-Susurluk-US sponsored Terrorism utilizing extrimism…), tie it to present, …and do all that in one interview, in an hour or less. To make the long story short, it makes it all worth while when I get a response that includes ‘clear/clarify.’ Thank you.
    Xicha, as always you beat me to that! I got the interview link last night, and couldn’t post it until this morning. Sure enough, there it was, your comment with the heads up:-) How do you keep up with all these things/developments/news??!!! You know, I so badly need you or someone with your abilities to join BFP team and keep our readers up-to-date. Interested? if yes, please e-mail me directly and we’ll chat…

  5. @Sibel: I’ll send you a message sometime later tonight or tomorrow morning.

  6. @Sibel: Just sent it. I thought I’d let you know here just in case your junk mail filter grabs it.

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