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"A good soldier is a blind, heartless, soulless, murderous machine. He is not a man. His is not a brute, for brutes kill only in self defense. All that is human in him, all that is divine in him, all that constitutes the man has been sworn away when he took the enlistment roll. His mind, his conscience, aye, his very soul, are in the keeping of his officer. No man can fall lower than a soldier—it is a depth beneath which we cannot go." -- Jack London 

International Newsworthy

Iran: In the Shadow of War

War on Iran Propaganda’s New Azeri Plot Thickens

Iranian Parliament Mulling a Plan to Cut Oil Exports to Europe

US Lures Pakistan with Cheaper Gas than Iran

Statoil Exempted from EU Ban on Iran Oil

Tehran Pushes to Ditch the US Dollar


Afghan Army's Night Raiders to Take "Control"

Pakistan: Opposition Parties Stage Walk-Out in Senate over US Drone Killings

Pakistan: Gilani Reverses Earlier Criticism of Military  

Pakistan Memo Probe Heading for Stalemate


GCC Nations Push for UN Intervention in Syria 

The Truth behind the "Coming Regime Change" in Syria

Iraq: Shia Casualties Rise after Withdrawal

Iraqi Authorities Hang 34 People in a Single Day

Bahrain, Yemen & Syria Get Worst Ever Press Freedom Ranking

Israel Plans to Launch Cyber Maneuver


Egypt: State of Emergency Cracking Up

Egypt: The Plot to Topple the State?

Libya: Worrying Signs of More Troubles to Come

UN Envoy Moves to Somalia as Violence Rages


China Losing Media War Over Self-Immolation

Russia to Deliver Combat Jets to Syria

Russia to Pull Helicopters from South Sudan

Kyrgyzstan: Authorities Confront Mass Prison Protest

Armenia: NATO's Third Partner in Caucasus


Poland: Government Will Sign ACTA despite Massive Protest

Romanians Protest Austerity Measures

Julian Assange to Launch TV Show

Portugal May Need a Second Bailout

National Newsworthy

Criminally Corrupt- Eric Holder & Top DOJ Lawyers Partners with Big Banks

Obama Puppetmaster Warren Buffet Biggest Winner from Keystone Pipeline Rejection

Warren Buffet's Secretary to Join Obama

CRS: Now that Obama Uses Them, Signing Statements Are OK

Court Dismissed Case Seeking to Hold US Officials Accountable for Torturing American Citizen

Obama's Assault on Government Whistleblowers: New Leak Case (Kiriakou) Relies on 1982 Law on Intelligence Identities

EX-CIA Officer John Kiriakou's Indictment Made Simple

Fifth Generation Warplanes & U.S. Global Domain Dominance

Charlotte City Council OK's Expanding Police Power during DNC

K Street Defends Egyptian Raids

Court Says Review of Security Clearance Dispute is "Prohibited"

Obama's New Fairytale: Peace & Prosperity for War-Bent US

Gingrich Promises to Overthrow Castro Regime if Elected

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: All That Glitter is ... Oil  

Paul Craig Roberts: Drowning in Hypocrisy

Examining Terror Tipsters: "If You See Something, Say Something"

Israeli Assassinations & American Presidents

The Bigger Picture of Rand Paul's Brush with the TSA 

Iran: Is this What NATO Has in Store?

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: LAPD Coordinated with CIA

Video 2: Libya Out of Control

Video 3: Internet Strikes Back- DOJ, FBI, Music Sites Crippled

Podcast 1: BFP- Punishing the Population: The U.S. in Haiti & the Dominican Republic

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- FBI Blackballing with Jason Leopold

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  1. Poltroon (those poltroons in the state legislature who have caved in to
    bigotry on this important issue of basic civil rights)

    A gaggle of hussies, or men if ye can call them that.
    One’s tall and lean. He looks a bit mean.
    Then there’s another, he’s big and fat.
    Worst of the lot is ole Santorum, acts like a factotum

    Truth is about Rick, he’s a real p (rhymes with trick)
    A wise old man in their midst, knows the meaning of liberty
    He should be the one from Philly, not Rick the Silly
    The Liberty Bell stands for freedom, Freedom to live in Peace.

    The old man is a prof, so to him my hat I’ll doff
    He says to war in Iran, let’s have a plan and some spare change
    Solar flare or man’s global warming, fire’s comin’ boys
    Hey, let’s throw in Brian Williams and the media buzzards

    They’ve enough stench to summon carrion
    Then the Liberty Bell will ring it’s clarion
    Rick, Mitt, and Newt, the belles of hell
    Let’s hear their death knell. Rattle saber rattle.

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