Romney Says the Magic Words …

Turning the Magical Mega Dollar Wheels

RomneyWhen it comes to elections and political fundraising there are certain magic words, sentences and phrases. Of course I am not talking about ‘increasing employment’ or ‘creating jobs.’ Those lines are used later- after the competition is almost ended, and the deal becomes pretty much a slam dunk. No. I am talking about the real political ‘magic words.’ As you know, as soon as they utter those magic words and make those pledges the money magically starts flowing into their campaign sack. And by that I don’t mean peanuts. I don’t mean humble individual contributions by voting citizens. I am talking about ‘serious money;’ magically serious, that is. I am talking millions; not in Lira or Peso, but in US dollars. You get it; no?

Okay. Mitt Romney just started using some of those magic words- magical lines. Let me give you an example, sure to bring some of those mega magical dollars into his camp.

On his website Mitt Romney suggests that the victim of Russian aggression would be, improbably, Central Asia. A Romney administration's policies, he writes, would:

Deter Russian ambitions to its south by enhancing diplomatic ties, increasing military training and assistance, and negotiating trade pacts and educational exchanges with Central Asian states.

CAMagical indeed. You don’t have to read in between the lines. Just read the lines and you’ll see the mega dollar signs in the eyes of … who? Okay, let’s play it dumb and slow in case there are some MSM readers are among us reading this post. We want them to get it to. Special treatment.

So, Romney says he will ‘increase military training and assistance’ for all these Central Asia nations. Meaning:

We’ll give these Central Asian countries billions of dollars of our taxpayers’ money and ask these nations to turn around and hand those billions of dollars to our military industrial complex (MIC) and purchase their products: missile, guns, helicopters, F-16s, tanks …

We’ll give them training and a protection umbrella as in: We’ll establish more and bigger military bases in those countries, thus benefit our MIC by a few more billions of dollars.

We’ll negotiate (read pressure them into) better ‘deals’ aka ‘trade pacts’ with these countries. Basically we want to have our oil industry to get, control and manage all their oil-gas-mineral resources, rather than …let’s say China, or, Russia. Meaning, ongoing billions of dollars for our oil-energy and transportation giants…

We’ll have more ‘educational exchanges’ with these countries. Hmmmm, what kind of ‘education’ do we provide to that part of the world? Oh, right. We’ll put our NGOs in there and have them create and disseminate propaganda news/information created and dictated by our State Department and their master. We’ll control (aka ‘help them with’) their schools-universities by actually running their indoctrination process in conjunction with their (our) puppet dictator regimes. And of course we’ll have our CIA and extended operatives educate and train their governments and police forces in modern torture, rendition, secret assassination, censorship … practices.

Wow. Romney has mastered delivering all those promises with so few magical words! I see those dollar wheels turning manically in the eyes of MIC-OIL-Intelligence Industrial Complex. Don’t you?! Now, let’s sit back and watch those mega magical dollars flow into Romney’s already half-full campaign sack. Shall we?

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  1. Funny line: “Okay, let’s play it dumb and slow in case there are some MSM readers are among us reading this post. We want them to get it to (sic).”

    Here’s a 40 min clip of Nader taking calls on c-span on Sunday. Among other things, he does a little compare and contrast with Paul (good section on Paul starts @15:30), reflects on the current state of electoral politics, and talks about solutions as he does so well.


  2. Do you mean to say that ‘educational exchanges’ aren’t the same thing as those nice high school students from England coming here to our high schools? Say it isn’t so!

    I’ll need to fact-check this with CNN or Fox News. Or maybe the PBS NewsHour website will have something to say about it.

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