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"Liberties are not given; they are taken." -- Aldous Huxley

International Newsworthy

Iran War Propaganda: Clinton Revives Dubious Charges of 'Covert' Site 

Russian Official: No Proof of Iran Nuclear Bomb Program

Iran: Obama Edges Toward Regime Change

US Military Moves Carriers, Denies Iran Link

EU Moves Toward Agreement on Details of Iran Oil Embargo

Russia Rejects Iran Oil Sanctions

Clinton Calls for Arab League to Leave Syria

Pakistan President Goes to Dubai as Split with Military Widens

New Rules in Play as CIA Drones Return to Pakistan Skies

Turkish Spy Services to be "Among World's Largest"

Obama's Africa Mission Growing 

Obama Gives Uzbekistan free Pass to Terrorize Press

NATO Intensifies Integration of Azerbaijan

Venezuela Heads Deeper into Militant Narcoterrorism

Accident at Second Japanese Nuclear Complex

National Newsworthy

EFF Sues Government to Find Out 'Who's Flying Drones in US'

Is Daley's Sudden Departure Linked to Solyndra Probe?

WINEP Applauds Covert War on Iran

Fraud & Waste in DHS Program to Protect "High-Risk" Urban Areas

US Troops Defile Dead Afghans on Camera

Investment Banking Cartel More Concentrated than Ever, Drops to 5

SOPA Becoming Elections Liability for Backers

WordPress Comes Out Against SOPA Internet Censorship Bill

Report: Poverty in US Likely to Get Worse

Cryptome: FBI Open-BSD Backdoors & RSA Cipher Vulnerability

Noteworthy Editorials

Slip-Sliding into Tyranny: The New American Way

Paul Craig Roberts: The Next War on Washington's Agenda

American-Backed Terrorists in Iran

Iran & the West Rediscover Oil as Weapon

Are Drones Watching You?  UAF Surveillance for "Non-Military Purposes"

Beyond Star Wars: America Seeks Hegemony in Cyberwarfare

South Stream & Trans-Anatolian Pipeline: The End of Nabucco?

After Iran, Venezuela? 

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: The Gaddafi Mercenaries & the Division of Africa

Video 2: Marines Humiliating Dead Taliban

Video 3: "Obama Has Tripled the Conflict in Afghanistan"

Video 4: Israel & The Citizenship Law 

Video 5: Panetta- Iran Not Trying to Build a Nuke

Podcast 1: Corbett Report-Carlos Miller on Filming the Police

Podcast 2: Corbett Report-Geopolitics with Madison Ruppert

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  1. knowbuddhau says:

    Can’t believe Hastings, whom I greatly admire as much for busting the PSYOP attacks by Gen. Caldwell as for his McChrystal article, believes the BS about going to Afghanistan as some sort of necessary response to 9/11. I guess that’s why I rarely read Rolling Stone.

    WTF, is Hastings, trying to show his willingness to shed blood to prove he’s as tough as the military men he exposes as dangerous frauds? There’s no need, you know. He could read Pepe Escobar, instead. 😉


    Vietnam-lite is unveiled
    Dec 3, 2009
    Pepe Escobar

    Real men go to Riyadh

    Obama still says Afghanistan is a “war of necessity” – because of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Wrong. The Bush administration had planned to attack Afghanistan even before 9/11. See Get Osama! Now! Or else … Asia Times Online, August 30, 2001.) [sic]

    “War of necessity” is a polite remix of the same old neo-conservative “war on terror”; blame it on the “towelheads” and exploit public ignorance and fear. That’s how al-Qaeda was equated with the Taliban and how Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, according to the neo-con gang.

    For all his lofty rhetoric, Obama is still pulling a Bush, not making any distinction between al-Qaeda – an Arab jihadi outfit whose objective is a global caliphate – and the Taliban – indigenous Afghans who want an Islamic emirate in Afghanistan but would have no qualms in doing business with the US, as they did during the Bill Clinton years when the US badly wanted to build a trans-Afghan gas pipeline. On top of it, Obama cannot admit that the “Pak” neo-Taliban now exist because of the US occupation of “Af”.

    Taking pains to distance his new policy from the Vietnam trauma, Obama stressed, “Unlike Vietnam, the American people were viciously attacked from Afghanistan.” Wrong. If the official narrative of 9/11 holds, the hijackers were trained in Western Europe and perfected their skills in the US.

    And even while he still emphasizes the drive to “disrupt, dismantle and defeat” al-Qaeda and deny it a “safe haven”, Obama is fully contradicting his own national security advisor, General James Jones, who has admitted that there are fewer than 100 al-Qaeda jihadis in Afghanistan.

    The myth of al-Qaeda has to be exposed. How could al-Qaeda pull off 9/11 but be incapable of mounting a single significant attack inside Saudi Arabia? That’s because al-Qaeda is essentially a thinly disguised brigade of Saudi intelligence. The US wants to win “the war on terror”? Why not send special forces to Saudi Arabia instead of Afghanistan and knock the Wahhabis – the root of it all – out of power?

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