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SibelEvery time I read lines pertaining to this ludicrous and completely illogical expectation that everything on the Internet should be free I am tempted to sit down and write a lengthy analysis of the illogical and ludicrousness of this unfortunately prevailing mentality among the new ignorant internet-dependent generation. However, each time I restrain myself and move on since the limited amount of time I have could instead be spent on far more critical and needed projects. This time I will slightly change my routine, take a few minutes of my limited time, and write a few words on this topic as it directly relates to our website and our efforts to keep it alive, running, and effective.

The other day I came across a well-written and argued commentary on this outrageously ridiculous and uninformed “everything free on the Internet” mentality:

“We created this culture. We’re the ones who have been giving stuff away for free for the past decade, not collecting anyone’s credit card information. We’ve conditioned users that everything should be free, always. This gives advertisers the upper hand in any negotiation, because they know that their way is the only way that most sites can make money. Why is this such a big deal? Relevant, contextual advertising isn’t bad, right? Not in moderation, no (see The Deck). But when ads become the only way out and advertisers are the ones calling the shots, users suffer. Also, as a matter of principle I firmly believe that it’s better to pay the makers of things directly than through some convoluted ad system.”

There is nothing that is free-on the Internet or anywhere in life. Period. There has never been, and will never be. Period. In almost all cases, when it comes to the Internet, “Free” has one meaning: someone or someones is paying for what is being offered. The only logical question then becomes: Why. If advertisers are paying- why would they? If corporate foundations and the sugar-daddies behind them are dishing out the money- why are they? If political parties and persons are chipping in- why do they? If a group motivated by a certain goal or agenda is shouldering the cost: Why is it?

This is why it is extremely hard to find information and news sources that can be considered truly independent. This is the reason it is a rarity to see those that are 100% nonpartisan. This is the explanation for way too many agenda-driven propaganda channels on the Internet posing as alternatives. And this is exactly why we at Boiling Frogs Post solely, completely, 100%, only, depend on our readers’ contributions and support.

Fundraising ThermometerYou see, the question we face at BFP is not whether we should offer our diligently prepared podcast shows, time-consuming video productions, and in depth analyses and articles for free, or, not. The real question we face is: whether we continue this website and all that we provide, or, go out and work full-time and cease operation all together. There are no in-between points here.

You see, I first reduced my part-time contract work hours to start this project. I then reduced it again by half. And after that, last September, I quit it all together. If you have a chance please take a look at my qualifications under ‘About Us.’ For my ex-contract analyst-specialist contract work which also needed my linguistic skills I made $125 per hour. This is money my family no longer has. And there is no way I could manage full-time motherhood, part-time contract work, household work, and a full-time website. No one could. For me it boils down to: shut down BFP, obtain another 25-hrs per week contract, or, make far less, live on far less, have your modest support, and continue and expand this great news-information project.

One of our partners-producers had to quit his full-time academic job in order to provide greater and far more needed public good: investigative reports-production. He too has a family. He too has to sustain his family. He too must choose between living on far less, continuing this needed work by depending on your modest contributions, or, go back to a full-time teaching job and consider doing this an impossibility.

Another one of our partners-producers lost his primary part-time job (thanks to the corporate media!). This is a critical period for him to see whether he can make it through a couple of public-supported information sites, or, go out and enroll full-time with semi-mainstream operated channels out there. That decision too depends on you.

Yet another partner-producer-author is in the position of juggling a full-time student load, a part-time job, and our project here at Boiling Frogs Post. Neither I nor anyone else with common sense could expect him to choose getting evicted from his house or quitting his academic pursuits as the price for working for a far greater public good.

The other day I got an e-mail accusing us of being elitists and offering our work only to those who pay for a subscription. This is nonsense. It is uninformed and frankly, very ignorant. We have gone out of our way to find the right balance in being able to afford to run this project and yet offer all our services and news to everyone. That is why we are making all our archived podcasts and video reports open and free to all. And you know what? Without our supporters doing their share, contributing, however modest, we won’t be able to continue doing that. Again, this is why we call the maintenance and continuation of this project a collective responsibility.

This is Week 2 of our Quarterly Subscription-Donation drive.  The existence of this project is solely dependent on you. Our truly independent, nonpartisan, corporate-advertisement-free and corporation-foundation-free website can only be sustained through collective support; your support. We are doing our share. We are asking you to do yours. Please do your share and help us continue this truly independent news and views venue. Please subscribe or donate to Boiling Frogs Post.


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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. Poor Folks: What is the balance between BFP and its genuine needs and those of other worthwhile projects? With freedom in the balance, the answer should be obvious. If Sibel proclaimed herself a religious organization, I would not suggest support. However, hers is a business offering a service. Freedom of speech is in the balance. Does Sibel offer free speech or spin? That answer too is obvious. With regard to entitlements, this is the great divisive issue among Republicans and Democrats. It boils down to : two issues that are overlapping. One is hunger, another is food sovereignty (in contrast to dependency). Some of us are hungry for the truth and some of us are simply dependent upon others to do our thinking for us. In real terms I make my decisions to donate based upon a portion of my income. If it is my normal wages, then Sibel is on my donate list. If it is a windfall, then that portion goes to my friends who are from the Hill tribes of northern Thailand. It’s a no brainer. Of course if we were truly a tribal society that sort of thinking would cause the tribe to collapse. The question should be, what do we have in common, and wish to maintain? Given the size of the U.S., the global community, unless you have learned to be psychic, free and open source information is a vital tool. Support Boiling Frogs Post.

  2. I reluctantly have to agree to the subscription model. After all, it is true that nothing is for free. As an example, I remember “free” IT publications which contained reviews and articles. Their source of income was solely the advertisers. It came as little surprise when later on, I realised that the content wasn’t exactly independent minded and was oriented to the advertisers. Likewise, it is not uncommon even for magazines with paid subscriptions to suffer from a lack of independence. With this in mind, I find it very worthwhile to support Boiling Frogs Post for its independent coverage.

  3. Thanks for all your work!

    I really appreciate it! I only give 5 dollars a month, and I’m so appreciative that 5 dollars gives me access to so much and also that I can share in the thinking through so much.

    Whose doing most of the giving here?

    I am a busy father, husband teacher, son etc. …… Without the work you do I would not EASILY be able to keep up with all the great content you ‘all’ provide. I love this team. I love your collective thoughts and vision thankyou for sharing through this site.

    I understand the drive and realise the struggle.
    I hope more join us.

    In closing
    Free – what a hoax anyway!
    What’s free come on people think through that one!
    There is no freedom there is only responsibility.

    Think through the childish gaze and enchanting spell of freedom.
    Be responsible and give and don’t ever expect to stop giving.

  4. Being a musician, I absolutely understand your struggle. Supporting content providers directly is the _only_ hope to continue receiving the un-sanitized “product”, whether it is artistic creation, or in-depth, unfiltered journalistic analysis.

    The music industry, over the last several decades, became overwhelmed by parasitic middlemen at every stage of the process, until the balance of profit became skewed far more towards third parties than to the actual content providers.

    The Internet has given us many boons, but it has also demolished the corporate/governmental control grid that was carefully set into place. As a result, we see the true corporate stranglehold over the government, as evidenced by the naked authoritarian travesties of SOPA/PIPA/ACTA.

    I will continue to beat the drum for you, and I hope you continue. Frankly, you provide so much excellent content that I rarely have time to read it all, but what I do read/watch, I always find compelling!

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