BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 13, 2012


BFP Nightly Quote

"In your reaction to an imagined attack on your country or an insult to its government, you draw closer to the herd for protection, you conform in word and deed, and you insist vehemently that everybody else shall think, speak, and act together. And you fix your adoring gaze upon the State, with a truly filial look, as upon the Father of the flock" --Randolph Bourne

International Newsworthy

Iran Has Payback in Mind

NATO, Gulf Partners Plan Libya Repeat in Syria

'Syria Being Punished for Iran Ties'

Secret Intel Report: US in Afghan Dead End

Afghan Opium Production Soared in 2011

The One Industry That's Booming in Afghanistan: Opium

Pakistan: Commission Fails to Find Shahzad's Killers

PM Gilani Called UK, Fearing Coup

Pakistan: "Memogate" Scandal Deepens as American Accuser Threatens to Tell All

Iraq Descends into Sectarian Puppet Show

Arab Spring Sequel: Nigeria Faces Mass Anti-Government Protests

The African Union Wants Bigger Global Role in 2012

China Snubs Geithner on Iran Oil

Russia's National Security Threatened by US Military Sponsored Attack on Iran

Tajikistan: Exiled Opposition Figure Stabbed in Moscow

Azerbaijan: Is Secularism in Danger in Baku?

Ukraine Alone in Gas Talks

UK Spies Won't Face Criminal Charges for Torture

Briton Faces Bomb Charges in Kenya

Mexico Drug War Deaths Over 5 Years: 47,515

National Newsworthy

Obama Seeks Power to Merge Agencies

Police State: DHS Given Green Light to Monitor American Journalists

Obama to Hand Commerce Department Authority Over Cybersecurity ID

Police State: Feds Hiding Data on Domestic Use of Drones

NSA: Pentagon Computers Cannot Be Protected

Obama's Third Chief of Staff Got Rich on Wall Street Just Like his Predecessors

Presidential Candidates' Personal Financial Disclosures

Judge Drops Saudi Binladin in 9/11 Damages Suit

EPIC Sues DHS for Social Networking Spying

Software to Help Politicians Analyze Opinions in Social Networks

Noteworthy Editorials

Israel's False Flag

Ralph Nader: The Neocons are at it Again

Arthur Silber: The Varieties of Pissing 

Negotiations & Great Games in Afghanistan

Iran & the Terrorism Game

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Corbett Report- New World Next Week (Jan 12)

Video 2: Another Act of Israeli Terrorism on the Way to All-Out-War with Iran

Video 3: Atrocities of War- US Marines Video Creates Outrage

Video 4: "Dead Ones (Scientists) are A Wonderful Things"

Video 5: Murdered Iran Nuke Scientist Funeral

Video 6: Iceland Financial Crisis in Six Minutes

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