The Formula: Inform, Organize, Action

They Say it all Starts with ‘Informing’ …

InformThose of you who’ve been listening to our podcast series know how impatient I sometimes get when the question boils down to ‘what do we do? Where do we go from here?’ Look, I understand and agree with the general consensus out there among the intellectuals and activists: We must educate the people- We must inform. After all, isn’t it what we’ve been doing with our podcast series, investigative video reports, hard-hitting editorials, bold and eye-opening editorial cartoons, and propaganda-free real news? Right. But that doesn’t make me any less impatient and restless. I simply can’t stand the idea of spending decades to just  keep informing, meanwhile have no idea or even a certain degree of consensus on the next two important steps: organize & action.

If you’ve listened to our last podcast, our first episode on the making of a police state, you know exactly what I mean. I frankly admit to being very naïve once-upon a time when I wasted time and energy organizing whistleblowers, went around collecting petition signatures, held rallies in the congressional corridors here in our own little Red Light-District …Yah, all that jazz; futile jazz. So yes, one side of me understands and sympathizes with those who are engaged in all that waste of time and energy, yet, another side of me gets impatient and exasperated. It ain’t gonna happen with sending thousands or millions of petitions to the sold-out Congress, which happens to be one of  the main players-actors responsible for the terrible state we are in. Why do you think the corporate moguls-Soros, Rockefellers, Ford …put so much money into NGO operatives who have been re-channeling people’s restlessness-dissatisfaction-anger into writing and signing petitions to Congress-President and the rest of the enemy cabal, or lobbying to pass more ridiculous legislation? Look, last year alone, those red light  district porkies drafted and passed 40,000+ new laws-legislation. With each legislation-law adding further links to the chains that have turned us into slaves.

What I am trying to say here is this: what we are doing is great-working hard to inform. But we must not disregard or put aside the other two important needed ingredients for ‘real’ changes: organize and then, action. How do we challenge and overcome this ‘partisanship’ paradigm created by the united masters to divide and box in the people? What forms of action do we engage in to directly target our enemies and where they can be hurt? And many other related questions we must try to answer …

Meanwhile we’ll continue our efforts to educate and inform-despite my frequent frustrated and impatient outburstsJ This is a collective effort. We need your support to continue, remain independent, grow stronger, expand our reach, and hopefully soon get to the next two stages: organize and take ‘real’ action.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. Yes, still trying to conceive of ways, beyond the meaningless petitions, of organizing and taking action. As a friend said, it would be easier if it were just one problem, like how people mobilized against SOPA and PIPA. But trying to take on an entire insitution is different. What do we do? Send a petition every time the MSM spreads more propaganda lies or quashes an important story?

    Do we target the journalists and participants complicit in this insidious degradation of our news and ergo our country? If so, how? The tentacles run deep; Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC is married to Alan Greenspan. Gloria Borger of CNN is married to a prominent lobbyist for the MIC. Three daughters of former Presidents or prominent political figures have become “journalists”. How many other such sketchy DC power player/media connections are there that are compromising the quality of our news media?

    It would be nice to have a brainstorming session with others about how we can do more than just “inform” and take the next step of (legal, non-violent) action.

  2. Sibel,

    There are many worthwhile alternative news and research enterprises on the internet competing with you for my money. I cannot donate to all of them on a regular basis. As a person who, like you, is growing increasingly impatient for meaningful change to take place in the U.S., I have to be selective about who gets my money. I have to narrow down the field to those media voices who are doing the best work (at least in my mind). I have posted numerous times on this site my belief that you are one of those media voices worthy of my limited funds. You have an understanding through your life experience and your contacts that very few others in the media have and/or are willing to share. No one is more appreciative or values more highly the work you do than me.
    When you first proposed to your readers the prospect of a subscription-funded site so you would not be beholden to any corporate or institutional interests, I immediately expressed my support through website posts and two donations.

    But I must say I am a bit annoyed by this post of yours. If you need more subscribers, then you need to bring more readers to your website. No one gets 100% of their readers to subscribe. How do you bring more readers to your website? That is a question you need to give some thought. In recent weeks, I have seen at least three videos interviews of you and James Corbett on RT. Neither of you mentioned this website even once in those interviews. Why is that, Sibel? I follow a lot of internet media and it is common practice to mention/promote your website when you get an interview – everybody else does it. I recently listened to an interview of Russ Baker in which he must have mentioned his website 15 or 20 times.

    You mention in the post above your naiveté about starting the National Security Whistleblowers Association, yet you allow yourself to be defined by that effort and your prior FBI experience in these interviews, with no mention of at all. I don’t get it? Again, you need more readers to get more subscribers. Can you understand why I would be frustrated that you would ask for more money when you refuse to promote your website to a large audience like RT?

    I have a BF bumper sticker on my car. Why? To promote your website while I’m driving. I have two BF t-shirts I wear despite my wife’s protest and my son’s embarrassment. Why? To promote your website. I have called in to radio shows and mentioned Why? To promote your website. I have mentioned in book reviews on Why? To promote your website. If you add a BF hat to your Zazzle clothing offerings, I will buy one and wear it often. Why? To promote your website. Months ago I sent you an email saying I had an idea for a better t-shirt design. Why? To promote your website. I have yet to receive a reply to that email. In addition to buying a BF subscription, I do all these little things which are easy and inexpensive ways to help expand readership of your website. As I write this, I realize yours is the only website for which I do all this promotion – that is how highly I think of your work, Sibel. An I am willing to do more for you. Yet, you and James refuse to make an even easier and cheaper effort to promote your website to a much larger audience. I think your subscribers are entitled to an explanation.

    Frankly, Sibel, you might have more success expanding readership and increasing subscribers by doing a little more promoting, and encouraging your subscribers to do the same. Also, it appears to me that the domain name “” is available for purchase. I think changing your website name to “” would be worth doing, so much so, that I would donate to a fund drive to get that done. Boiling Frogs is the kind of domain name that sparks people’s curiosity and is easy to remember. If you can drop the “post” from your website name, I think it will simplify promotion of your website.

    I will probably upset a lot of your readers with this post, and it will likely provoke angry replies. But the only reason I am writing it is because I care. I care very much about your work, Sibel, and I am so grateful for the sacrifice you are making for all of us. I care about the innocent Iranian people who are likely to be killed by weapons purchased with my tax dollars in the near future. I am wiping away tears as I write. I have to stop now.

  3. @Hal: You are not annoying me. You have very good suggestions. I have never been good at sales-promotion; in fact, I suck at it. I am not good at finances either. I can’t be everything, but I know I must try-so I will.

    boilingfrogs was the first domain I tried to secure. It was taken; including net/org. I wanted the name to be short yet with BF, and I they were all taken:-(

    I also want to thank you for all your efforts putting the word out, promoting this home of the irate minority. I wish we could get more readers and supporters doing exactly that. Any suggestions?

    Everybody out there: I could certainly use your support/help in that. We need volunteers to help with BFP as well.

    Hal: I will ask RT (again) to start with BFP when they mention my credentials/bio. For some reason(s)I have been stuck with this ‘FBI whistleblowers-language specialist’ title. I was with the FBI only for 8 months!!! I was LS for only 8 months!! Now stuck for life…

    I also want to give a real facelift to this site, its design/layout and fuctions…all that have to wait until we have more resources. Oh, please don’t even think about giving me technical tasks/tips cause I am totally (and I mean totally, absolutely, completely)illitrate/challenged when it comes to tech stuff …And there is no way I am going to add that to my to-do list. I am a full-time mother and that job comes first-before anything else in this world. I am carrying a part-time (contract work), and that is a matter of survival for me and my family. Then, there is this website/project (eating up many hours…including from my sleep), and then all those annoying life ‘stuff’: cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, … I wish I could multiply myself not for ego reason (are you kidding; won’t be that cruel to the world!!), just for getting things done:-)

  4. Sibel
    I think Hal was right about the crucial need for promotion…
    This site has so much to offer, what you guys are doing is extremely valuable. I know if others find out what you are up to, they will agree. I’m on a tight budget, and this is the only contribution to an organization that I make. I would give more if I could. The fact that Hal is promoting the site on his own volition should be an indicator of what is possible. People believe in what you are doing. The entrenched nature of the corporate war machine is becoming more apparent to those of us who are seeking the truth, and we all know we need good information that can serve as a foundation for effective action.

    Here’s my brainstorm… Clearly things in society are going from bad to worse, and there is a strong urgency for positive change. It can’t happen fast enough. But just a few years ago Obama was America’s idea of change, right? When it comes to mass movements, the majority of society is functionally illiterate. Change has to be based on a balance between good information/informed public, and strategic action. Conversely, garbage in, garbage out. But if you are still trying to get subscribers to your site, it’s probably too soon to be trying to get some kind of organized resistance action off the ground. I would not denigrate what it is you are doing if it remains purely at an “information” level, especially if that means you are able to then garner the support needed to spawn action. If you try to take on too much, it can overwhelm the whole transformational process.

    It would seem to me with the number of excellent contributors you have to this site, you guys could all get together in a chat room and brainstorm how to promote your project in a way that generates success for everyone. If temporarily providing slightly less content or functionality to the site for now meant freeing up time or resources to get more subscribers, you might have a good path forward.

    Maybe you can come up with some way to give talks at universities, churches, (like the Unitarian Universalists), public libraries, peace centers, or established activist groups, perhaps as a guest speaker in some joint fund raising capacity. You might also consider putting a “speaking engagements” section on your website. Would it be worthwhile for you and your media savvy contributors put together a youtube documentary (with interviews etc and links to your sites)… or a show for public access TV or Free Speech TV? What do others do who are promoting their cause …would it help to hire a publicist?

    Whatever you decide to do, I would keep it strategic and methodical, so you are spending time building momentum rather than exhausting yourself with a myriad of activities.

  5. Luke, thanks for your input. It boils down to the good old question: chicken or the egg. We’ll welcome volunteer publicist, but to hire one we’d have to aim for 1000 subscribers for this quarter:-) That’s one.

    As for interviews, speaking engagements: currently I decline 90+% of such requests. Why? To do that I’d need to quit my part-time contract work, and to do that we’d have to get far more than 300+ subscribers per quarter. My hourly work rate is $135, to give you an idea what would take to be able to work on this full-time. Abother reason for declining requests: “Family comes first.” And if you are a full-time parent to a handful 3 yrs old, you’d understand. I have this ‘old fashion’ strong
    belief: if you have failed your family/children you are the world’s greatest loser no matter how susccessful in $$$s or business or whatever. My family eats every meal, prepared with love from sctratch around the table …No one dares thniking of outsourcing one’s children…Call me old fashion, conservative, whatever, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want to judge those who greatly compromise/sacrifice their kids/family for $$ or ‘whatever’ cause, but I reserve my right to ‘not’ respect them.

    All right, let’s see if we can line up volunteers who can help us with getting the word out:-)

  6. As all my doctor friends tell me, “You need to have patients!”

    Look at the scoops BFP has presented recently. Naming CIA names involved in 9/11 cover-ups, exposing prewar activities and the operations supporting/creating the “resistance” in Syria. US military boots on the ground in Jordan, straight out of Iraq.

    And the sources. Sibel has some great sources who come to her from inside the US military and intelligence, as well as international. (I still want some more from those with flight 93 shoot down claims. I listen to/share the latest Russ Tice interview about once a month. )

    Hat’s off to Hal9000 for the promotion and support. Maybe we should all try harder to make sure Sibel can continue to do this.

  7. jschoneboom says:

    I’m hopeless at publicity myself, but I do websites for a living. Mostly the back-end stuff, interactivity, talking to databases and so forth, but I also have basic design skills, javascript/CSS. I’d be happy to volunteer my time if there’s anything I could do to help out.

    I hasten to add I don’t think your site needs much help. It’s very well organized and well-functioning as it is (a few minor subscription glitches aside)!

  8. @Xicha: As always, thank you for all your support & encouragement …for the last 2+ years. You are part of our team…:-)

    @jschoneboom: And thank you. Please me through BFP ‘contact’ if you don’t have my direct e-mail already. One of the first things on my list to do: move to a better/faster server. The current Host service, although reputable, cannot handle high traff/video/audio files as fast… Another things: have a slight design change so that people don’t have to scroll too much …and display our latest weekly audio/video files somewhere more visible where they’ll stay at the top… I would also like to have your feedback on our new forum (beta stage)and how it functions…Again, thank you.

  9. A suggestion: If each of us has a vested interest besides paying our dues then this site becomes more viable. In our local co-op we each put in a minimum of 3 hours monthly, plus extra for those so motivated. For Boiling Frogs Post, I have tried by example to show how an individual can offer supporting insights to the main pieces. This gives me incentive to tell my friends about BFP. I am only one person, like the mama said about her daughter. I encourage each of you to contact your knowledgeable friends to contribute in the comments section and the forum. The fast pace of the present format means the same names that keep posting can only offer limited insights. The more the merrier.

  10. @simon: I encourage each of you to contact your knowledgeable friends to contribute in the comments section and the forum.

    I like this suggestion. I’ve tried to reach some of my conservative/libertarian neighbors with the latest BFP scoops. These are anti-truther people (labels suck), and I don’t think they trust whatever I send them because I once stated that I’ve “got some questions” and think “we’ve been lied to”. They seem to distrust government in every area, except the military – don’t question the military. I guess the TV is working overtime. But they are (otherwise 🙂 smart and our comments and forum could benefit from them. Kingfisher where are you, BTW?

    One problem is that it’s very difficult for me to get them to watch or listen to anything very long. They’d rather skip it. But, once I put it in terms of “you can still be on the side of the CIA/FBI – I’m sure a lot of those people are pretty pissed off about it.” I think that opens the door a little, since they love reading spy novels about how we won the cold war.

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