BFP Breaking News: The New Desperate Concoction for War on Iran

War Architects Have Written a New Script- This Time with Azerbaijan in the Lead Actor Role

crosshairsThe imperial establishment’s desperation to militarily go after and take over the last ‘real’ domino - Iran, has truly reached a peak, and with that desperation comes a new farfetched and fantastical scenario. Last time the script of their scenario was written based on a Saudi Diplomat actor. It was only three months ago when the puppet mainstream media jumped in with a made-up, dubious, far-reaching, murkily and vaguely-sourced story of the thwarted Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador in US. Here are a few excerpts from CNN’s fabulous-ized headline story that played around the clock for days, beating the war drums for its masters:  

U.S. agents disrupted an Iranian assassination-for-hire scheme targeting Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, U.S. officials said Tuesday…The Saudi ambassador was not the only intended target, U.S. officials said. The suspects also discussed attacking Israeli and Saudi embassies in Washington and possibly Buenos Aires, Argentina, a senior U.S. official said.

Of course CNN was not the lone wolf in the intense broadcasting and dissemination of this Washington script. The rest of the MSM puppets followed the same trend: Washington Post, New York Times, FOX … Not only that, the pseudo-alternative con outlets did exactly the same thing. Just check out the verbatim dissemination by Huffington Post and other ‘popular’ so-called alternatives. Thankfully we had enough facts, critical thinkers, and independent news fronts to expose all the holes in that concocted story:

A close analysis of the FBI deposition reveals, however, that independent evidence for the charge that Arbabsiar was sent by the Qods Force on a mission to arrange for the assassination of Jubeir is lacking. The FBI account is full of holes and contradictions, moreover. The document gives good reason to doubt that Arbabsiar and his confederates in Iran had the intention of assassinating Jubeir, and to believe instead that the FBI hatched the plot as part of a sting operation.

So that scenario script kinda failed. Of course the other long-cooking concoction on Iran’s nuclear weapons development has not gotten the establishment hawks far either. Even the mainstream has been grudgingly admitting the holes-filled allegations on dangerous nuclear weapons armed Iran!

You’d think all the debunked allegations and failed attempts would give the imperial hawks a bit of a pause to come up with a better concoction. At least go away for a while and rethink their strategy; no? Obviously not. Desperation can do amazingly stupid things to greed-driven, wild-eyed and blood-thirsty bullies in pursuit of expanded turf.  They just came out with a new concocted scenario and allegations. This time their lead actor happens to be Azerbaijan.

Our soon-to-be-NATO member intimate ally regime in Central Asia, Azerbaijan, claims it has allegedly exposed an Iranian assassination plot and Iranian terror cell in its capital city-Baku [All Emphasis Mine]:

Azerbaijan's National Security Ministry (MNS) says it has uncovered a terror group that was plotting to assassinate public figures, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports. The ministry said on January 19 that the group was planning terrorist acts and had illegally acquired firearms, military supplies, and explosives.

The APA news agency quoted the MNS as saying that Azerbaijani citizens Rasim Aliyev, Ali Huseynov, and Balaqardash Dadashov -- the latter of whom is living in Iran -- coordinated efforts to acquire firearms and explosives.It said those materials were brought illegally to Azerbaijan from Iran.

The MSN said Dadashov was in contact with Iranian special service bodies and ordered the assassination of prominent foreigners living in Baku. It claims that Dadashov promised Aliyev -- his brother-in-law -- $150,000 for his work.The MSN said Dadashov had told his accomplices that he would discuss their plans with Iranian secret services.

Now, interestingly the first place/source to start to disseminate our script writers’ new concocted scenario involving another ‘Iranian Plot’ was no other than … yes, you guessed it: Radio Free Europe. Check out this news’ origination by this long-propaganda machine of our global imperial pursuits here. The second source to pick up on it was no other than a Soros-Funded site on Central Asia here. Guaranteed: the other MSM outlets will be having a field day with this new propaganda. In fact, they’ve been hot on another related side story with the same actor written by the same writers. I kid you not; here it is: Azerbaijan claims that the recent cyber attacks that destroyed its government and news websites originated in … Iran! Let’s check out the headline on this today at …Business Week:

Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Cyber attacks that destroyed government and news websites in Azerbaijan this week mostly originated in Iran, government minister Ali Abbasov said. An investigation by Abbasov’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology found that of 25 attacks, 24 came from Iran and one from the Netherlands, Abbasov told reporters in the Azeri capital, Baku, today.

For the last few months the empire’s nuclear weapons allegations against Iran have produced very little results; they haven’t really stuck. Most likely the Saudi Prince-Ambassador Assassination Plot-Scenario was outsourced to a not very competent or bright Hollywood producer-director; it failed big time and it certainly was embarrassing to all secondary actors such as the FBI. The empire still hasn’t invaded Iran. The Caspian Sea is waiting, and so many are drooling. It must be time for a new scenario. A new script. A brand new actor. Welcome Azerbaijan, a thickening new assassination plot, a scary terror cell in Baku, and savvy Iranian cyber-terrorists obsessed with this dingy little country’s dingier-littler government and news websites.


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  1. Eerything I see and read reminds me of someone poking at a rattle snake with a stick – until it eventually strikes back. That could be the goal – because then they have the excuse that Iran started it (even if it did not). Lots of danger lurking in the Gulf. One unthought reflex action by Iran could trigger what they want. So far that has not happened. If it does we’ll all know about it quickly. I hope that cool heads are on the scene on both sides. That was the only thing the prevented the Cuban Missile Crisis from blowing up. It was very close.

  2. Remember History. A relatively small country, Serbia, was involved in assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo. Germany and Austria were forced into a situation of honor that allowed Russia to bring its soldiers into the fray. If today we allow Azerbaijan to become the puppet in confrontation with Russia and China, then do we force Russia to defend Iran to pre-empt oil dominance in the region by waning superpower the U.S. who is overextended? Who does this benefit, certainly not the U.S.?

  3. Well. They gotta EARN them dollas! Mister Armitage aint up thar for nothin.

    The dynamic, not reached yet, has Soros stick of Sauron poking the wasps nest of amercia again. Rage, Revenge, the now mad KILLING machine of Uncle SAM at bid of cabaal, points anywhere it is told.


    We watch MOLOCH watching MURDOCH traffik the stories of murdered children. And WAR, where the UN COUNTED have died looking into the same void.. Privacy. Ownerships of idea. Ownership generally, probably.
    He gestures from limousine, driven between the courts of EMPIRE, and trilateral policy on rights of the ant slave on the internet. [private.Trespassers WILL be found insane]

    No justice here.

    The other subconscious, in the same field, struggles from a terrible slumber, from its NOWHEREness.

    the sky is Grey. the winds hollow.

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