BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 24, 2012


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"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." -- Tacitus

International Newsworthy

Iranian Energy Poses Asian Dilemma

Iran Banned from Trading Gold & Silver

Saakashvili & Obama Plotting Attack on Iran

US Sees Iran's Neighbor Azerbaijan as a Major Strategic Partner

UK Warns of More Firepower in Hormuz

GCC Countries Withdraw Observers from Syria

Russia Affirms Support for Syria's Assad

Pakistan: Fox Analyst Mansoor Ijaz Not Going to Pakistan to Testify

U.S. Paying Millions in Cash for "Collateral Damages" aka Condolence Payments

Iraq: Two Car Bomb Blasts Kill Ten in Baghdad

 Libyan Arms Flood "Nightmare" for Africa  

Egypt Parliament Gets Legislative Powers

Yemen Sends More Troops to Militant-Held Town

South Sudan Starts Halting Oil Pumping

China Questions US-Philippines Joint Military Drill

EU Passes the Oil Buck to China

Armenia, Azerbaijan to Speed Up Karabakh Settlement

Uzbekistan: Struggle in Name Only

Watchdog: Uzbekistan Human Rights "Appalling"

Bangladesh: Failed Coup

Japan: Nuclear Radiation Levels from Fukushima are Rising

Kosovo Organ Trafficking Case Gains New Dimension

UK: Tony Blair had Secret Group Preparing for Euro Referendum

France: Senate Passes Bill Criminalizing Armenian Genocide Denial

Germany:  Spy Agency Monitors Leftwing Politicians

National Newsworthy

Cryptome: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Indicted

Kiriakou Criminal Complaint-Document

Human Rights Chief Slams Obama's Arbitrary Detention

Marine Gets 3 Months in Jail for Massacring Two Dozen Civilians

Ron Paul Starts Campaign to End the TSA

SOPA & PIPA: What Went Wrong?

Introducing the Mega Super Hybrid PAC

$5 Million More for Gingrich

Extreme Revolving Door: Ex-Rep Delahunt Profits from Earmark He Created

AIG Chairman Says People Just "Doesn't Get it"-Bailout

NY Times Front-Pages Adelson Gift to Gingrich PAC without a Word About Israel

Crisis in America’s Political Landscape

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Europe at War with Iran

Ron Paul: Stop Internet Censorship

Glenn Greenwald: Western Justice  & Transparency

Weapons 'R' Us: Confessions of a Recovering Weapons Addict

Why Obama's "Targeted Killing" Worse than Bush's Torture

Preparing for the Next Conquest: What Does Libya Tell us about Syria-Iran Intervention?

Who is Newt Gingrich?

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Boiling Frogs Post- Resisting the Police State

Video 2: New Police Pre-crime Technique

Video 3: World Uprising the Antidote to the New World Order

Video 4: EU to Embargo Iranian Oil

Podcast: Corbett Report- The Tiny Dot with Larken Rose

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