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"Whether the mask is labeled Fascism, Democracy, or Dictatorship of the Proletariat, our great adversary remains the Apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier or the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brother's enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this Apparatus, and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others." -- Simone Weil

International Newsworthy

Syrian Rebels Call on Arab League to Leave!

Syria Releases Political Prisoners

Is Arab League Being Scolded by the West for not 'Seeing-Hearing' any Atrocities?

Mullah Omar Confirms US Peace Talks

Afghanistan: US Media Withdraws 

Taliban Pick Qatar over Turkey for Office

US-Pakistan F-16 Deal Still in Place

British Aid Worker Kidnapped in Pakistan

US Navy Testing Long-Range Drones Near Persian Gulf

War of Words Aimed to Avoid Iran Conflict?

Sectarian Conflict Flares in Iraq

Blasts Kill 20+ in Baghdad Shia District

Bahrain Lobbied for Washington Times Op-Ed

Libya Collapse of Justice Leaves at Least 7000 Behind Bars

Egypt PM: Military Council Cannot Leave Power until June

Mossad Spying Network 'Allegedly' Busted in Mauritania  

US Turns to Drones to Counter China

Why is Britain Ramping Up Sanctions against Iran?

Pirate Party Boarding German Politics

National Newsworthy

Several Thousand US Troops Headed to Israel for 'Unprecedented' Joint Missile Defense Exercise

Reserve Airmen to be Deployed to the Middle East

Police State: FBI Allowed to Add GPS Device to Cars without Warrants

NY Police Circulating Mysterious Government Guide to Criminal Tactics of "Protest Extremists"

Background Check on CNN

Chief Justice Ducks Judicial Ethics Scandals in Annual Report

Ron Paul Vote Raises Alarm

Soldier May Face Punishment for Paul Endorsement

Military Donors Prefer Ron Paul

U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Leaving Post

Skynet: Hackers Dream Up Censor-Proof Satellite Internet Grid

Why is Coca Cola Supporting Africa's Last Royal Dictator?

Eight Strategic Factors to Consider in 2012

Noteworthy Editorials

The Tyranny of Defense Inc.

War & Semantics

Ten Illusions Shattered in 2011

Exiting Iraq

Is the "War on Drugs" as Phony as the "War on Terror"?

Welcome to Incarceration America

The Taliban Get an Address

Hamas & Turkish Ambitions of Empire

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Disturbing Images from Iran you Rarely See

Video 2: War is Hell- Iran Far Stronger Than US Would Like to Admit

Video 3: Israel, US Media & Manufacturing Consent

Video 4: Chomsky on Capitalism & Anarchism 

Podcast: Corbett Report- The NDAA & You with LT. Eric Shine

Podcast: Peter B. Collins Round Up-Wednesday, January 4

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