BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 23, 2012


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"WAR, n. A time-tested political tactic guaranteed to raise a president's popularity rating by at least 30 points. It is especially useful during election years and economic downturns." -- Chaz Bufe, the Devil's Dictionaries

International Newsworthy

Iran: East Asian Energy Dilemma over Iran

Second US Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Arrives in Arabian Sea

EU Adopts Oil Embargo on Iran

Iran War: U.S. Eyes Covert Ops & Middle East Gendarme Role

Syria: Arab League Asks Assad to Delegate Power to Deputy

Syria Denounces New Arab Initiative

Saudi Arabia Calls for Military Intervention in Syria-Again

Pakistan Secretly Helping US Drone Wars

US Drone Raid Kills 5 in Pakistan

Has India Joined NATO's Afghan War?

Human Rights Watch: Iraq is Becoming a Police State

Iraq: Kurds Caught in Middle as Tensions Stoked by Regional Jockeying

MEK Members in Iraq Ready to Return to Iran?

Saudis Rally against Al Saud Rule

Israel's Al Jalame Prison: Palestinian Children in Solitary Confinement for Weeks

Egypt: Failed Treasury Auction Portends Disaster

Libya: Pro Gaddafi Forces Capture Bani Walid, 5 NTC Troops Killed  

Russia: Putin Outlines his Manifesto on Nationalism & Ethnic Strife

Azerbaijan Claims it Exposed Terror Cell in Baku

Asian NATO: US Senators Push for Increased Military Ties with Philippines  

Global NATO: Baltic Troops in Afghanistan, NATO Warplanes in Baltics

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks

National Newsworthy

The Proposed Enemy Expatriation ACT: Sending American Citizens into Exile

Feds Claim Ex-NSA Analyst Had Top Secret Plus Info on Home Computers

GPS Spying: Supreme Court Says Police Need a Warrant

TSA: Brazenly Strip-Searching & Just as Brazenly Lying About It

TSA Turns Away Senator Rand Paul at Airport Checkpoint

Doctor Calls Police, Child Services on Mother who Refuses to Vaccinate Son

Thousands of Federal Retirees Receive 100K a Year Pension, Including Gingrich

US Lost 687,000 High-Tech Jobs in Decade

Newt Gingrich's Long Money-in Politics Past

Super PACs Spends $30 Million  

The War for the Internet Has Begun

Noteworthy Editorials

Philip Giraldi: Police State USA & the NDAA- Creating American Terrorists   

Creeping Authoritarianism on Capitol Hill

A Fitting Symbol of American Empire

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Russ Baker: So Pa So Good ... But Must Activists Always Align with Corporations to Win?

US-NATO War Crimes in Libya

In Praise of a Do-Nothing Congress

Eurasian Union & Russia's Geostrategic Stability

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: James Corbett- India Fingerprinting, Iris Scanning over One Billion People

Video 2: America & Israel- An Unbreakable Bond?  

Video 3: Surviving Japan

Video 4: Hundreds of APCs on a Train in Watsonville, CA Heading South

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- Deconstructing the Panopticon

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- History Repeating: My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan

Podcast 3: Peter B. Collins Show-Attorney Carl Mayer Talks about Chris Hedges' Suit against Obama

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  1. Lies, lies, and more damned lies

    If we are going to follow the money with Newt, why is no one besides Greg Palast pointing out that the Vulture Capitalist Billionaire Paul Singer is funding Romney? In reference to Big Vulture Capitalist Paul Singer:

    He was the top fundraiser for both the NRSC and the RGA in the 2010
    cycle — and was among the first with then-candidate Marco Rubio before
    his bid for the Florida Senate seat took off. He also hosted a $500,000
    fundraiser in Manhattan for four U.S. Senators just last week.

    Romney assiduously courted Singer, starting with a dinner with the
    financier last year and involving a series of email exchanges and some
    phone calls about policy.

    Read more:

    The Fix is in. Framing the debate was very apparent in the lead up to the Debate between FOUR candidates last night in Tampa, Fl. Two were almost exclusively promoted, and the lead candidate by the owners of the media was given the last word. Brian Williams chose to expose Newt Gingrich prior to the debate on prime time. He did not expose Mitt. Our local paper did the same in its small town fashion. If you watched a basketball game, every detail would be remembered, and an accurate recap would be summarized in the paper the next day. Meanwhile good card carrying Republicans like T.J. read Ken Follet books and watch race cars on T.V. War is good business, but for who? Israel? AIPAC? Even the Arabs would like to see the U.S. so foolish as to want war. Does human life mean nothing? Talk about collapsing empires of fanaticism in Iran, what about collapsing empires of Christian fanaticism in the U.S. where Jesus is the prosperity doctrine of Mega-churches? Dissent is not tolerated. When is the last time you heard someone speak of Satan being dead in one of these cults of Money? When is the last time you heard that tithing is Old Testament, and the New Testament allowed Ananias and Saphira to be smote down for holding back everything? When statistics override individual discernment so that even Tea Party activists become marginalized, because it does not matter if you are intelligent, as long as most sheep follow along like they are supposed to. The wolves will get the straying members of the Tea Party. Well right now a bunch of Indians are watching the sheep going over the cliff. It’s about time we got our country back! (BTW, I don’t mean Anglo Americans. I am speaking in the literary sense from the POV of the Native American.)

    The subject below is one I want to challenge you on. Wishful thinking or laziness is not an option with the ease of Internet research. While this option remains to us, which may not be much longer, you cannot make statements such as you did below and not call them a lie.

    “The proposed pipeline is above ground.” In reference to the Keystone Pipeline, Ed refuting Greg Palast statements regarding “With the PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) calibrated to the danger sensitivity required by law, oil and gas companies would have to dig up, inspect and replace pipe at a cost of millions per mile. That’s not what the oil companies wanted from their contractor that designed the PIG program. The programmers’ bosses took no chances. “We had to sign nondisclosure agreements.” They were required to conceal “any problems of this sort or the nature of the software we worked.” It could not “be made public at all. Under threat of lawsuit.” Nice.

    With the error left in place, he said, “People die.”

    “As a part of its permanent above ground facilities, Keystone also would construct short, permanent access roads from public roads to the proposed pump stations, delivery facilities, and mainline valves. The estimated acres of disturbance associated with proposed permanent access roads are included.

    “The pipe entering and exiting the pump station sites would be located below grade. The pipe within the pump station (after entering and prior to exiting the pump station facilities) would be above ground.

    “The project would be designed to permit full in-line inspection of the pipeline with a minimum interruption of service. Pig launchers and/or receivers would likely be constructed and operated completely within the boundaries of the pump stations or delivery facilities.

    “Standard pipeline construction is composed of specific activities including survey and staking of the ROW, clearing and grading, trenching, pipe stringing, bending, welding, lowering-in, backfilling, hydrostatic testing, and cleanup. In addition to standard pipeline construction methods, Keystone would use special construction techniques where warranted by site-specific conditions. These special techniques would be used when constructing across rugged terrain, waterbodies, wetlands, paved roads, highways, and railroads.

    “Typically, the trench would be about seven to eight feet deep and about four to five feet wide in stable soils. In most areas, the USDOT requires a minimum of 36 inches of cover.”


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