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"The militarists say that 'fighting is instinctive' and that 'you cannot change the real character of men by any intellectual process.' If this is true, the case is still not hopeless, as some think, for there are animals and men without this 'fighting instinct,' that do not kill each other; there is a possibility that those with the 'fighting instinct' will succeed in exterminating each other, and permit those without to breed a better race." -- Charles T. Sprading  

International Newsworthy

Panetta: Iran NOT Building A Nuclear Weapon

British Royal Navy Deploys its Navy Warship into Persian Gulf

Syria: 11 Syrian Troops Killed in Dara'a

Split Anti-Assad Forces Struggle to Form "Co-Ordinated" Opposition

Gitmo's Evil Twin: Afghanistan Slams Torture in US-Run Bagram Jail 

Afghan Forces Under Threat in Helmand

Pakistan- Prosecutor: "Fugitive" Musharraf will be Arrested on Arrival

Musharraf Plans Trip to Saudi Arabia to Rally Support

Pakistan- Zardari: Reopening Swiss Cases Equal to Putting Benazir Bhutto on Trial

Iraqi Torture Scandal Touched Highest Levels of NATO

Iraq: Car Bomb Attacks Kill 15

Turkish Air Strike Killing 35 Civilians may have been Intentional

Turkey Launches Sarkozy Diapers to "Spite" France

Trouble in Egypt in its Sinai Backyard

New Libya Welcomes Sudanese Leader Wanted for Genocide

Sudan Hails Obama's Decision Allowing South Sudan to Buy US Weapons

Sudan Leader Offers Help Disarming Libyan Militias

Russia: Gazprom Deal May Ease Dhaka Arms Purchase

Russia to Arm more Divisions with New ICBMs

China Warns Obama Over New Defense Strategy

Greece Spends Bailout Cash on European Military Purchases

National Newsworthy

Cryptome: State Department Says 7,500 Internet Activists "Funded"

Police State: Homeland Security Monitors Journalists

Police State: Forced Military Testing in America's Schools

Leaked Memo: Apple Provides Backdoor to Governments

Crime Pays for Prison Operators

Wall Street Bankster George Soros to Open "Official Presence" in Myanmar

Four Major Contradictions in Obama's New Defense Plan

Special Operations Troops Learn to be Gumshoes

State Department Refuses to Release Cables Already Available on Internet

SOPA-Supporting News Outlets Aren't Covering SOPA

Largest Dutch Pension Fund Pulls Investment in Walmart over Poor Labor Practices

Noteworthy Editorials

Czar Barack

Guantanamo: Ten Years & Counting

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents

"Get a Program": Voting Isn't & Never Will Be Enough

Report: US Arms Sales & Deliveries to Major Clients 2003-2010

Never Underestimate the Desperation of a Broke(n) Government

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Should be Embraced

China's New Role in the Making of Europe

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: "Unemployment Numbers are Phony" 

Video 2: Grand Central Terminal Arrests

Video 3: Emergency Committee for Israel Goes after Ron Paul

Podcast: Corbett Report- Exposing the Police State

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