Video: My RT Interview on the Arab League in Syria & More

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  1. He was trying to be “neutral” but not getting the real story because of it.

    Solution = “…the opposite of what we have been doing.” Very succinct.

  2. At least for the next year, I’d be very surprised if there was an actual coup in Syria or attack on Iran. Despite the Democrats “win” with the tax credit extension and Boehner losing face twice this year, why risk it? After Libya, Obama can’t justify “liberating another country”. Some neocons like Romney and Gingrich can put out lots of attack soundbites. However, nobody will risk it this close to the election.

    Until then, there will be more attacks and “let’s attack Iran” talk. The neocons will nominate Romney. Why? Because they’ll want the most centrist candidate possible. The “competent” businessman vs. the _________ candidate Obama. It will continue to be the most expensive and racist campaign in history. Despite that, the Powers that Be will say that’s the way things are done.

  3. Desert-Lady says:

    Excellent Sibel! I hope RT turns to you as a regular contributor!

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